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  1. R

    2x Powerwall+ (SW 21.20.6) Leader <-> Follower Setup

    Hello! First time caller. Would anyone here have a Tesla app screenshot and Gateway screenshot of a 2x Powerwall+ setup? I'm trying to see if my second Powerwall+(follower) is working correctly with the first Powerwall+ (leader). I've had some weird configurations show-up on the mobile app...
  2. F

    Homelink on Tesla App "Please move closer to your vehicle"

    I live in an apartment with a detached garage and an automatic garage door opener. I bought the Homelink device and had it installed. Within the vehicle the Homelink works great. It opens and closes the garage - even automatically closes it when I pull away and automatically opens it when I...
  3. J

    Tesla app not working

    I have downloaded the Tesla app prior to delivery, but it doesn’t work. It just says welcome to the Tesla family. The only buttons are the loot box, and X which asks if I want to sign out (if I click no it does nothing), watch guide videos and get support. I have tried signing in on another...
  4. T

    Trsla app malfunction

    Hi folks Just upgraded my phone from iPhone 7 to 12 Tesla app on the new one would not authorize, showing an “Access denied” error. The app on the old one was still working till I decided to log out thinking it would allow access on the new one. Now both iPhone apps showing the same error. No...
  5. N

    What to do when the App stops connecting AND my vehicle is in for replacement of the MCU (eMMC recall)

    I've searched this forum and the broader internet, as well as emailing and live chatting with Tesla about this. My 2014 Model S had the center display stop working. We did the VIN number recall search and it was obvious we needed to have the eMMC/MCU replaced. As you all know, you can only...
  6. ev.energy

    Vendor Happy Elon Musk Day! Bonus points for Tesla owners who download the ev.energy app before midnight

    He's the man who dared to go further than anyone else! April 20 has been reclaimed as #ElonMuskDay. To celebrate, ev.energy are giving £20/$20 worth of Amazon gift vouchers or 200kg/CO2 offsetting in your name to any Tesla owners who download and complete set-up of our smart-charging rewards...
  7. Kee_Chain

    Tesla Mobile App for Charging

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question for the charging numbers on the Tesla Mobile IOS App. I have noticed many times the app will say 0 mi/hr but after closing the app 3/4 times, then it will display the proper mi/hr that is displayed in the car's center screen. My current set up is using...
  8. Z

    Shortcuts for Android Users

    Hi folks, I made a "Android App" TaslaShortcuts (actrually just a configuration file for HTTP-Shortcuts). Hope it's useful to you!
  9. B

    Never rely on Tesla App on Android; Google can stop it for no reason.

    Disclosure: I love Tesla. I strongly dislike Google very very much. Hate leads to the Dark Side; so I don't go there. I use my phone Tesla app for everything and was loving it. Then after 5 months, I get a message that "unfortunately, the Tesla App was stopped." Two choices; Report and...
  10. GedMelbAU

    Problem logging service call via Tesla Android app

    I noticed the left front wheel has developed a clicking noise when turning right today. I tried logging a service call with Tesla using my Android Tesla App to get it looked at and I get an error when trying to submit the service request. Is anyone else getting this issue?
  11. volkerbradley

    Malfunction Tesla App in Android 10

    I am trying to schedule an appointment for car repair. However, the only repair facility that is available on my app is a service center in North Carolina. I would like to choose the repair facility in Peabody, MA. Do you know the settings to make the Tesla App work properly?
  12. willow_hiller

    Tesla now offers Energy service appointments via the app?

    Just spotted this post on Reddit, where a user found the Tesla app now can schedule service for energy products just like the vehicles: Just noticed Tesla app now has a service option under solar page, wasn’t there previously : teslamotors Sounds like a big step toward better customer service...
  13. FalconFour

    Summon locked out with invalid "Waiting for improved phone location accuracy"

    Today I went to try Summon. I went to the Tesla app, and hesitantly (with a groan, anticipating stupid issues as usual) opened the Summon page. It stuck at "Waiting for improved phone location accuracy". I go to Google Maps. Grey dot. Blue dot with big circle. Blue dot with little circle. Blue...
  14. S

    Tesla App eligible upgrades says FSD...but I have that...I think?

