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  1. T

    Model S roof rack for sale - GTA/Toronto for pickup only

    I've got a set of roof racks (Tesla branded Yakima Whisperbars in silver) in good condition that fit a 2017 Model S with Panoramic Sunroof. Only available for pickup - not shipping elsewhere. CDN$200 flat.
  2. CCANActionFund

    Vendor Incredible Odds To Win A Rivian Or Another Tesla While Supporting A Nonprofit

    Our nonprofit's 4th annual EV raffle for the climate is undersold. This creates an attractive opportunity for anyone hoping to win a Model X or S Plaid. Your chances of winning are currently better than 1-in-1500 while supporting the climate advocacy work of CCAN Action Fund. The raffle offers...
  3. R

    21' Tesla Model S Refresh, Low Milage

    Selling my in perfect condition refresh Tesla Model S. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Paint is fully protected with clear/hydrophobic Suntek Reaction wrap PPF. Handwashed bi-weekly. 0 scratches, 0 swirls, 0 marring. No rim damage or scratches. Non-smoking owner and kept indoors. Immaculately...
  4. Mr. Jetson

    Tesla 2022 Model S and EVgo Charging

    There are several EVgo chargers in my area and I am curious to know whether they are compatible with my 2022 MS. I see that there's a CHAdeMO Adapter for EVgo which leads me to believe that the J1722 would not work here. If a CHAdeMO Adapter is needed for EVgo chargers, where are they best...
  5. pox

    Tesla Model S Plaid For sale or Trade

    I'm needed to sell my Model S Plaid 2021 delivered last September. Has FSD and at 18,900 miles on it. Tesla has offered me $124k trade. I have it in Loveland Colorado for the next few days then driving back home to Riverton Wyoming. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a trade with Tesla at this...
  6. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Washer fluid recommendations for summer

    It’s been 3 months since I picked up my model y performance and now she’s thirsty for washer fluid. I live in miami so It’s always summer. What do you people use? Do you just go to the gas station and use run of mill or do you have one that you swear by? Also is adding rainex to the fluid...
  7. AhadV

    FS: Tesla Model S 2018 All Weather Floor Mats

    I have Tesla Model S all weather floor mats for sale Driver Seat Passenger Seat Back Seats and Trunk and Trunk Compartment Area Asking $200 obo Local pickup in DFW or Buyers pays shipping
  8. AhadV

    For Sale: NVX Subwoofer & Amp for 2018 Tesla Model S

    Hi Everyone, I just sold my 2018 Tesla Model S and have the NVX Subwoofer & Amp for sale. Asking $500 obo Located in DFW, buyer pays shipping
  9. 3DMatsUSA

    Vendor 3D MAXpider Tesla Model S Refresh Floor Mats now available

    Hello All, Just wanted everyone to know that our Tesla Model S Refresh Floor Mats are finally available Part Number: L1TL03801509 Website link: https://u-ace.com/i-30518929 Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09SVZ6H9L Thank you all for your patience.
  10. Y

    2021-2022 Tesla Model S 19” Tempest Wheels for sale

    Original Tesla Tempest Wheels Have been used for about 5k miles Last photo is what the wheels look like without the caps Pirelli P Zero 255 / 45 R19 104Y 285 / 40 R19 107Y Tire sensors included One of the rear wheels has a minor scratch can send close up photo upon request Looking to...
  11. TSportline

    Vendor March Madness Tesla Accessories Sale! 10% Off In-Stock Items! Use Code 'TESLATEN'

    March Madness: Save 10% OFF In-Stock. Offer ends March 31, 2022. Terms & Conditions Apply.
  12. W

    Tesla Model S Brembo ZR1 6/4 caliper

    Tesla Model S Brembo ZR1 6/4 caliper BELFE EPB on 2017 MS 75 #tesla#models/rearcaliper #singleCalipertoDual
  13. J

    {FOR SALE} Michelin Pilot Sport - Model S Rims and Tires - 245/45 R19 - $1500 OBO

