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tesla service

  1. R

    Battery faulted after sitting in Tesla Service for 5 months - still in service

    I have a 2013 Model S that I took into Tesla Santa Monica November 29th, 2021 for a recall and because the AC wasn't working. When it was returned to my property, I got in and it wouldn't start. I took it to Tesla Burbank where they diagnosed the problem as related to the ACDC converter. They...
  2. L

    MCU2 yellow edges and faded maps

    Just took delivery of a MS 100D from Tesla. It has just over 20K miles and looks fabulous. I sold my M3 the same day. Both cars made in May of 2018. The MS has the newer MCU. When I pointed out the yellow halo on the MCU, the Tesla CSR said that the yellow did not interfere with the operation...
  3. L

    Autopilot features unavailable, car in shop

    hey everyone, my brand new model 3 was delivered at the end of June. First thing when I got into the car I noticed the notification in the photo attached. Didn’t think much of it and took the car off the lot. Well, as I kept driving my new vehicle I noticed that this alert would alert me almost...
  4. GedMelbAU

    Replacing Tyres on Model 3 - Tesla versus Tyre store

    My M3LR has done 30k. I had the car in at the Tesla Service centre for a tyre rotation and they are saying it should get tyres replaced. Front Tyres are at ~3mm tread and rear tyres are at just shy of 4mm. They are quoting $2059.87 to replace all 4 tyres including the wheel alignment. The tyres...
  5. A

    Tesla Service damaged my car door shell

    Hi all, I took my 2021 Model 3 (4months old) to Tesla Service last week due to water leak and wind noise issues and at the end of a day I received a call from SC saying they damaged my car when they were pulling into the shop and made a huge dent in the passenger door shell. And they promised...
  6. Vawlkus

    Tips for submitting tickets via the Tesla App

    Was talking with my Ranger a while ago, and asked him about filling out tickets for Tesla service. Thought I’d share what came up here, and see if anyone else had anything to add. I’ll try to keep this first post updated as people add to this. - One item at a time, with a line between issues...
  7. B

    Statistical data for the graduation project.

    Good afternoon, my name is Andrey, I am from Russia. I am studying at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) with a degree in "Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes". This year I am writing my graduation project. It is a...
  8. W

    Could onsite service get any worse?

    The word appointment needs to be removed from the verbiage here because its not an appointment at least not in Maitland. Its place holder for anywhere from 2-5 days before they can get to your car and for that all you get is stupid vouchers while they hold your car hostage sitting in a lot. The...
  9. DDotJ

    Tesla Service Center - Irvine

    I was browsing the Irvine permit portal and came across a new permit that mentions Tesla as the tenant. I thought it might be a Supercharger at first but upon closer inspection it looks like it might be a Service Center. The address is 2801 & 2803 Barranca Parkway, Irvine CA which is across the...
  10. P

    Made a little video about our Tesla Service Center Experience

    Made a little video about our Tesla Service Center Experience! SO THANKFUL FOR TWO THINGS SPECIFICALLY: (1) Tesla roadside assistance (2) Sentry mode / dash cam Overally it was a great experience. Did you know Tesla will tow up to 50 miles for free? We were in and out of the service center...
  11. G

    Tesla 'Services and Other' Revenue Line Item

    Does anyone on here know what Tesla's 'services and other' line item includes? Obviously revenues from service centre appointments are included, but how about things like supercharging payments? Is there anything else I'm missing that would be included in the line item?
  12. X-Care EV

    Vendor X-Care EV Extended Warranty - The "Why" to our "What".

    Our team at Xcelerate think it's very important that everyone understands why we created X-Care and motivates us to continue providing this service to the community. We have been working directly with Tesla since 2014, as a 3rd party lessor for commercial clients, and our staff has either been...
  13. X-Care EV

    Vendor Extended Warranty for Model 3

    We have been receiving A LOT of people purchasing our 10 year and 125,000 mile warranty for their Model 3's. Although we do not have a ton of data with Model 3 about some of the component failures, it might be beneficial to show what we are seeing with Model S and Model X. Here are just some of...
  14. X-Care EV

    Vendor X-Care Extended Service Agreement - What is included?

