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tesla network

  1. Grifon

    Tesla Network v.09

    I’ve been thinking about how the Tesla Network might be initially rolled out. When Tesla first started leasing the Model 3, there were concerns at the time that demand had dropped and the leasing program was needed to shore up sales/revenue. I think it was in a quarterly announcement that Elon...
  2. Ty_McMahan

    Blog Will Tesla Be Different When the 'Fleet Wakes Up?'

    Speaking at Tesla’s recent Autonomy Day, a showcase of the company’s self-driving technology, Chief Executive Elon Musk seemed to frame the company as a taxi tech enterprise. Musk has been thinking out loud since 2016 about the Tesla Network of autonomous electric vehicles available for service...
  3. lunitiks

    Model 3 will generate cash flow of $10,000 per year at a minimum on an autonomous taxi platform

    Elon Musk retweeted: Fire away...
  4. wnorris

    Tesla Network (early release)

    I have been thinking more and more about an early release of the Tesla Network to human drivers rather than wait on an FSD release. I am throwing this out there to get thoughts as I am surely missing some key risks/downsides in this. Differentiating elements from Uber/Lyft and baseline...
  5. G

    Tesla vs. Uber vs. Lyft

    I wrote an article explaining the challenges ahead for Lyft and Uber as Tesla gears up for full autonomy. Would love to hear your thoughts! Lyft, Tesla, Uber, and the Two Newspaper Town
  6. M

    What do you think about Tesla's future ride sharing program ?

    Would you actually let completely random people to get into your Tesla ?
  7. strangecosmos

    ARK Invest: $40,000 in net cash flow per fully autonomous Model 3

    ARK Invest analyst Tasha Keeney estimates $40,000 in net cash flow per fully autonomous Model 3 deployed on the Tesla Network. That’s over 5 years and 500,000 miles, and a price of $1 per mile (lower than Uber or Lyft). Source: Tesla’s Autonomous Opportunity is Severely Underappreciated