    Michelin Pilot Sport Tesla Model S Rims and Tires - 245/45 R 19 Basically New Tires and Rims. Driven 15 miles max. $1500 OBO In La Jolla, San Diego. Pick up or delivery to be discussed
  14. I

    2014 Model S 85 - 4G/LTE Upgrade & 220mi Range

    Hello! I am looking to sell my 2014 Model S 85. This is an amazing first Tesla to own if you're in the market for a Tesla but don't have the funds for a newer Model 3. The vehicle has no problems and drives perfectly. I still use this as a daily driver and am excited for the next owner to get...
  15. Z

    Wanted - Model S 2014 - 2018 working or not - in Texas

    Good Day folks - I am in Dripping Springs Texas and looking for a Tesla Model S working or not. Have a small budget and really looking for a fixer upper something not wrecked but not working either Should Someone have a Tesla that is not charging or working let me know.
  16. S

    2021 Model S LR Reservation Transfer

    Looking to transfer and split the price hike difference for the reservation. The order is white on black interior with 19" rims and tires (you will probably have to get the 21" since they're only shipping with those to my knowledge). I'm located in so-cal 90731 and would prefer to do a local...
  17. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Fully Loaded w/Lifetime Supercharging, Premium Connectivity, and Rear Jump Seats

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 · Driven 156,000 miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Has every single upgrade possible at the time Tech Package Ultra High Fidelity Sound package Has the...
  18. repoanything

    Tesla changed my Plaid Plus to Plaid

    I guess its official. After a phone call from Tesla Sales last week asking me to switch my order to Plaid, which I asked them to email me telling me Tesla is not going to make the Plaid Plus, (they said they can not email something like that) I now see they changed my order in my account to a...
  19. D

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - For Sale - SoCal

    Hey Yall, I have a beautiful Model S for Sale. Located in San Diego, CA 2013 Tesla Model S P85 Clean Title Performance Package 97k miles Asking Only $29,999 Larger Battery. 240 miles on Full Charge No Accidents, Drives Perfect Free Supercharging for Life (Transferable) Warranty on...
  20. J

    Rust on hood ;(

    We recently noticed that our Tesla Model S 2016 refresh has a few bad spots of rust under and on the hood. Pretty bad on a car that Tesla said shouldn't rust ;( The warranty on rust is 12 years, so we got an appointment with Tesla to get it fixed... Well, it didn't go as plan. They gave us all...
  21. K

    Gloss Black Tesla Model S 19x8 wheels

    Set of 4 19x8 Tesla OEM Gloss Black wheels. No chips or bends, some slight scuffing on one wheel edge. Sorry for the brake dust on the wheels in the pictures. Don`t have center caps or TPMS. Asking 700 In Rockland County NY
  22. C

    Issue With Phone Key Card? Tesla Model 3

    In the past, I was able to unlock my Tesla Model 3 without opening the Tesla app. Recently, I've noticed my phone key card started only letting me open my Tesla while using the app. I'm not sure why all of a sudden it stopped working, has anybody else ever experienced this? Or have any solutions...
  23. K

    Model S 19" wheels black

    Set of 4 Satin Black Wheels. I believe they may be powder coated. This is how I got them minus the small curb rash shown in the pictures. I don`t have the TPMS or center caps. Size is 19 x 8 and they are OEM Tesla Wheels. Asking 500 OBO, located in NY can deliver in North Jersey or Rockland...
  24. C

    Model S 2013 performance heat stopped working

    Hello! I just bought a used 2013 model s performance and within 2 weeks my heat has stopped working entirely. I'm in Wisconsin where it gets to below 20 degrees F with windchill. All my car does is blow ridiculously cold air at me. Please help if you're able to, its freezing
  25. D

    2021 Tesla Model S

    Interested in selling my model s with 3000 miles. Full self driving, windows tinted, ceramic coated, and full bumper and partial hood paint protection film installed. Pretty much ready to go. asking for $83,500. 402 mile range and only charged to 100% once. I keep it at 80%.
  26. N

