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tesla dash cam

  1. rb98

    Vendor Perception - The best way to view your TeslaCam events (Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS!)

    I bought my Tesla (Model Y Long Range) in September last year - it’s a great car, the autopilot has been amazing on the long drives, and the power of the car is just insane! One thing not so insane though, is the in-car dashcam viewer. After an incident at the start of the year on the way back...
  2. Crafty flower

    Dash cam audio

    wish dash cam would record audio… is this something that can be changed in settings or it is illegal? I would love to have audio along with the dash cam footage
  3. D

    My TeslaCam keeps failing.

    I purchased a SanDisk 32GB USB 2.0 stick for $9.00 from Amazon. Come to think of it, maybe that's my problem! Anyhow, I formatted it using FAT32 and put the TeslaCam folder at root. No other files. I can maybe go 2 days before it fails. It will work for the length of my drive but then...