    Starters: got my vehicle in late December 2019 used from Tesla. Vehicle details: late 2016 build 75D, HW2.0, MCU 1. When I was shopping on Tesla used site the vehicle details said "Full Self Driving Capability". On the "window sticker" it said the same thing. I knew that, based on the build...
  15. M_D129

    Finally! Service History!

    Luckily I don’t have to use the Service tab often, but noticed today, when scheduling service they finally show your Service History and invoices! Have been looking for this, since I got my first service done! For those that may ask, the version is iOS 3.10.6
  16. S

    Power Flow data update frequency

    New to this forum and considering getting a Powerwall 2 and solar for my summer house and wanted to understand some of the ancillary benefits to understanding my home's energy usage. I had a few questions about how Power Flow works. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere... I have been...
  17. Keithmt

    New Owner question 1 : Phone App “no products linked”

    So, after my first 2 days of M3P ownership when my iPhone Tesla App worked perfectly, I’ve now got the dreaded “There are no products linked to your Tesla account”. Lots of Googling has revealed that this is a hugely common problem which goes back many, many years which seems absolutely crazy...
  18. Art VandeIay

    Summon direction button location in app

    This may be one of the trivial threads around here... But I was just wondering how does Tesla determine the position of the dumb Summon direction buttons within the app? I've seen them separated by the little car render (the forward button on the front of the car and reverse button on the back...
  19. melbrayporkpie

    Wife’s phone key

    I’m sure this has been asked multiple times, but when searching I’ve found multiple answers and they seem to be from over a year ago so wondered if the method had changed. what shall I do to set up my wife’s phone for our new model 3? Create her a new Tesla account or just log in using my account?
  20. K

    Triple Amps while charging at home?

    Usually when I plug my car into our 110v at home, the app says it is charging at 1 kW and 12/12 A. However, this time it said it was charging at 4 kW and there was a circled number 3 in front of the 12/12 A. Does anyone know what that number 3 means, and if that 4 kW could have been accurate?
  21. KlokkProjects

    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, an app for Samsung watches (Tizen)

    Please check out the support link here for more information.
  22. boaterva

    Tesla App 3.10.2 Solar Changes

    Anyone want to complain to Tesla about the continually shrinking solar impact graphs on the app? Again things have shrunk with 3.10.2 and this time the font of the kWh for the two bars is smaller (for no reason I can see (lol)). The whole thing was shrunk a few releases ago, with plenty of...
  23. A

    stop charging and unlock charge port not working with iPhone app anymore

    I have 2019.36.2.1 FW ( I have 9/2017 build for the car) and after it got installed whenever I try to stop charging and unlock the port with iPhone app, it fails then continues to keep charging. Only after the charging is done (reaches to the limit) I'm able to unlock with the phone. If I go...
  24. KlokkProjects

    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, an app for Samsung watches (Tizen)

    Please check out the support link here for more information.
  25. pyrwhite

    3g connection problematic since V10 release

    Since the V10 download on my MX this week, the audio streaming and the connection to the Tesla app is slow and/or buggy. Anyone else noticing this?
  26. Lakeshow24

    IOS 13 not working with Tesla App [Update: check Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth]

    Hey Everybody! Anyone else having issues with running IOS 13 and Tesla App? My car will not open unless I open the App.
  27. L

    Funky software events

    Hi guys, is there a thread already for software bugs/glitches that users observe? I'm in IT and I'm not really overly bugged by the following issues, but it would nevertheless maybe be interesting to compare who has experienced this or something else: We took possession of our 'Demelza' a week...
  28. R

    Cannot Find Summon On The Tesla App

    Hi All, I have recently purchased Model 3 and I do couldn't find the summon feature on the app. Is it only available if you have fully self driving package? I have autopilot enabled
  29. geraldoramos

