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tesla solar panels

  1. F

    Could Tesla solar panels connections to grid and house have been mixed up?

    I had Tesla solar panels installed at my house. After city inspection Tesla technician turned the solar switch on because I had solar permit for an earlier system that is running. He said it is ok. In the tesla energy app I am noticing the numbers and graphs don’t make sense. The grid graph...
  2. S

    Pest abatement for Tesla solar panels in the Las Vegas area

    Recently had Tesla Solar panels installed and looking to get pest abatement installed. I‘ve only reached out to a couple local companies but most of them appear to just screw on the wire mesh to the outside of the skirt/trim. I did notice some folks in other states had Tesla install the pest...
  3. Navak

    need help with system design review (9.6kW Solar + Powerwall)

    Hi folks. Just placed my order this morning for 9.6kw system with single Powerwall and here I got the layout design ready for review. Before accept it I would like to get your feedback on the placement. (note: big tree in the front yard is no longer there) Thanks!
  4. lchen6

    Solar Panel Installation/ CA HOA Approval Form?

    Hey all, (new to solar here) The solar panel designed just got sent to us in Tesla.com portal and since we belong to a HOA (small informal HOA, 3 units total), I was wondering if there's an "official form" to get the HOA signed and approved for? or Tesla will send me something from their end...
  5. S

    Anyone else have major issues with Tesla Energy? (Re-roofing after install)

    So, I’ll try to keep this brief, but I’m hoping someone else has been through this and has a recommendation... Facts: I’m located in CA and had Tesla install a ~4.3kw system 3.5yrs ago. I was my own advisor as I worked for the company at that time. We are now facing the reality that we need to...
  6. boaterva

    Tesla Solar Panel Options

    We are so used to all the options being spelled out for the car, it seems it’s not the case for the Tesla Energy side of the house. I’m working on a panel install contract with TE (14.8 kW, 47 315W panels (the black ones)) and I keep finding out about ‘interesting things’. I thought I’d list a...
  7. Ulmo

    TMC reorganization (TE, TR, TS, PW)

    Moderators, This happened: Are you sure it's off topic? We should ask the moderator. Well, I guess that went fast, since that's you. --- So, I see there is a TM MS, MX, M3 and Roadster forum. Now, we should think about a TE PW, Roofing and Retro forums. That way, those topics don't get...