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tesla autopilot

  1. timdoes

    Autopilot lurches forward on me at stop sign before stopping

    When we were approaching the sign, it did not feel like it was moving forward after reassessing the stop line. It felt like it wanted to go so I had to disengage. You can see the speed jump back up for a split second before I cut it off. Version 2021.4.12.6
  2. G

    Tesla vs. Uber vs. Lyft

    I wrote an article explaining the challenges ahead for Lyft and Uber as Tesla gears up for full autonomy. Would love to hear your thoughts! Lyft, Tesla, Uber, and the Two Newspaper Town
  3. Leopold Stotch

    Autopilot through construction!

    Autopilot did really well, have a look! Let me know what you think. Started a YouTube channel, videos will get better with time as I learn to edit.
  4. Tam

    AP2 Lateral Turn Across Path detection

    It may not be a big deal as a car was waiting in the driveway on my right would run across my path to make its left turn. However, this is what Mobileye described that its hardware supplied to Tesla was lacking "Lateral Turn Across Path detection" (LTAP) in 2016 fatal Autopilot accident in...