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tesla model 3 floor mats

  1. B

    UK: Model 3 - Floor Mats (bought from Tesla website)

    Selling my Tesla Model 3 floor mats that I bought from the Tesla website. I wish they had these for the Model Y as they are great but found an alternative which are not a good. Both front mats, back floor and boot. Open to offers... Collection from London.
  2. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Teslashields Update #25

    Dear Fam, I have some good news and some ok news. Let’s first jump in to the good news. Our inventory that was headed to our west coast distribution center has arrived and has already completed kitting and packaging. We should be ready to ship west coast customers by tomorrow (9/1). For east...
  3. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Bring On The Dirt Busters!

    Tesla Shields is a small company started by Jason and Sebastien with the idea of manufacturing door sill protectors and morphed into manufacturing car mats only for Tesla’s. It is surprising how Tesla has not paid attention to their floor mats which is an important detail to most Tesla owners...
  4. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields New Team Member

    Hi, my name is Janet. You may have seen some of responses I have made on previous posts. I have worked in large corporations and ran my own business for many years. I am here to help Tesla Shields with their communication and online presence with TMC. I am very excited to work with this team...
  5. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #18

    Hello Supporter, Jason, here. It’s been just under 2 weeks since we last gave an update so here we go. I just got notice earlier today from our 3PL, redstag, that our last batch of inventory is scheduled to arrive on Thursday 1/27. Items in this batch include: rest of Model 3 mats, Model3 trunk...
  6. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #14 and 15

    Hello TMC folks, After a two week hiatus from this site we are back! During this time we have sent our an email update two weeks ago that we sent to all of our customers and although most supporters received this, some did not. I would like to update everyone that is ordering, planing, and...
  7. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    Hello, Jason, here Just received the latest and reporting this live-ish from Papa Elon’s basement. All orders and inventory are on board the SS Tesla Shields express and in-fact, everyone can keep track of its voyage! A DAISEN, Container Ship - Details and current position - IMO 9433066 MMSI...
  8. tshields

    Vendor Live From Papa Elon’s Basement (Teslashields update #8)

    Hello Tesla Friends, As many of you know, I was on vacation in Iceland with my family last week (even though I was still busy working to get everyone’s order fulfilled). I am happy to be back and am currently working as usual in Papa Elon’s basement. During the last week, we have shipped over...
  9. tshields

    Vendor Would a TeslaShields floormat help my Tesla stay afloat during a flood?

    It is widely known that the Tesla Model 3 and y (and possibly the rest of their models) have a total waterproof sealed battery pack and as a result, can float on water during a flood for some time. Now, since our mats create a seal and are designed to keep water out of your carpets, is it...
  10. T

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Molded Heavy Duty All Weather Mats

    Our new heavy duty molded all weather mats for your Tesla Model 3 are here. 3 pieces that will protect the interior of your car. Ease to clean. Take $15.00 OFF with code : allweather Purschase HERE Built to last! They can be picked up at our Sarasota and Tampa locations or shipped.
  11. Jack NYC

    Vendor Exclusive Promotion Code for TMC Members for Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats - by Teexpert

    Hi, we are Teexpert and we have produced a custom fit floor mat for Tesla Model 3, which is made by super elastic yarn. 25% for our TMC members today with promotion code on checkout. Product listing: Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats by Teexpert Available units with discount: 10 units 25% Promotion...