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tesla cam

  1. N

    Tesla Saves a Hit and Run Driver

    Im blown away by this, my Tesla was able to help out some random stranger today Police came in and ask no further questions, the victims were shaken but relived. Skip to 0:30 mark
  2. Jimt29

    Using The Tesla Cam - Need Confirmation

    Using the Tesla Cam/TeslaCam has become my new vision quest. I can't seem to get a handle on how it is supposed to actually function. To that end I have made an appointment to go to the service center and either have the car fixed or have me fixed/schooled. I formatted a new USB drive to see if...
  3. enolam

    Tesla camera recordings

    OK, I've had my USB in the drive for several weeks now. It seems to be functioning well with the red light on while I drive. I've hit the button only once while driving to "save" a video as I was right in front of a big-rig that had a tire blow out. Thought it would be interesting to see it...
  4. K

    What would Autopilot do with wrong-way driver? (Tesla cam video)

    I was letting my friend try out the Autopilot feature for the first time on Interstate 80 near Sacramento when a half dozen police and highway patrol cars came up behind us with lights and sirens. He moved over 1 lane to let them by, disengaging the AP. Suddenly a car appeared driving...
  5. D

    My TeslaCam keeps failing.

    I purchased a SanDisk 32GB USB 2.0 stick for $9.00 from Amazon. Come to think of it, maybe that's my problem! Anyhow, I formatted it using FAT32 and put the TeslaCam folder at root. No other files. I can maybe go 2 days before it fails. It will work for the length of my drive but then...