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tesla model 3

  1. CS@Tshields

    Vendor The Perfect Fit

    Besides important Tesla essentials such as Break pads (if you use your breaks), windshields wipers, and tires. The floor mats you use in your car go through wear and tear almost every day. It is a major reason why many Tesla owners, especially those with kids and pets get anxious when they have...
  2. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Memorial Day Sale: 10% Off + Free Shipping within United States!

    Memorial Day Sale Terms and Conditions: Use Promocode USA10 to get 10% Off on all products except for Core Exchange Fees, Custom Services, Gift Cards, and Individual Tires. Free Shipping within the United States for all orders over $49.95 except Alaska and Hawaii. Sale ends May 31, 2022.
  3. C

    Reservation 2022 Model 3 LR for sale Los Angeles - VIN assigned ready for immediate delivery Thursday 5/6 through Saturday 5/8

    Hi I'm new to this so not even sure if this is possible given I selected financing rather than all cash? It is ready for delivery to DTLA Thursday-Sunday this week 5/6-5/8. VIN assigned, obviously. It is the only item on my Tesla account so should be easy to transfer my online account with the...
  4. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Floor Mat Review By Sara J Awesome

  5. K

    WTS: 2020 Model 3 Performance Dark Grey Wheels+Tires

    20 inch OEM Tesla wheels and tires. Good condition. 2020 Model 3 Performance Package wheels. See pictures below for condition. Rare wheels from tesla. Priced at $2000 with wheels+ tires for all 4. Wheels: 20x8.5 114.3mm 5 lug bolt pattern 35mm offset Aluminum Tires: Michelin Pilot...
  6. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Bring On The Dirt Busters!

    Tesla Shields is a small company started by Jason and Sebastien with the idea of manufacturing door sill protectors and morphed into manufacturing car mats only for Tesla’s. It is surprising how Tesla has not paid attention to their floor mats which is an important detail to most Tesla owners...
  7. Z

    Hit something on the road damaged wheel and tire.

    Hi I have a question. I was on my way home when I encountered a piece of metal that a car hit and I swerved too much and just barely hit it. I don't know why the link wont work but if you want to see I can try and DM you. however my question is would I still be able to drive it with the gash on...
  8. H

    Cracking / tapping type noise around doors - Model 3 2022 RWD

    New Tesla model 3 - 2022 RWD has started to make this cracking/tapping sound. It looks like coming from the door/b-pillar area of the passenger door. I have already buckled the seat beat on to rule it out. I have also adjusted the passenger seat (forward and backwards) few times to rule seat...
  9. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields New Team Member

    Hi, my name is Janet. You may have seen some of responses I have made on previous posts. I have worked in large corporations and ran my own business for many years. I am here to help Tesla Shields with their communication and online presence with TMC. I am very excited to work with this team...
  10. E

    Model 3 LR FOR SALE

    Hello, I am selling my 2021 Model 3 LR which I purchased new in October 2021. I love the car so much I decided to sell and purchase the Model 3 performance. The car is black and in like new condition with 10,200 miles. No eating, smoking or pets in the car. Black interior and garaged since...
  11. iyordanov

    Vendor Calipers vinyl wrap for Model 3

    Hey guys I am Iliya, a long time Tesla owner, Currently I have a M3 and the refresh MS. Back in September last year I've decided to start my own Tesla after-market accessories company , called TWRAPS, and I do all the vinyl/ppf/tints production myself, in-house in California. Since the start I...
  12. J

    Model 3 Rear License Plate Frame

    Unfortunately, during my drive today with my Model 3, the rear license plate fell off and pretty much long gone... It looks like I won't be able to simply screw in a temporary plate as the rear requires a specific frame... Any one have any suggestions on where I could get a replacement rear...
  13. T

    What to do when no Nema 14-50 adapters available?

