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  1. M

    Tesla S P85D 2015- BMS_F036

    Hi Members, I was getting BMS_F036 error. Is there anyway I can figure out witch loop is open rather than disconnecting & reconnecting every loop.
  2. T

    Handle problem, hard to diagnose

    Hello, I am looking for help with the problem with the door handle in Model S, facelift from 2017. While the problem seems to be quite common and easily repairable, in my case since April, both the Tesla service in Berlin and locally in Poland, I have not been able to solve it. Passenger side...
  3. Unlimitedpower

    Starting a phone call takes too long

    Model S refresh end 2016 model Phone: OnePlus 6T Problem: when i try to initiate a phone call through my car with my phone being connected but sitting in my pocket. It takes like 5 to 20 seconds before it actually starts the call, i have not found this issue here or anywhere online. I have...
  4. P

    Previous owner search

    Hey all! Some time ago I bought a salvage Tesla S 100D, 2019 grey, with aTm letters next to registration (prob stands for A&M university). Due to insurance company policy no previous owner information can be obtained from them. Basically I am looking for previous owner to transfer ownership...
  5. J

    New in Box! 20” Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec For 2021+ Tesla S

    New in Box! The infamous TE37’s for a Tesla S/Plaid 2021+ in 20" Wheel! A limited production run wheel runs annually ONCE and will take you 9-12 months to get a brand new pair! 20” Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec for Model S (2021+ Model S /Plaid) Front 20 x 10 +30 (Face 3 Concave) Rear 20 x...
  6. E

    2016 S90D Computer OFF!!!!!!

    All I have a 2016 Tesla 90S (post refresh) and I have a very strange problem with the Computer..randomly and most likely when the car isn't driven for a few days..My car COMPLETLY turns off....meaning all the displays are off and nothing on either dashboard or Multimedia display..after I get in...
  7. M

    Looking for many parts for Tesla S 2014 85d

    Hey. Need a lot of parts. Steering wheel and knee airbags, passenger front door (with glass) and passenger fender, front bumper, bumper brackets, middle radiator, all that plastic where front bumper is, headlights, charger
  8. D

    Tesla Model S 2018 dakbekleding

    Beste leden, Erg blij met onze Tesla Model S 2018. Alleen vinden wij het jammer dat de interieur dakbekleding beige is ipv zwart. Zijn er mogelijkheden om dat zelf te vervangen of bij de Tesla service laten vervangen? Heb contact proberen te nemen met Tesla alleen zijn ze erg moeilijk te...
  9. J

    2018 Model S 100d uncorked

    Pali I have a amazing condition Model S 100d Midnight silver with every option possible except for FSD, instead I purchased the Enchanced Auto Pilot for $5,000. It has smart suspension, premium stereo, black prem leather, carbon fiber, 21 inch rims with BRAND NEW as of 3 weeks ago Continetial...
  10. K

    Gloss Black Tesla Model S 19x8 wheels

    Set of 4 19x8 Tesla OEM Gloss Black wheels. No chips or bends, some slight scuffing on one wheel edge. Sorry for the brake dust on the wheels in the pictures. Don`t have center caps or TPMS. Asking 700 In Rockland County NY
  11. M

    Tesla S 75D import to NZ from UK

    I'm trying to work out what problems I might face once the vehicle has arrived in NZ getting the electronics working properly in a new country. I'm importing it for my business so GST isn't a worry. Tesla themselves indicate that they will not help in any way when I contacted them by email...
  12. Targe

    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    At Targe Industries, we focus on helping Tesla car owners protect their investment. Living in the SF Bay Area, many of you have reported on these forums the epidemic of smash n grab Tesla break-ins, a trend that has spread to the rest of the country. Thieves break the small side “wing” window...
  13. A

    New model S in Australia, is it Raven

    Hi, thinking of ordering of Tesla S in Australia, was told by AU sales person it 100% the same as tesla S 2019 they have as demos and it is not tesla S Raven update. Tbey told me tesla S raven is for US and AU customers will get pre Raven model for all 2020, is it tru? Can someone who ordered S...
  14. S

