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tesla roof

  1. D

    How to resolve the issues with Tesla Energy?

    I had Tesla roof installed in April of 2021. It took almost a month to get it done. In the process, they managed to do several damages to my home. It included scratch hardwood floors, leaking at two spots, left nails on my driveway and punched my car tire and a few more. There were also several...
  2. J

    Anyone have Tesla roof/Powerwall technical details?

    HI, I am interested in the Tesla roof since my roof + solar installer is having issues committing to a date; and it looks like the Tesla V3 roof might actually be cheaper than the cement/composite roof with 9.2 Kw of Panasonic panels Solar Edge optimizers and inverter. However, I am also...
  3. P

    Speculation: Why No Solid Roof Spotted on RC's - Glass Roof is Also Solid Roof via Solar Sunshade

    Speculation - The glass roof... is the solid roof! Just throw a "solar sunshade" under it. Remember how Model X owners were given deploy-able sunshades? https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/modelx_sunshade_installation.pdf Tesla could combine a sunshade with the same thin solar...
  4. Ulmo

    TMC reorganization (TE, TR, TS, PW)

    Moderators, This happened: Are you sure it's off topic? We should ask the moderator. Well, I guess that went fast, since that's you. --- So, I see there is a TM MS, MX, M3 and Roadster forum. Now, we should think about a TE PW, Roofing and Retro forums. That way, those topics don't get...