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  1. RedwoodMotors

    Vendor 2023 Black Friday Sale!

    BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW! We are taking 10% OFF the entire website, use code ‘BLACKFRIDAY23’ — PLUS we are auto-applying an ADDITIONAL 10% discount on ALL Redwood RW-S5 Cyclone Wheels for the Model 3 and Model Y. These final sets of wheels in stock first-come, first-served! You MUST apply the...
  2. B

    4-6 weeks for replacement glass??

    I recently purchased a pre-owned 2020 M3 from a non-Tesla dealership. The car was in good shape other than a broken windshield and top glass piece. The dealership had to take the car to Tesla SC for replacement of both. I have been told that Tesla quoted 4-6 weeks to complete the job. This...
  3. T

    Expired 20" Signature Wheels SV104 [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 20" Signature Wheels SV104. Please add to the discussion here.

    Vendor CLOSED!!! GIVEAWAY! Lasfit Tesla Tester Program - 20 Participants LIMITED!!!

    Hello fellow Tesla owners, It's Lasfit here.;) Since we joined the forum as a vendor, we have seen everyone discussing various topics about Tesla accessories and sharing their own feelings about using Tesla accessories. And we have been looking for and listening to the voices of Tesla owners...
  5. U

    Tesla model 3 No power [ Service center wont work on it]

    Hey everyone I'm the new guy here and I'm not very smart when it comes to Ev's. In fact I bought a 21' Tesla model 3 SR+ and has yet to move under its own power If that says anything. I have spent 2 months trying to work on this thing and just keep getting hurdle after hurdle. Here's the deal...
  6. C

    20in Uberturbines with tires, caps and whees guards

    245/35/20 Good thread remaining Looking to sell or trade for 18’s or 19’s 1500 Located in San Diego
  7. A

    My car doesn't work anymore, could it be the battery?

    My car was working normally, but a few days ago I had the eMMC recall and after that several problems started to happen. But the last problem is being bigger, I'll attach an image here for you to see, according to some research I've done it could be the 12v battery. Currently he turns on her...
  8. C

    Should I buy through Used tesla inventory or Dealership?

    Please send me your advice regarding buying a used Tesla 3 (2020 30k miles). I am considering going through Tesla directly as they are offering a 2 year warranty and 5 year battery(or 100k mi) warranty. They are not letting me see the vehicle however and I must trust that their quality control...
  9. Nambo


    Selling a new HUD unit. $100 Also have a used unit in great condition $75 Located in OC, CA. Will ship. Details.. https://www.amazon.com/CARabc-Display-Competible-Dashboard-Battery/dp/B09YLVHMZC The perfect minimalist HUD for your Tesla! Easy to install and adds all the vital...
  10. S

    2021+ Telsa Model 3/Y All Weather Mats

    Hello TMC! I am in New Jersey and have a set of all weather mats for sale that will fit any 2021+ Tesla model 3/Y. I am looking to get $150 for them, but am open to offers.
  11. P

    Is it possible to drift a Tesla Model 3 on a track better than a 350z?

    Just wondering to see what you guys will vote on.
  12. systemmotorsports

    Vendor Official Rays Volk TE37 Saga Gallery - 18x9.5 +27 5x114.3 Face-4 Concave for Tesla Model 3 - #systemspec System Motorsports Special Sizing

    We are back again, this time with another exclusive offering for the Tesla TMC market! Allow us to introduce ourselves one again - Many of you on TMC may recognize us from the involvement and role in the aftermarket automotive wheel sector, specifically our offerings such as the #systemspec...
  13. R

    Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Springs

    I have a set of lightly used springs sitting around my garage for a while. I am looking to see if anyone is interested in them. These are for the. M3 LR AWD. They may have about 5k-10k Miles on them. I took them off a few years ago, and they have been packed in a box. They were very good when I...
  14. Koncealed

    For Sale: 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

    For sale is my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. Car has 5,600 miles Car is pictured with wheel covers off but I do still have them and will include them with sale Car does come with a Tesla Mobile Connector/Charger Car does have all-weather floor mats included Car has always been kept...
  15. M

    How much time and cost should I expect to repair this accident damage?