    New open-source and free desktop app available

    Hey guys, I currently own a Tesla and found that a desktop app that can perform some of the main Tesla mobile app capabilities would be nice, so I decided to build one on my own and make it open source. Some users who rent their car (on Turo or similar services) found it really useful to keep...
  30. F

    Tesla App takes a repeated attempts over a long time to update

    We took delivery of our Model 3 last week and it is on 2019.7.105 cc3d741. When I check the status of the car on my Tesla App (iPhone and iPad), it takes multiple attempts over a long period of time before it updates. First the status bar says Waking Up, then Vehicle Connection Error or Updated...
  31. 100 H2O

    Software Update info?

    So there’s this feature called the inbox in the Tesla app, supposedly to deliver information about updates, amongst other things. One would expect to see a list of features arrive in the inbox with every software update. Meanwhile is there a website or webpage anywhere that lists software update...
  32. JPWhite

    Tesla App issues on Chromebook/Pixelbook

    Has anyone else tried the Tesla App on their Chromebook or Pixelbook? I got it installed and authenticated however the app does not resize to the desktop size well and much of the app information is 'off screen' I'd love to be able access my car using my pixelbook, maybe even pair it as a key...
  33. E

    Will Model S have same unlock/start features as Model 3 via Tesla App?

    Howdy! Purchased my mother a model 3 and looking at an S myself since m in the process of a lemon currently. Love that I can use my app to get into and drive my moms car. With the test drive in the S I noticed I needed a little mini S car fob to summon and drive. The phone was ideal because I...
  34. M

    Tesla iPhone App

    I am going to be picking up my M3 this weekend. I had read that I should have the Tesla app installed on my iPhone so I can test it out when I pick up the vehicle. I have installed the app but don't know what username and password should be used. I've tried using the same logon information as...
  35. Yanquetino

    Model 3, Tesla app, and T-Mobile?

    I am curious to know if Model 3 owners who use T-Mobile are receiving text notifications from the Tesla app (start/stop climate control, charging, battery status, etc.)…? I ask because I recently switched to T-Mobile and now my NissanConnectEV app for my LEAF will only send me e-mail...
  36. TomorrowCar

    Tesla App meldingen

    Ik krijg sinds kort de meldingen voor het starten en stoppen van laden (en mogelijk andere meldingen) pas uren later te zien in de Tesla App of eigenlijk op het scherm van mijn iPhone. De Tesla start met laden om 01.00 uur en is dan enkele uren later klaar. Ik krijg hier echter pas uren later...
  37. plasmo

    Tesla App and Interior Temperature

    On the Tesla App, I am able to see what the Interior temperature is on our Model X. But the app never shows the interior temperature on the Model S. Is this a feature that is only on the X?
  38. S

    Tesla car app just updated to include monitoring Powerwall and home

    If you have an iPhone, check the App Store for an update for the Tesla app -- now updated to version 3.1.0 as of today. Using the app you can now also monitor your home energy with the Powerwall's Power Flow screen.
  39. Afdyce

    Model X: Can you add a second car to the Tesla App?

    I have an S now and an X60D on order. Can you add the second car to the same App?
  40. C

    Super Charging, alert when charged?

    I just super charged for the first time and wondering if there is a way to get a text alert or some other alert from the Tesla ap when charged up to desired %? I was at a mall and could see how easy it would be to just leave the car and spend lots more time then needed away from the vehicle...
  41. J

    Nicks old patents Imagine

    Imagine There are old patents that are Dr. Tesla had that have never been implemented from what i understand of them there is a way to transmit electricity with out wires it is also my understanding that this is not "micro waves " it is a one wire or no wire. Most of what we use fall into AC...
  42. mbaier

    The Tesla App could be so much better

    Hi everyone I'm a greenhorn Tesla owner (got mine in mid June) and even though I love the car I am not very impressed with the app. In my opinion it could do so much more like: - add apple watch integration, with direct information input in watch faces - add achievements for things like...

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