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  1. D


    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing T SPORTLINE TS5 18" WHEEL SET SATIN BLACK. Please add to the discussion here.


    In excellent condition, T Sportline TS5 18x8.5, Was on my vehicle for 8000 miles. Made specifically for Tesla. Retails for $1750 new. This will fit the model 3 and Y and will clear the Performance brakes. Picture is of actual wheels. No bends or curb rash. In near perfect condition...
  3. Mayde For Auto

    Vendor Mayde Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels | New Revolve Style Released

    Hey TMC! We have released a new wheel cover style for Model Y 19" Gemini wheels. We're calling it Revolve style. The design of the wheel covers are similar to some others on the market, however we have made some changes to make them look better and be more of our style. We reduced the size of...
  4. V

    Driver side mirror cracking sound

    can you some advise what is this sound from the driver side mirror? Here is video. I hit my shoulder to the mirror and it went backwards little bit but then I was able to move the mirrors back to its position . Some then I am hearing this cracking sound. Any advise?
  5. C

    Expired WTB - Tesla Model Y - 7 seater - 2023/24 - Lease Transfer/Takeover [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing WTB - Tesla Model Y - 7 seater - 2023/24. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. B

    Expired 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Full Self Driving 17k Miles 7 seater New Tires [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range Full Self Driving 17k Miles 7 seater New Tires. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. T

    Expired 20" Signature Wheels SV104 [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 20" Signature Wheels SV104. Please add to the discussion here.

    Vendor Amazon 7-day exclusive deal for Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats! 🚗✨

    Upgrade Your Tesla's Style and Comfort with Our Tesla Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats! 🚗✨ Get ready for a premium driving experience with our Amazon 7-day exclusive deal! Transform your Tesla's interior and protect your second row seats with our high-quality mats. 🌟 Key Features: ✅ Custom Fit...
  9. T

    Water in Frunk

    Just got my Tesla a week ago. Hand washed it this afternoon and realized 2 puddles in the Frunk. Is this something Tesla or myself can easily fix? My nearest Tesla dealership is almost 6 hours away so trying to avoid a trip if necessary. I added a few pics for example.
  10. K

    Installing third party lights, shorted right passenger power?

    Hi I was installing rear lights and everything was working but now the rear passenger lights won’t come on. I know the lights work bc I moved them to the left and they light up. I tried installing the old lights back but now they won’t work too. This is only happening on the rear right trunk...
  11. LASFIT

    Vendor CLOSED!!! GIVEAWAY! Lasfit Tesla Tester Program - 20 Participants LIMITED!!!

    Hello fellow Tesla owners, It's Lasfit here.;) Since we joined the forum as a vendor, we have seen everyone discussing various topics about Tesla accessories and sharing their own feelings about using Tesla accessories. And we have been looking for and listening to the voices of Tesla owners...
  12. Guacahummus

    Supercharger - Clyde, TX

    Filing for a possible Supercharger at the Valero Gas Station located at 8075 IH-20, S Access Rd West, Clyde, TX 79510 near Abilene, TX. Completion date slated for September 2023. Tenant name has appeared on other Supercharger filings...
  13. S

    Rates are up by 50% ??

    My renewal notice just arrived and I see about 50% increase in my rate with no accidents and good history. I was payin $730 for 6 months and now all insurance companies show 50 to 100% increase for the rate. One State Farm agent just told me that rates are significantly up for all providers as...
  14. L

    New Plates or Transfer Plates in IL?

    Can I transfer my old License Plates (Gasoline Car) to new Tesla Model Y in Illinois? What is the cost difference betwen Transferring License Plates from old Car and getting new License Plates for Tesla in Illinois? Any benefits of new License Plates?
  15. Nambo


    Selling a new HUD unit. $100 Also have a used unit in great condition $75 Located in OC, CA. Will ship. Details.. https://www.amazon.com/CARabc-Display-Competible-Dashboard-Battery/dp/B09YLVHMZC The perfect minimalist HUD for your Tesla! Easy to install and adds all the vital...
  16. S

    2021+ Telsa Model 3/Y All Weather Mats

    Hello TMC! I am in New Jersey and have a set of all weather mats for sale that will fit any 2021+ Tesla model 3/Y. I am looking to get $150 for them, but am open to offers.
  17. L

    Should you wait for 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range with 4680 Battery or by Tesla now? [Jan 2023]

    I have already ordered 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range but wondering if I should wait for new Tesl Model Y with 4680 Battery. What do you guys think?
  18. C

    Darwin Pro Carbon Kit Model Y P

    Anyone ever got this kit or been in communication with Darwin.. I've tried to reach them several times over several months with no response. There is 1 forum here with someone that ordered a kit but no feedback. I'm also open to know about other carbon kits, but I really like the Darwin one...
  19. R