    My tesla also came with a J1172 adapter. Is there such a thing as a J1172 to Nema 14-50 adapter as an alternative until I can find a 14-50 adapter? Thanks.
  14. B

    Safety Restraint System Fault (RCM2_a529)

    My 2021 Model 3 recently started showing me this alert with a RCM2_a529 code. Anyone else seeing this on their end?
  15. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #17

    Hello Everyone, Jason, here. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since we last gave an update and looks like we are well overdue. First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/ Kwanza/ etc. and New Year. I also want to apologize for not updating sooner. Our whole team including myself...
  16. J

    Looking to takeover lease for Tesla Model 3 (Florida)

    Hello, i am looking to take over a lease for a model 3. I am located in Clearwater/tampa. Been searching for a tesla to takeover since production time is so long. Thank you
  17. S

    2018 M3 Dual Motor Long Range with Enhanced Auto Pilot, 26000 miles, garaged, charged at home! Greensboro, NC.

    Few dents and scratches - thanks to other drivers. No major accidents. Tesla changed the rear glass, charging port cover and tie rods of front wheels free of charge in April 2021. Year: 2018 M3 HW2.5 Dual Motor Long Range 18” Aero Wheels Model: Dual Motor Location: High Point, NC Asking Price...
  18. P

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Loud Clunking Noise When Slowing Down

    Feb 2021 Video Part 1: Sep 2021 Video Part 2: Feb 2021 Video Part 1 (YouTube Description): I was pulling into my garage for the very first time with my brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3 and I heard this loud clunking noise coming from the front of the car. It sounded like the car was falling...
  19. D

    Should I buy a new Tesla model 3 (performance ,all wheel drive with winter tyres) or used Audi Limousine(2018 or upwards model)?

    I am going to take the car on loan. My commute will be 100 kms on a weekday. Parameters for deciding would be 1> Maintenance Cost 2> Cost on charging or fuel 3> Insurance Cost 4> Road tax Please suggest.
  20. Baytomax

    WTB: M3 19" Sport Wheels (Any color/powdercoated) (SoCal/626)

    Hello hello, Really interesting in picking up a set of 4 "19 sport wheels in any color. I'm going to be powdercoating them anyways. Located in SoCal, specifically the 626 area. Can explore shipping if price is right. Please reply here or send me a DM if you have a set you're willing to sell...
  21. tshields

    Vendor Live From Papa Elon’s Basement (Teslashields update #8)

    Hello Tesla Friends, As many of you know, I was on vacation in Iceland with my family last week (even though I was still busy working to get everyone’s order fulfilled). I am happy to be back and am currently working as usual in Papa Elon’s basement. During the last week, we have shipped over...
  22. S

    Charging keeps stopping.

    Hi all. Our Tesla Model 3 long range has suddenly started to do some strange charging. We plug it in when back from work (down to 17%) and it seems that charging starts fine, but after about 2-3 minutes charging it stops again. We have not set any time for charging to be complete or anything...
  23. J

    Using anything with NFC as a Tesla Key?

    Could anything that has NFC be used as a key with a Tesla Model 3, like NFC stickers?
  24. H

    Tesla Model 3 verbindt niet met WiFi (melding: Kan geen IP-adres verkrijgen, controleer instellingen van de DHCP-server.)

    De Tesla wil dus geen verbinding maken met ons thuisnetwerk. Hij wil daarentegen wel verbinden met een mobiele hotspot. Op de router heb ik een aantal dingen geprobeerd. Ik heb een IP-adres gereserveerd voor de Tesla door middel van het MAC-adres. Daarnaast heb ik ook geprobeerd te verbinden als...
  25. tshields

    Vendor Would a TeslaShields floormat help my Tesla stay afloat during a flood?

