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tesla factory

  1. engle

    Tesla Fremont Factory New Car Parking Lot ALL Cameras: 1/1/2020 @ 12:40 AM - Count the leftovers! ;)

    (start at 0:50) Greetings Fellow TSLA (and TSLAQ, too ;-)! My New Year's gift to you'll is 6 minutes each of the Tesla front, left repeater, right repeater, and back cameras of the ENTIRE Tesla Fremont Factory New Car Staging Parking Lot that was used to buffer ALL the cars delivered en masse...
  2. MrBoylan

    Can you spot your Model X?

    Mine is still rolled up in aluminum. Mark Z's is already past this and into the paint shop. But maybe you can spot yours?
  3. J

    I think this is a sign - Tesla proposes enormous sign outside Fremont factory

    Gigabillboard? Tesla proposes enormous sign outside Fremont factory - San Jose Mercury News
  4. doug

    See Elon at the Tesla Factory, May 14-15

    tl;dr version: Tesla board member Ira Ehrenpreis is putting on what looks to be an amazing event this May at the Tesla Factory. The 2014 World Energy Innovation Forum has a prestigious line up of speakers including Elon, Solar City CEO Lyndon Rive, and Nobel laureate Steve Chu. I thought...