    Tesla Model Y charging concern

    Hello Everyone, It’s been 1 week owning my new 2023 Model Y in Canada . I’m in love what this car offers at the moment. Feels luxury and simplicity together. I’ve got all new interior for better sound system and they removed ultrasonic sensors and waiting for that software update. I have...
  20. Bomely

    Vendor Black Friday - Up to 20% Off - Best Deal

    🎈Black Friday 🎈 *Up to 20% Off* Bomely & Kingna Happy Shopping!!!
  21. VagabondBuilds

    I did a Tweeter upgrade from Light Harmonic for Tesla Model Y 2022

    Hansshow Builds coming soon too.... The Tesla I used is a June 2022 Performance Model but the same process goes for Model Y cars and also Model 3 cars. Check out my Youtube Channel - Vagabond Builds for easy step by step installations.
  22. OtriFowd

    Vendor Hubcaps for 19” Model Y Gemini Wheels

    How to personalize your Model Y and make it stand out? Here's an easy and cost-efficient way: setup a set of cool hubcaps. 2 colors available: Matte Black/White & Black It is much more cost friendly than changing wheels Different styles to pair up with different car paints. No professional...
  23. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Making the market—Designing custom Tesla accessories and redefining customer service (in stock and AVAILABLE NOW)

    MIAMI—Tesla Shields co-founders Jason and Sebastien worked together renting out real estate properties before they began making custom accessories for Tesla electric vehicles. But when state laws changed, the pair needed to find another way to stay in business. Paired with interest in Elon...
  24. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Weekend Sale: 2022

  25. xy4co

    2021 Tesla Model Y (Lease Transfer)

    Greetings, everyone! I'm looking for someone to take over my Model Y lease. I did lots of road-tripping in the last year and have no plans of doing more. Details below! - Located in Oregon. - Black exterior, black interior. - Lease ends May 2024. - Payment to Tesla is $480/month. - Current...
  26. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update Tesla California Take Over Edition (Update #24)

    Its been a little over two weeks since I last provided an update and so much has happened, so let’s dive in! First, the TeslaShields Team took a nice 3 hour road trip from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo where we attended the Tesla Take Over in California. This event was created by Tesla Raj and...
  27. J

    Listing your Tesla HPWC on Plugshare

    First off, new here, not sure if I should be posting elsewhere, if I should, apologies. I'm curious, has anyone listed their Tesla or any other branded Wall Charger on Plugshare or similar app more for emergencies and someone needs a top-up? If so, how have you found the experience? What rules...
  28. CS@Tshields


    Hello friends across the pond, You might of heard about us by now but for those that haven't we would like to introduce ourselves. Our name is TeslaShields and we are a small business located in Miami, Fl and we sell the highest quality and best fitting floor mats for the model 3 and y (soon...
  29. B

    FS- Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 winter tires

    Bought the tires just last week from Craigslist and found a better deal. Tires were used for one winter only (<5000 miles) and have 10/32nd tread left confirmed. Tires are 255/40R20 101T XL. Asking $800 for the set of 4. Located in Denver, Colorado Prefer not to ship.
  30. P

    Looking for Model 3/Y Reservation

    Hi I am looking for Model 3/Y reservation. I am open to Long Range/RWD. ready to take delivery asap or within few months Please ping me if you are open to transfer.
  31. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #23: Inventory still on its way

    Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not frying to death. Now since we are in the dog days of summer, and most of the country is swealtering (including us in Papa Elon’s basement) we think it’s time to start a limited sizzling hot sale to cool everyone off. Until our...
  32. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Everything you want (and don't) to hear about the new 4680 Tesla Battery - An in-depth look: brought to you by TeslaShields.com

    Tesla launched its latest 4680 battery cell in 2020, a new tabless cylindrical cell with a much larger format that, according to the company, has six times the power and five times the energy capacity while being considerably less expensive. Tesla has been manufacturing the 4680 cells at a...
  33. T

    'Plasti-dip' Gemini Wheel cover before and after

    Sharing my experience of DIY plasti-dipping the Gemini wheels on Tesla model Y---- I bought two bottles of plasti-dip($23/bottle from Canadian tire) Used the entire first bottle and half of the second bottle. I applied 5 layers of plastic dip on each wheel cover. Plasti-dipping took me 4...
  34. W

    Taptes Model Y retractable sunshade?