    Tesla S Snow Tires for Sale

    Set of Blizzak LM-32 245/45 × 19 for sale. Used less than 1 season, about 2,000 miles. Like new. Barely worn. Traded our S 75D for a Model 3, so no further use for these Blizzaks. $500. Contact me at [email protected]. (Boulder CO)
  15. D

    Tesla S Parcel Shelf

    Check out our new Tesla Model S parcel shelf. Price for leatherette and carbon film - 350$. Alcantara and leather - 480$ It could be a picture or anything else in hollow. Американські тачки on Instagram: “Please welcome a brand new Tesla S parcel shelf. . Carbon film makes solid look, such...
  16. R

    21" Silver Arachnid Wheels

    New set of referral Silver Arachnid wheels (complete set of 4 with caps, Gen 2 TPMS, etc). I'm located in Los Angeles, so I'm hoping I can meet the buyer here. $3,300 Specification • 21″ Arachnid Wheel • Size: 21 X 8.5″ front, 21 X 9.0″ rear. • Offset: +40 front, +40 rear • PCD: 5X120 •...
  17. N

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D RED with Maintenance Plan

    I am the original owner of my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. I am moving out of the country, so have to sell my darling. From a no-kids, no-pets household. 4-year, 50k mile warranty by Tesla Also purchased 4-year Maintenance Plan (2 more free annual services left) by Tesla 24,969 miles Dual motor...
  18. R

    **TESLA S 75 late 2016** - $59900 (Los Altos/Mountain View/Palo Alto)

    Immaculate Tesla S 75 late 2016, 2017 model, white colour. Free supercharging comes with the VIN. Excellent conditions, like new inside and outside as picture attached, clean carfax, no smoking inside, garage kept, one owner. Options include all glass panoramic roof, tan next generation leather...
  19. G

    Dynamic EV Charging is coming – are you in? What do you think?

    Hi everyone, I am conducting a study on the impact of EVs charging on the electricity network, and I have a question on Dynamic EV Charging. Dynamic Charging learns how and when you drive and ensures your car is ready to go when you need it for your daily commute, by smoothing out the peaks in...
  20. G

    Dynamic EV Charging is coming – are you in? What do you think?

    Hi everyone, I am conducting a study on the impact of EVs charging on the electricity network, and I have a question on Dynamic EV Charging. Dynamic Charging learns how and when you drive and ensures your car is ready to go when you need it for your daily commute, by smoothing out the peaks in...
  21. S

    Model S Smart Air Suspension Problem

    Hi all, I've had a Model S for just over a little over 1 year now and while I love it, I've been reporting a consistent problem with it for almost the same amount of time and I'm getting nowhere. The car grounds when in Standard mode when I reverse down the drive. I've set up various auto...
  22. P

    WTB 2014 or newer Tesla

    So I am looking to buy a Tesla . I want one that is at least 2014 with autopilot and probably 85 or higher for the extra range. My budget is around $50k for a Model S or $60k for a Model X. I am looking to pay that amount in cash and the rest in digital advertising services and consulting...
  23. R

    2012 Blue Model S 85kw for sale.

    Navy metallic blue Tan leather interior Still under warranty Tech package and sound studio package Panoramic roof for welcome extra headroom Paint armor 31,000 miles and newer tires Super charger ready Garage kept, one owner, and very good condition Can be readily shipped anywhere MSRP was...
  24. ibeugene

    Is Tesla S 85D for $78 a good deal?

    i found a Tesla 85D for $78k with panarama roof, air suspension, autopilot. It has 8k miles. I am trying to get one for arround 70k. Any thoughts?
  25. H

    Green Car of the Year 2014 - includes no Electric Cars

    Found this on the World Car Fans website. Green Car Journal has revealed the five finalists which will battle for the 2014 Green Car of the Year title. The list is far from being what you would normally expect as it doesn't include any electric cars, although the Tesla Model S and BMW i3...
  26. Robecology

    Night-time driving; Dash too bright, even at 0% setting.

    Dashboard brightness; Anyone notice "0%" is still too bright? I notice when I'm driving at night, and I set my dashboard lights to 0% brightness, that they're still quite bright. Anyone else notice this? Elon/techies; is there a solution/adjustment I can make to get a true 0% brightness on...