    We want to give a loud shout out to EVANNEX for the amazing article that was published yesterday. We are happy to see that other major players in the Tesla world agree and understand why a product like X-Care is important in the overall adoption of Electric Vehicles. We appreciate the support...
  15. E

    X-Care Extended Warranty for Model 3

    Xcelerate brings extended vehicle warranties into the electric age I just purchased an 8 year extended warranty on my Performance Model 3. I know of the person who helped start it and been reading a lot of positive things online about it. Anyone else have personal experience? I have read some...
  16. Tesomega

    Tesla Service Removed my ODBLink Adapter and say its not with them..

    Went to service to replace a windshield problem, Had my ODBLink Adapter in the car connected to the data cable (under the touch screen). Service Center had removed the ODBLink Adapter but kept the cable which connects to data port and claim that they don't have any record of having ODBLink...
  17. N

    Model 3 Long Range AWD Broke Down After 250 Miles

    So, I took delivery of my model 3 AWD on Friday. Delivery went smooth, my car didn’t come with the phone charging cables but these would be shipped to my home. I drove my car around that day and showed it to my family and friends. The car was exceptional, But each time I parked the car for a...
  18. JimVandegriff

    Unusual problems - Mobile service fixed them

    I had two unusual problems with my 2016 X. The first dealt with a glitchy driver's side mirror, and the second was focused on the charge port lights. Here is the story - about two weeks ago I noticed that when I opened the driver's side door to get into the car, the driver's side mirror...
  19. MrBoylan

    Solicitation for Opinions on Tesla Service and Recent Pricing Changes

    Hey, folks, I'm a long time member and occasional contributor to the forums, I also write for CleanTechnica about Tesla and other clean power issues. Here's a link to some of my work on CleanTechnica: Chris Boylan, Author at CleanTechnica At the moment, I'm working on a couple of articles...
  20. T

    Amazing Service!!

    I picked up my P100D from service yesterday (Trade Place Ct in San Diego) and arrived after hours. Although some website said they closed at 7:00pm, they really closed at 6:00pm already. Everything was dark and quite. I carefully knocked at the door and rang their doorbell. And what do you know...
  21. fallen888

    Tesla Service Centers - Philly area

    I've been dealing with the service center in Devon, PA and have been pretty frustrated with their ability to deliver on promises of resolving issues. I'm considering driving a bit more out of my way in hopes of getting better results from another service center. Two other centers "relatively"...
  22. GoGoGadget

    Does anyone have access to Tesla EPC or DIY Service site?

    It appears Tesla is offering access to customers in Massachusetts. Does anyone on the forum have access? If so, what is included? Part numbers, Part Diagrams, Part Prices, etc.? Is it worth the subscription cost? Tesla DIY Service Link: Welcome | Tesla Service Tesla EPC Link...
  23. B

    Charge port door needs replacing - contact Tesla service

    Anyone ever get this alarm? I am now charging the car and the port seems to be working fine!
  24. hollywood

    The decline of Tesla service

    I understand the car is amazing. but it costs a fortune, and when spending that kind of cash, you expect a certain level of service. I understand that sales are up, they are getting busy. but when customer service is being sacrificed, someone has to call them out. I was told late October...
  25. Miuaiga

    Malfunctioning Pano Roof

    I attempted to open it. It did so while making an unexpected metal against metal sound just above my head on the driver's side. I was able to close it, but now when I try to open it, it goes back about four inches and stops. Air screen does not come up on the driver's side, and I am getting...
  26. dsm363

    Real World Experiences with Tesla

    Will all of the intense discussion about Tesla's service pricing for the Model S, a few of us thought sharing our experiences with Tesla service might help provide some perspective and explain why most Roadster owners seem a little less upset about the pricing. I'm not saying it isn't expensive...

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