    Hi All ! I’m considering a set of sunshade for my Model Y. Does anyone here get Taptes Model Y retractable sunshade? Is it a new upgraded sunshade for Model Y? Please advise!Taptes retractable sunshade for Model Y
  35. M

    2022 Model Y LR 7 SEATS BLK/BLK

    Original 1 owner. No accidents no damage. Clean. 10k miles. AMD CPU. Autopilot. Feel free to make offers.
  36. systemmotorsports

    Vendor Official Rays Volk TE37 Ultra M-Spec Gallery - 19x9.5 +28 5x114.3 for Tesla Model 3 + Model Y - System Motorsports Special Sizing

    Hi Tesla Motors Club community, Allow us to introduce ourselves one again - Many of you on TMC may recognize us from the involvement and role in the aftermarket automotive wheel sector for many other enthusiast platforms that you may have owned previously or currently own, such as the WRX/STI...
  37. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Washer fluid recommendations for summer

    It’s been 3 months since I picked up my model y performance and now she’s thirsty for washer fluid. I live in miami so It’s always summer. What do you people use? Do you just go to the gas station and use run of mill or do you have one that you swear by? Also is adding rainex to the fluid...
  38. S

    WTB 2021-2022 Tesla Model Y LR Dark Silver Metallic / Black Interior with AMD Ryzen MCU3

    WTB 2021-2022 Tesla Model Y LR Dark Silver Metallic / Black Interior with AMD Ryzen MCU3. Other specs are up for grabs. Prefer FSD, as there would be a price difference without it. Let me help take it off your hands :p Probably hard to come by, seeing the range is so new, but I thought to...
  39. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Teslashields floor mats vs 3D Maxpider floor mats

    Here is a breakdown of the two most popular brands for Tesla model 3 and Y floor mats. WWW.teslashields.com
  40. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Bring On The Dirt Busters!

    Tesla Shields is a small company started by Jason and Sebastien with the idea of manufacturing door sill protectors and morphed into manufacturing car mats only for Tesla’s. It is surprising how Tesla has not paid attention to their floor mats which is an important detail to most Tesla owners...
  41. H

    Coolant level low warning turned on the disappeared

    Had a front end accident a few months ago, replaced front bumper, radiator and cooling fan. just got the car back last night. This morning when shifting to R, the low level coolant warning came on and said refill, HVAC and performance maybe be reduced It went away a few minutes later and stayed...
  42. B

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    I started leasing a brand new 2020 Tesla Model Y in September 2020 (dual motor, long range version). After a year and a half, here is my experience with and opinion of this vehicle: Honestly, I have grown to resent the car. There are many reasons that I will get into, but the main thing is that...
  43. M

    (4) Like new (17mi) 21" 2022 Uberturbine w. Michelin Pilot Sport All Season tires

    Selling a full set of (4) like new 21" Uberturbine wheels I removed from my brand new Tesla Y. For the record, the wheels were removed when the vehicle had 17 miles on the odometer, I have the documentation to show that. Because they were taken off before it was driven, the face of the wheels...
  44. D

    Tesla Model Y Lockout

    New user, first-time poster in this forum to bring up something insane (and possibly unprecedented) during my several years as a Tesla owner. Ever since driving up a mountain summit for a ski trip, my 2021 Model Y Performance has been experiencing all kinds of problems after locking out on a...
  45. A

    Tesla 2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation for Sale

    Hello! I have a reservation for a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD I am unable to take delivery on, which I am happy to sell for $5,000. Pick-up is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Details on the vehicle are below. I can transfer the registration into someone else's name. Cost of Vehicle +...
  46. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #14 and 15

    Hello TMC folks, After a two week hiatus from this site we are back! During this time we have sent our an email update two weeks ago that we sent to all of our customers and although most supporters received this, some did not. I would like to update everyone that is ordering, planing, and...
  47. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Black Friday Sale: Up to 50% Off and Get Free Shipping to the US (except Alaska & Hawaii)

    Save up to 50% Off on: TS5 21" Tesla Model Y Wheels (Set of 4) TS5 21" Tesla Model Y Wheel & Tire Package TS5 20x9.0" Front & Rear Tesla Model S Wheels (Set of 4) TS5 20x9.0" Front & Rear Tesla Model S Wheel & Tire Package TS5 20x9.0" Front & Rear Tesla Model S Wheel & Winter Tire Package TSV...
  48. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    Hello, Jason, here Just received the latest and reporting this live-ish from Papa Elon’s basement. All orders and inventory are on board the SS Tesla Shields express and in-fact, everyone can keep track of its voyage! A DAISEN, Container Ship - Details and current position - IMO 9433066 MMSI...
  49. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to the US & Canada

    Labor Day Sale Offer Terms and Conditions: 10% Off on select custom services and products. Free Shipping to the United States and Canada. Referral and Wholesale Discounts are excluded. Certain exclusions apply. Sale ends Monday, September 6, 2021.
  50. tshields

    Vendor Live From Papa Elon’s Basement (Teslashields update #8)

    Hello Tesla Friends, As many of you know, I was on vacation in Iceland with my family last week (even though I was still busy working to get everyone’s order fulfilled). I am happy to be back and am currently working as usual in Papa Elon’s basement. During the last week, we have shipped over...