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tesla maps

  1. M

    Map display seems terrible to me

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the fact that you can easily read the subdivision names on the map, but can't see the the street names because they are too small, not there, or in a font you can't read? (Yup, I'm getting old) I can't fathom why subdivision names are so easily readable. I...
  2. O

    No road names on map

    the road names on my road map all disappeared, the roads are there but that's all satellite view is ok
  3. Anteojito

    neighborhood names on navigation annoyances

    Is anyone else annoyed with neighborhood names showing up on the navigation maps? I especially am annoyed with night mode as all I see are the brightly lit neighborhood names overpowering the streets. I wonder if there is a way to turn them off.
  4. P

    Weird Place Names on Navigation Map

    My navigation map displays not only major points of interest, but also purely random, obscure businesses ( a nail salon, consulting business in a residence, small attorney’s office, etc.). Why? Is this advertising? How do I turn off these weird places? Nothing in the Manual about this at all.
  5. int-veh

    Online routing takes to wrong address

    Checking to see if anyone else has encountered this issue. For past year or so, I think probably when they introduced online routing, the map routes to the wrong location when i enter my home address even though it shows the destination marker correctly. It looks like it is the local post...
  6. S

    Tesla Nav vs Waze in Toronto: Opinions wanted please!

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a Model 3 SR+. Can people from Toronto please share their experiences with Tesla Nav vs Waze? It really concerns me that the SR+ maps don't show live traffic data (I like to be able to see it because sometimes I will take alternate routes based on the red and...
  7. sooner

    Map not adjusting to scale local area

    Just recently my maps has not been dynamically updating to show a closer portion of map to where I am driving. As such, it is too zoomed out so that my car is driving in parts of the map without road. Prior it would zoom to those locations to show my car on the road based on how much stuff...
  8. B

    Here it is the new Tesla Maps ( coming this weekend? )

    Please enjoy this early access view of the new Tesla Maps coming this weekend !! Full disclosure, it's late and my hand held my video, but i'll make a better one tomorrow, with some form of stability ;)