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tesla finance

  1. K

    Trade In / Finance

    Hi all, If I’m trading in with 3rd party (carmax), ideally I’d love to have financing approved and settled with Tesla before actually getting rid of my current vehicle, but have Tesla take into account that the current loan would be taken care of. I have a crazy low interest rate/payments...
  2. C

    Tesla Finance Debt to Income Ratio

    Hi friends, I have ordered a model Y, but I am worried about my financing options. What is the limit on DTI (debt to income ratio) for Tesla Financing? I am asking this because I will have a mortgage soon, and I only plan to get the model Y after my house closes. My FICO8 is around 760 (not...
  3. D

    60 Days - Still no title, no plates, no loan number

    I purchased Model 3 on June 29th. Was approved for financing through Tesla (US Bank). I had just moved and waited over 2 hours at car pick up because the bank wanted to rerun my credit. Finally got approved at new address & drove home. Was told I’d get my license plates, registration, loan...
  4. A

    Financing Model X options?

    So im planning to finance a model X with 10K down payment and get a loan for the rest. My credit score is 740 and salary is 130K. 1-Can I finance the rest? 2-If so what is my best option? I can put down up to 50K down in payment but I rather put only 10K down and use the other 40K for property...
  5. J

    Change my lease to finance on model Y

    Hi, I took delivery of my Model Y on Tuesday and signed the lease agreements and took the car. On Tuesday night I decided that I want to change to finance and but the car. Tried to contact dealership and Tesla finance and they are saying there is nothing that can be done. does anybody know if...
  6. Sebat4

    Financing agreement disappeared

    Have this happened to anyone before? Yesterday I was checking my account and everything was fine, my financing agreement was there and I could see the down payment. Today when I checked my account the info disappeared and it says that I have to pay the full price and my agreement info was...
  7. G

    Tesla 'Services and Other' Revenue Line Item

    Does anyone on here know what Tesla's 'services and other' line item includes? Obviously revenues from service centre appointments are included, but how about things like supercharging payments? Is there anything else I'm missing that would be included in the line item?
  8. O

    Lease Assumption - 2014 Loaded S P85D

    I have a 2014 (late Dec) S P85D in near perfect condition, not a scratch, loaded ($134,000 MSRP) with all options except for the rear facing seats, and carbon interior. I'm looking for someone that is interested in assuming the balance of my lease. I have 15 months left, The payment is $742+ tax...
  9. RBowen

    Is the third quarter push for deliveries really good for Tesla’s future?

    The reality is that the push for deliveries at the end of Q3 has occurred. Elon Musk’s email to employees on 29 August makes it clear he feels it is important to be ‘cash flow positive’ and ‘profitable’ for Wall Street, e.g., Tesla is “on the razor’s edge of achieving a good Q3, but it requires...
  10. engle

    Tesla Finance: Production X Leasing Details & Top-Tier US Bank Financing Rates

    During "Alpha Release" :redface: of the Tesla Leasing and Tesla Lending "Apply online" links on Friday, I called Tesla Finance to inquire about the leasing money factor and residuals, and the top-tier financing rates for various terms. They appear to be the same/similar to Model S. Here they...