    Tesla Model S 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels and Tires - Factory OEM with TPMS

    $2500 CAD - OBO Replaced my wheels and tires with arachnids from referral reward. This wheel and tire set was used for one season (approximately 5,000 km). The wheels are in good condition. One wheel has a tire rash. Tires are the original All-Season Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19. - (4)...
  27. VERDNT_P85

    For Sale: 2013 Model S P85, Green/Tan

    2013 Tesla Model S P85. Springfield, Missouri Rare Metallic Green and Vertical Obeche Wood Gloss 106,000 gently driven and gently charged miles FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING FOR LIFE FREE PREMIUM CONNECTIVITY AND INTERNET ALL GLASS PANORAMIC RETRACTABLE ROOF HIGH FIDELITY SOUND UPGRADE...
  28. M

    Model S: Hansshow Trunk Kick Sensor - Wiring

    Hansshow has recently changed their hookup method for the wires from the control box to the factory liftgate button/factory latch mechanism/factory trunk open button <rant> and is being even more unhelpful than usual in providing a simple answer to simple question of where 3 silly wires from...
  29. G

    The Longest Range EVs In The World

    It's insane how good EV range is getting, across all vehicle classes. Cars can go up to 402 miles, bikes can go 155 miles, scooters can go 120 miles, even skateboards can go 60 miles on a charge. The Longest Range Electric Vehicles In 2020 | ZAP EVs Blog
  30. C

    2014 Tesla Model S P85 For Sale

    2014 Tesla Model S P85 with 107,015 miles Fully Loaded with just about every option available at the time (sunroof, rear facing seats, performance package, smart air suspension, tech package etc) Current mileage is 107,015 may go up slightly. Battery and Drive Unit warranty good util August...
  31. F

    Reliability Survey of the 'Nose Cone Model S' (2012-2016)

    Hi everyone, I am Fabien and currently drive a 2020 VW E-UP (I live in France). It's a hell of a car but need something bigger and will use the E-UP as a second car. I drove a 2012 Model S last summer in California and it I have been obsessed with it every since. However, reading forums and...
  32. T

    Vendor Individualize your Tesla - Now offering vinyl wraps and Vossen wheels

    Tesla Model S Hexis deep matte black vinyl wrap 3M gloss black chrome delete XPEL Prime XR Plus nano-ceramic window tint treatment Pearl yellow painted calipers Vossen wheel in gloss black Custom center caps Tinted taillights
  33. MichaelJava95

    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    Hi everyone. I finally got my Homelink auto-close, auto-open to work. I want to create this thread so other people googling this problem can hopefully come across this thread. 1- When you program the Homelink, point the car to the garage if you park front first(driving forward into the garage)...
  34. Tello

    FOR SALE: Model S 20" Axis MS Wheel & Tire Package $500

    FOR SALE! I'm the happy new owner of a MY and no longer have use for an amazing 20" MS wheel/tire combo. There are (5) total wheels included in the package. (4) of the "Axis" wheels are mounted/balanced on Continental Extreme Contact All Season tires. The tires are in good shape and (2) of...
  35. MrPink1981

    Lak op de motorkap laat los

    Ik ben nu bijna 2 jaar een zeer trotse eigenaar van een Model S 100D maar de laatste tijd begint hij langzaam uit elkaar te vallen en Tesla zelf schuift dit af als normale gebruikersschade. Ik heb een Model S 100 D - Obsidian Black - 21 inch Turbine velgen - open dak - carbon inleg - leren...
  36. antdun

    How Well Does A Used Radio Flyer Kid Tesla Model S Hold Up After 2 Years of Use?

