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tesla api

  1. N

    tesla API: how to generate an access token using the refresh token

    Hi Guys, I need your help, I had created a small application that was using the tesla API to fetch the details from my car and then do some stuff. till now I was using the "Auth for tesla" app to get the access token eg (" qts-928368c3b72abcd60c2c60efc442c67f52c1a5af457ec56ee091c9fe55a3f0cf ")...
  2. N

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Hi Guys , I live in Montreal and last December I got my dream car , Tesla model 3 sr+ 2021 model . As I do not have a garage and also did not have access to a dedicated charge point (relying on level 2 charge) . I had a lot of question in my mind about the effects of temperature on my cars...
  3. Z

    Shortcuts for Android Users

    Hi folks, I made a "Android App" TaslaShortcuts (actrually just a configuration file for HTTP-Shortcuts). Hope it's useful to you!
  4. J

    Calculating kWh from Tesla API for a drive

    Hello all, new member here. I’ve searched a bunch so forgive me if it has already been answered. Basically, I’m trying to calculate kWh used from the Tesla API while driving. I think I see how to calculate kWh while charging (there’s energy added, there’s current, phases, and voltage) but the...
  5. S

    Create a geofence trigger alert (Tesla API + web service)

    Here is a tutorial on connecting your Tesla to a web service to create custom trigger alerts like geofence triggers and create dashboards of historical data. How to Build a Tesla Data Dashboard with the Tesla API
  6. S

    Tesla Web Dashboard and Trigger Alerts (Geofence!)

    Here is a tutorial on how to send data from your Tesla to a web service for historical data storage and real-time alerts. Being able to set a geofence trigger alert is really cool. How to Build a Tesla Data Dashboard with the Tesla API
  7. primo

    TeslaPi: Security Alarm Integration Project w/ Tesla API and RaspBerry Pi

    I was getting familiar with the Tesla API even before my car was delivered. I just finished my first project: TeslaPi. The project can be downloaded here on GitHub. Here is a video demo. It is a very basic security alarm integration that uses an outdoor motion sensor and RaspBerry Pi to...
  8. Akrion

    Tesla Owner API Tutorial (All you need is your browser)

    I searched through the threads here but all I was able to find was a little bit too technical IMO for the average user and the step by step how to was not really there. I love the fact that Tim did the Apiary.io documentation and wanted with just the browser to walk through an example of how to...
  9. David29

    How about a combined forum or area for issues common to S, X and potentially Model 3

    As someone else noted on a discussion about connectivity issues: How about a forum area for topics that are most likely common to the S and X and potentially to Model 3 as well? This could reduce potential duplicate posting, as well as making the resulting discussions helpful to more people...
  10. wga22

    Service available: record and display your Tesla's locations and battery stats

    Is anyone interested in having me set something like this up for them? I've written an application that I run on a hosted service and associated website to record and display location and battery stat history for my car. I'm interested in setting this up for others who might also be...