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tesla insurance

  1. S

    Advice for comprehensive claim, rear glass liftgate, 2023-MYLR

    TL;DR: Need my car, but seems repair will take months. Have rental coverage for only 1 month. Looking for ideas on how to deal with it... The damage: When: A couple weeks ago at 1:45am during a winter storm Where: Parked overnight at a winter cabin under large pine trees. This is Portland...
  2. pinolero

    Tesla Insurance Class Action Lawsuit

    Is anyone using Tesla Insurance? I thought about it and spoke to a fellow MYP owner who I met at the tint shop who stated he would put his MYP in track-mode on highways (and not actual tracks) and stated he would just drive around taking short trips to "reset" his ratings. The overall up-front...
  3. C

    Tesla Insurance for Business-Registered Vehicles: Seeking Clarification

    An insurance broker was telling me that Tesla does not provide insurance for Teslas registered under businesses. However, I've had Tesla insurance for my Model X for a year, and it's registered under a business name. When I signed up for the insurance, they never inquired about the owner. I...
  4. C

    Sounds too good to be true - My rate doesn't go up after filing a collision claim with Tesla Insurance?

    If I file a claim through the Tesla app and pay my $1,000 collision deductible, my monthly rate really won't go up? That honestly sounds too good to be true, but that's what it says here: https://www.tesla.com/support/insurance/real-time-insurance#insurance-pricing There's a pretty serious...
  5. H

    Safety Score 2.0 and Hard Braking

    I have a 2018 model S, purchased TSLA insurance 10 days ago, and reside in a North Texas metro. I am enrolled in Tesla insurance with Safety Score 2.0, with a current score of 92, and a zero accident history. All of this context because I believe the safety score calibration is wrong, as I...
  6. E

    My Model 3 Experience - Pre-Owned to Car Fire

    I want to start of this thread by saying that I loved my Model 3 and i do expect to stay with Tesla in the long run. Some of you may have heard what happend to my car and for those of you who have not, here is a quick recap: I'm writing this for full transparency because when my car burnt...
  7. C

    My new 2021 Model Y just rear-ended pretty bad

    My 2021 Tesla Model Y got rear ended pretty bad by a Chevy Silverado. The trunk and bumper are completely damaged and the trunk won’t even close. The other person was at fault and I have the footage from all the cams saved as well. The other person shared their insurance for filing the claim...
  8. N

    PSA: Tesla Insurance on PPF Film

    I called Tesla Insurance today with the intention of adding coverage for the PPF, tint and ceramic coating I got on my car last week. They stated that they do not have options to add aftermarket parts coverage to the policy but did confirm that they will cover up to $1000. i.e. If your door is...
  9. eJonny

    Tesla Insurance Claim Check Bounced

    Does anyone know if Tesla Insurance is in financial trouble? Long story short, I have been struggling to get a claim paid by Tesla Insurance, but finally received a check. You can read about the claim struggle and saga here: Tesla Insurance Experience Being the Not At Fault Driver Today, I...
  10. eJonny

    Tesla Insurance Experience Being the Not At Fault Driver

    I wanted to share an experience I am having with Tesla Insurance. I am an unashamed fan of Tesla and have been willing to deal with challenges to support the brand, technology, and the changes Tesla is driving in the industry to foster more competition and better products. So, being an early...
  11. K

    Model 3: Total vs Repair

    Hi all, I am an owner of a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with roughly 20k miles, which recently got in an accident. I am a first time car owner, and have some questions for you about repair vs totaling. In the state of California, the totaling evaluation is based on the Total Loss Formula, where if (Cost...
  12. E

    Tesla Insurance causes registration suspension

    I have Tesla Insurance on my Model 3 and received a "Notice of Intent to Suspend" my registration due to the CA DMV claiming that they could not verify that I had insurance. I called T.I. and they said they would take care of it. I also emailed the DMV with my CA ID Card as requested. Tesla...
  13. FalconFour

    Have Tesla insurance, just got DMV letter "Intent to Suspend" for lack of insurance

    So, anyone else with Tesla insurance experiencing this odd quirk? I imagine it'd only be rearing its head right about now, as I got Tesla insurance just as soon as it was available (it was significantly cheaper than my existing plan, for significantly better coverage in all categories). Opened...
  14. BobAbooey

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

  15. TMC Staff

    Tesla Insurance Launches in California

    Tesla has officially launched its own branded insurance product to customers in California. The company said on Wednesday that Tesla Insurance will offer rates up to 30 percent lower than competitors. “Because Tesla knows its vehicles best, Tesla Insurance is able to leverage the...
  16. MrBoylan

    Liberty Mutual "alternative fuel" discount doesn't include Model 3 (or any EVs)

    So this is a head-scratcher. We have two cars insured by Liberty Mutual currently: a 2005 Toyota Highlander Hybrid and a 2018 Model 3 Performance. I checked the policy details last week and I saw that the Highlander qualifies for the "alternative fuel" discount which the Model 3 does not. I...
  17. Reekdog

    Insurance VIN/Model Discrepancy

    I've been shopping around for low insurance rates and found out something interesting. My vehicle is a 2016 90D but when companies run my VIN number it comes up as a 70D. This is great for insurance rate purposes but, I concerned that if my car is lost or totaled, will the insurance replace it...