    It is widely known that the Tesla Model 3 and y (and possibly the rest of their models) have a total waterproof sealed battery pack and as a result, can float on water during a flood for some time. Now, since our mats create a seal and are designed to keep water out of your carpets, is it...
  26. D

    Tesla model 3 lease prices UK post EV grant change

    Hello everyone, I am looking to lease Tesla M3 LR. There are a lot of different companies offering some good rates right now. My insurance will be quite pricey so I want to keep the cost to a minimum. However I am unable to secure the deal right now as I am currently in the process of buying a...
  27. T3car

    Screen Protecter

    Do you guys know what’s a good screen protecter to get (in Amazon) for the Tesla Model 3 Center screen? I found a few but I want to get one (Glossy) that will last me for at least a good 2 years. If you have had a screen protecter for that long ore even longer can you please tell me what company...
  28. K

    Model 3 front Brembo Loaded Calipers NY

    I have a set of Brembo front brake calipers for a Tesla Model 3. Comes loaded with pads, no brake lines. For some reason the previous owner decided to paint them lime green. They came off my friends car. He got red calipers instead of repainting these. They are in perfect working order. Asking...
  29. C

    Issue With Phone Key Card? Tesla Model 3

    In the past, I was able to unlock my Tesla Model 3 without opening the Tesla app. Recently, I've noticed my phone key card started only letting me open my Tesla while using the app. I'm not sure why all of a sudden it stopped working, has anybody else ever experienced this? Or have any solutions...
  30. C

    Car Scent/Air Freshener ?

    I bought my Tesla Model 3 around October, for a little while my Tesla had the new car scent but recently I started noticing the smell fading away. I live in Canada so when it snows all the dirty snow gets in the car which leaves a distinct smell. Tesla's don't have any air vents that you can...
  31. tshields

    Vendor Right Hand Drive Floor Mats

    Introducing our new Tesla Model 3 right hand drive mats. Designed specifically for right hand drive Model 3 with our 3D scan technology to fit every contour of your interior like a glove. Using durable, odorless, non-toxic and easy to clean triple-layer TPE rubber with a no slip grip bottom...
  32. M

    WTB Tesla Model 3 White Interior

    Looking to purchase a full white interior without door panels. I have a full black interior that I am willing to trade or will purchase a white interior outright (maybe your car is a total loss and you’d like to recoup funds or from a salvage car) May consider T Sportline Uber White Synthetic...
  33. J

    2019 Model 3 SR+ for sale

    Hello everyone! I hope y'all have been safe from the pandemic. I have owned my 2019 M3 SR+ for 15 months which made me love Tesla products. I'm looking to sell it as I recently ordered a Model Y since my commute as a Navy Recruiter became longer now and need more range and will be working longer...
  34. J

    For Sale: TSW Bathurst Rotary Forged Wheels + Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires

    For Sale: TSW Bathurst Rotary Forged Alloy Wheels, wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 High Performance Tires. Will include 73.1 -> 66.1 Hubcentric Ring. No TPMS. Wheels are in great condition, tires have about 4,500 miles in even wear. Recently went a different route for my project and don’t...
  35. TimothyHW3

    Tesla Model 3 - 2019 LR AWD vs 2021 LR AWD

    Stay tuned for the big comparison test. I can already tell you that some of the results are shocking. I am preparing the videos and will be putting up one video at a time when they are ready. Here is the teaser:
  36. S

    Tesla Connector Model 3

    This is a BRAND NEW / NEVER USED gen 3 Tesla wall connector $500 & I will pay for Shippung Willing to Negotiate the Price
  37. G

    Buy used M3 2019 from Tesla and save $10k or new M3 2021?