    If you've been considering getting a Radio Flyer Kid Tesla and you wonder how well it will hold up to use/abuse this video is for you. Sure things are broken and don't work, but the most important part (it's ability to drive around) still works! It's on a second battery, but the first one was...
  37. G

    Tesla P90DL with Ludicrous

    Hi everyone! I am putting up my beloved Tesla Model S P90DL for sale. Bumper to bumper warranty until 93K miles or October 2022. Battery warranty until 2023. Asking for 63K. Located in Southern California, please DM or comment if interested! *57k current miles *Carbon Fiber Spoiler *Ludicrous...
  38. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  39. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  40. climatexchange

    Vendor Win for you. Win for the environment.

    Climate XChange’s annual Tesla raffle is back and tickets are going FAST! We're a small Boston based non-profit with a mission to provide research, education, and advocacy tools to stakeholders across the country who are working to pass meaningful climate policy at the state and local level. In...
  41. Alsaid

    Charge loss MS

    I have a tesla 100D. 2017. When I park the car overnight the battery degradation overnight for my car about 30 miles a night. So if I leave the car has 200miles of charge, in the morning will has 175mile. That’s around 9 hours parking the car. I have took the car to the service and it has been...
  42. I

    Ordering parts from [email protected]

    Hi, Looking for some guidance here. Whats is the procedure to order parts from [email protected]? I have sent them my parts list(part numbers), delivery postcode and VIN to get a quote. Haven't heard anything back for 2 weeks now, even sent a follow up email asking if there is insufficient...
  43. maxshuty

    Model S randomly starts blaring music in the middle of the night...

    Hey all, We've got a '15 Model S and a '19 P3D. In the last month the S has randomly started blaring radio music right at about 3am each time. It's loud enough to wake both my wife and I up... I contacted Tesla and they sent an update to the car hoping it would resolve itself but now it is...
  44. B

    Model S 21 inch Arachnid Wheels (Tampa, Florida)

    I have a set of 4 x 21 inch Arachnid Wheels that were used for approximately 300 miles. They are in excellent condition and the set does not include the Lug Nuts and the Tesla Logo Wheel Caps which are easily purchased online. I am asking for $2500 or your best offer. Local pickup in Tampa...
  45. mainecoon

    San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club Meet Up - Sat, September 21st

    Hi everyone, hope everyone had a nice summer. As we transition into the Fall season and in the sprit of EV week around the country, we will be meeting on Saturday, September 21st for a drive and lunch in beautiful wine country. This is a fun, educational event for which all Tesla owners and...
  46. D

    Looking to rent someone's DreamCase for Model S in Southern California

    I'm planning to take a roadtrip later this week and have been wanting to use a DreamCase to sleep on the road rather than stay at hotels. Anyone in or near Orange County have one they're willing to rent out to me from 9/5 to around 9/14? Thanks!
  47. Rodztintshop

    Vendor Tesla Appreciation Day Event in Orange County, CA

    We are happy to announce that Rodz Tint Shop will be holding an appreciation event to celebrate our 2nd year in Fountain Valley and give thanks to our Tesla customers. Lunch and refreshments will be provided; along with chances to win a raffle prize every hour! Click on the link below to...
  48. T

    Vendor Teslas & Coffee hosted by The Tesla Studio in Tampa

    On May 25th we will be hosting the first Teslas & Coffee in the Florida's west coast. This event will be held the last Saturday of every month from 8am-10am at our facility The Tesla Studio 12911 N Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL. 33612 We invite everyone to come out and socialize with fellow Tesla...
  49. C

    For Sale 2017 Tesla Model S 75 EAP w/ Navigate on Autopilot Equipped

    Selling my late 2017 Model S S75 with latest hardware and cameras. Latest Autopilot Equipped Navigate on Autopilot. Asking $59,000, no financing. Selling as I am not driving as much have a company car. No accidents/wrecks clean title More pictures available • 18,192 miles • Obsidian...
  50. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating Blog

    Adding a CeramicPro nano-ceramic coating to your vehicle is the same as an additional clear coat, with up to 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties. At the Vehicle Enhancement Studio, we perform countless Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating treatments per week. Stay up-to-date with this...

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