    Unfortunately, my car was involved in an accident. Damage can be seen in the images below. How much time for repair and cost should I expect for this damage? And I've been getting a "safety restraint system failure" warning, do I need to call tesla service as well? Also, can anyone suggest any...
  16. R

    2021 M3: strange sound while driving or standing still, sounds like a howling dog

    Hi community, hope someone can help me with this before I can drop the car off at a service center. Today i noticed a strange howling sound coming from the front / trunk (heat pump possibly?). It happened after approx. 1 hr of driving and repeated every minute or so. Has anyone heard this sound...
  17. Bomely

    Vendor Black Friday - Up to 20% Off - Best Deal

    🎈Black Friday 🎈 *Up to 20% Off* Bomely & Kingna Happy Shopping!!!
  18. VagabondBuilds

    I did a Tweeter upgrade from Light Harmonic for Tesla Model Y 2022

    Hansshow Builds coming soon too.... The Tesla I used is a June 2022 Performance Model but the same process goes for Model Y cars and also Model 3 cars. Check out my Youtube Channel - Vagabond Builds for easy step by step installations.
  19. original

    FS: KW V3 Coilovers - Tesla M3 (AWD/Performance)

    These are new in the box, never installed the box was opened just to ensure everything was in order. These go for $3,344 before tax/shipping - we paid total of $3,771 on this set. Attention: These will not work with M3 RWD. Price: I would like to get $3,100 for the coilovers - includes...
  20. Bomely

    Vendor 🎈Amazon Prime Day 🎈 20% Off Most Products

    Prime Day - 20% Off - Oct 11-12, 2022 Bomly: https://www.Bomely amazon.com/ Kingna: https://www.Kingna amazon.com/
  21. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Weekend Sale: 2022

  22. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Teslashields Update #25

    Dear Fam, I have some good news and some ok news. Let’s first jump in to the good news. Our inventory that was headed to our west coast distribution center has arrived and has already completed kitting and packaging. We should be ready to ship west coast customers by tomorrow (9/1). For east...
  23. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update Tesla California Take Over Edition (Update #24)

    Its been a little over two weeks since I last provided an update and so much has happened, so let’s dive in! First, the TeslaShields Team took a nice 3 hour road trip from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo where we attended the Tesla Take Over in California. This event was created by Tesla Raj and...
  24. J

    Listing your Tesla HPWC on Plugshare

    First off, new here, not sure if I should be posting elsewhere, if I should, apologies. I'm curious, has anyone listed their Tesla or any other branded Wall Charger on Plugshare or similar app more for emergencies and someone needs a top-up? If so, how have you found the experience? What rules...
  25. B

    Chirping/tweeting From Front Passenger Dash

    I would say about 3 weeks ago, I have been getting constant chirping at speeds starting at 70km/hr (~40mph) and up to highway speed. The sound is heard from the front passenger dash. I searched around and have had no real success in solving the issue - any direction would be appreciated (Am...
  26. C

    2021 Tesla Model 3 For sale

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus $59,000 Immaculate Condition White Interior 19" Sports Rims 11,000 miles (mostly highway) Has never been registered for a HOV pass, so you'll be able to utilize it!! Bought as a commuter car, but don't need anymore due to working from home. Car will...
  27. J

    Cancelled my Tesla model 3 long range [July 2022]

    A bit upset about it but I have some things to think about. Someone please console me thought its def my dream car hahaha jk. I'm currently living at home with my parents. I ordered it out of excitement since Ive been working pretty hard. The delivery delays got to me a bit and then the fact...
  28. P

    Looking for Model 3/Y Reservation

    Hi I am looking for Model 3/Y reservation. I am open to Long Range/RWD. ready to take delivery asap or within few months Please ping me if you are open to transfer.
  29. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #23: Inventory still on its way

    Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not frying to death. Now since we are in the dog days of summer, and most of the country is swealtering (including us in Papa Elon’s basement) we think it’s time to start a limited sizzling hot sale to cool everyone off. Until our...
  30. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Everything you want (and don't) to hear about the new 4680 Tesla Battery - An in-depth look: brought to you by TeslaShields.com

    Tesla launched its latest 4680 battery cell in 2020, a new tabless cylindrical cell with a much larger format that, according to the company, has six times the power and five times the energy capacity while being considerably less expensive. Tesla has been manufacturing the 4680 cells at a...
  31. C

    Unable to set up phone as key

    Hello! I recently became the owner of a Tesla model 3 of 2021, now I have a problem, I created an account, added a car there, downloaded the Tesla application, everything works in the application itself, but there is one moment, the car does not see the phone as a key and cannot install it as a...
  32. A

    Tesla Mobile Service No Show - Unresponsive

    Hi All, Newbie here to this app and forum, but figured I’d give it a try. I own a Tesla Model 3 (since circa 2018) long range and love it. I’ve always scheduled service maintenance visits via the Tesla App with no issues. I’ve always been able to schedule services at the service centers...
  33. T

    Need a shade that can slide freely

    Even if the air conditioner is turned on, it can still get very hot and the harsh sunlight can be bothersome. I have bought a shade for the top , but If i want to watch the night sky, can only remove it, that's too cumbersome! How to solve this problem?
  34. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10% Off In-Stock Items and Free US Shipping!*

    Get 10% OFF In-Stock Products and Free US Shipping on orders over $49.95! Use Code JULY10 at checkout! 4th of July Sale 2022 Offer Terms and Conditions: 10% off all in-stock items. Backordered products, pre-order products, individual tires, and select products are excluded from this sale. Must...
  35. systemmotorsports