    Heyho, I currently have a new Tesla Model 3 2021 LR, white on white, with FSD on order. Now I found that Tesla has a used Model 3 2019 (September '19 production date) with the exact same configuration (incl. FSD) in inventory. The car has only 4400 miles on the meter. After taxes and fees...
  38. C

    Damaged by 10 days old Tesla Model 3

    Unfortunately, I damaged the rear quarter panel and possibly the back passenger door of my 10-days old Tesla Model 3. The car scraped against a pillar while I was parking into the garage. I feel terrible. It was late at night and was the first time I was doing the parking maneuver while not...
  39. chadcristi

    Vendor WTB Model 3 Dual Motor (non-performance)

    Looking for one clean, 1-owner Model 3 Dual Motor (not performance) for our niece. Flexible on color. Must be AWD. Will travel to your specified location for pickup. If you are still waiting to take delivery of a new car, we are willing to wait until your new car is ready for delivery. Cash...
  40. M

    Tesla Model 3 Interior Mats for Sale

    I am selling my interior carpet mats (50 Model 3 Carpet Interior Mats) and interior all weather floor liners from Tesla by weather tech (130 Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners) I am selling this in the NYC area as shipping these will be expensive. I never used the interior carpet mats. I used...
  41. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Weekend Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to US & Canada!*

    Labor Day Weekend Sale Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. 10% Off discount excludes Wholesale Orders, Model Y 19" TSS Wheels, Model Y 19" TSS Wheel & Tire Packages, Model Y 19" TST Wheels, Model Y 19" TST Wheel & Tire Packages and Off-Menu...
  42. T

    Vendor Individualize your Tesla - Now offering vinyl wraps and Vossen wheels

    Tesla Model S Hexis deep matte black vinyl wrap 3M gloss black chrome delete XPEL Prime XR Plus nano-ceramic window tint treatment Pearl yellow painted calipers Vossen wheel in gloss black Custom center caps Tinted taillights
  43. M

    Los Angeles, CA: Tesla Model 3 Real Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Selling a never installed Carbon Fiber for Model 3. It’s a more aggressive style than the Performance blade spoiler for those looking for something different. Comes with new tape ready for installation. The spoiler does have slight imperfections (can be optionally polished) that is not...
  44. V

    Financing a Model 3

    Hi! I'm a 21 year old from Sydney and have been wanting to buy a Model 3 for a while now- I had the idea a few months ago to purchase one via financing through Tesla, and rent it out via websites such as evee.com to cover the costs of financing it. I was mainly looking for advice from people who...
  45. W

    Tesla model 3 2020 mirror compatibility

    Hello, Recently my tesla model 3 driver side mirror is damaged..(heart broken). It is still functioning but the bottom is cracked and I would need to replace it. I found a couple of model 3 2019/2018 mirror for sale online, I wonder if it is compatible with 2020? Is there any way I can check...
  46. dwahl

    NITTO MOTIVE - Longer Life & Lower Cost Alternative to Michelin MXM4 Tires?

    The Michelin 235/45R18W MXM4 Tires that came Factory on my Model 3 needed to be changed after just 25,000 Miles. The MXM4's cost about $330 to replace per tire, or $1,320 for 4 tires. A tire shop in Arizona recommended the Japanese NITTO MOTIVO 235/45R18W tires as a less expensive alternative...
  47. D

    Tesla Service Center Inspection

    Hey guys, I booked an appointment with a Tesla SC to have the bottom of my Model 3 inspected and they got back to me saying they will charge $175+tax for it. Is this normal? The reason I wanted to get it checked out is, I was on the highway few days ago and went over a construction bump which...
  48. K

    Another heads-up display for Tesla

    Hey! Found another HUD for Tesla vehicle, what do you think about it? It is really seems to be useful?
  49. JPInnovative

    Buying a Tesla from Third-Party Dealership In 2020

    Hello, I am new to the forums. I would like to say I hope everyone is having a good day. However, I am here to ask maybe a redundant question but since it’s 2020 and this is more of a updated question... Let’s say the dealership next to my area where I live has a really nice Tesla Model 3 for...
  50. J

    2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD - FSD - HW3 - XPEL - Ceramic and more - 21986 miles

    Functions: Miles: 21986 Full Charge Range: 309 Miles 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD July 2018 Delivery FSD with HW3 retrofit completed (FSD Purchase Completed) Includes Original Mobile charger Unlimited Premium Connection SuperCharge Pay Per Usage. Mint Condition, Kept Garage, No Body damage/door...

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