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tesla semi

  1. XcelerateAuto

    Hello beautiful!

    We recently visited the new Terra Factory site and captured this gem! Can't wait to watch CTs and Semis leaving this factory!
  2. tpedwards

    SuperCharger V3, MegaWatt Cabinet, MegaCharger and Tesla Semi

    Has anyone else drawn a connection between the new MegaWatt cabinet that was announced with V3 and the future charging station for the Tesla Semi? Here's my thought... SuperCharger V3 stations are serviced by a new megaWatt cabinet. 4 stalls per cabinet, each stall up to 250 kW. I have seen...
  3. Sprandt23

    Tesla Semi in print advertisement

    For some reason we get this Logistics magazine at my office, and when I flipped the current one open....
  4. S

    Tesla Semi at San Luis Obisbo Madonna Supercharger

    Saw this article this morning in Teslarati. I am in love with this Semi. Some photos included and a great video at the bottom of the page...or watch it below. Tesla Semi's temporary 'Megacharger' system glimpsed in Madonna Inn sighting
  5. S

    Update on the Nikola lawsuit against Tesla semi

    I thought we had a thread on this but a search didn't turn one up and thought it deserved one. I don't normally read Seeking Alpha but saw this in Google's finance news regarding Telsa and wanted to update people about the patent status for Tesla on the semi's design. According to the article...
  6. B

    Tesla Semi - Jerome Guillan back to head it!

    Looks like Jerome is back to head Tesla Semi! It's great to have you back at Tesla Jerome! Tesla tapped former Model S Program Director and Daimler’s Cascadia GM to lead ‘Tesla Semi’ -EDIT - I found the chatter over at the 'Thank You Jerome' thread about this. I'm a bit behind the times as...