    Vendor Official Rays Volk TE37 Ultra M-Spec Gallery - 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3 for Tesla Model 3 + Model Y - System Motorsports Special Sizing

    Hi Tesla Motors Club community, Allow us to introduce ourselves one again - Many of you on TMC may recognize us from the involvement and role in the aftermarket automotive wheel sector for many other enthusiast platforms that you may have owned previously or currently own, such as the WRX/STI...
  36. A

    For Sale - MSS Tesla Model 3 Fully Adjustable Suspension Kit - 7 Left

    We are trying to move the last 7 of the MSS Tesla Model 3 Fully adjustable Suspension Kit's out of our warehouse to make room for some other things. These are brand new un-opened kits. MSRP is $1,368.41, and I am willing to give them up for $999.99 + shipping. Or, if you are in or near the Bay...
  37. S

    Tesla Model 3 Wheel Rim 20” Performance Matte Gray -Original Tesla - $500 (campbell)

    Tesla Model 3 Wheel Rim 20” Performance Matte Gray -Original Tesla - $500 (campbell , CA) call or text 7818794445
  38. A

    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    My parked Tesla Model 3 has bin hit badly by another driver who got charged under DUI. His insurance gave an initial estimate of $10k and provided me a Camry as rental car from enterprise. I have an appointment with the body shop next week to get the final estimate of the repairs. Is there a way...
  39. M

    FS: 20" HRE FF01 Tarmac Black Staggered 20x9.5 & 20x10.5

    For Sale: 20" HRE FF01 Rims. Originally fitted to a 2018 Tesla Model 3. Used for 1 year. $2,000 OBO Serious inquiries only.
  40. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Has the Perfect Fit

    Besides important Tesla essentials such as Break pads (if you use your breaks), windshields wipers, and tires. The floor mats you use in your car go through wear and tear almost every day. It is a major reason why many Tesla owners, especially those with kids and pets get anxious when they have...
  41. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories 2023 Memorial Day Sale: 10% Off + Free Shipping within United States!

  42. C

    Reservation 2022 Model 3 LR for sale Los Angeles - VIN assigned ready for immediate delivery Thursday 5/6 through Saturday 5/8

    Hi I'm new to this so not even sure if this is possible given I selected financing rather than all cash? It is ready for delivery to DTLA Thursday-Sunday this week 5/6-5/8. VIN assigned, obviously. It is the only item on my Tesla account so should be easy to transfer my online account with the...
  43. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Floor Mat Review By Sara J Awesome

  44. K

    WTS: 2020 Model 3 Performance Dark Grey Wheels+Tires

    20 inch OEM Tesla wheels and tires. Good condition. 2020 Model 3 Performance Package wheels. See pictures below for condition. Rare wheels from tesla. Priced at $2000 with wheels+ tires for all 4. Wheels: 20x8.5 114.3mm 5 lug bolt pattern 35mm offset Aluminum Tires: Michelin Pilot...
  45. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Bring On The Dirt Busters!

    Tesla Shields is a small company started by Jason and Sebastien with the idea of manufacturing door sill protectors and morphed into manufacturing car mats only for Tesla’s. It is surprising how Tesla has not paid attention to their floor mats which is an important detail to most Tesla owners...
  46. Z

    Hit something on the road damaged wheel and tire.

    Hi I have a question. I was on my way home when I encountered a piece of metal that a car hit and I swerved too much and just barely hit it. I don't know why the link wont work but if you want to see I can try and DM you. however my question is would I still be able to drive it with the gash on...
  47. H

    Cracking / tapping type noise around doors - Model 3 2022 RWD

    New Tesla model 3 - 2022 RWD has started to make this cracking/tapping sound. It looks like coming from the door/b-pillar area of the passenger door. I have already buckled the seat beat on to rule it out. I have also adjusted the passenger seat (forward and backwards) few times to rule seat...
  48. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields New Team Member

    Hi, my name is Janet. You may have seen some of responses I have made on previous posts. I have worked in large corporations and ran my own business for many years. I am here to help Tesla Shields with their communication and online presence with TMC. I am very excited to work with this team...
  49. E

    Model 3 LR FOR SALE

    Hello, I am selling my 2021 Model 3 LR which I purchased new in October 2021. I love the car so much I decided to sell and purchase the Model 3 performance. The car is black and in like new condition with 10,200 miles. No eating, smoking or pets in the car. Black interior and garaged since...
  50. iyordanov

    Vendor Calipers vinyl wrap for Model 3

    Hey guys I am Iliya, a long time Tesla owner, Currently I have a M3 and the refresh MS. Back in September last year I've decided to start my own Tesla after-market accessories company , called TWRAPS, and I do all the vinyl/ppf/tints production myself, in-house in California. Since the start I...