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tesla solar

  1. danny

    Tesla officially launches Charge On Solar

  2. S

    Model Y Home charging using Wall connector + Tesla Solar Panel + Power wall combo

    I have recently got Tesla MY and had wall connector installed from old Main panel. Tesla moved all the controls to new panel and kept the old one as backup relay when they installed solar + powerwall. I already have Tesla solar panel + 1 power wall. But unfortunately Tesla guys did not add any...
  3. T

    Have few questions on Design phase

    hi All, I put deposit on 02/15 for Tesla Solar panels with size 5.6kW. Its still in design phase but its pain (2x back) where they cannot put all panels on my south facing roof. Their reasons is they need to wrap 3 feets surrounding all panels top, bottom, left and right. Is this rule legit? I...
  4. danny

    Tesla Opening Charging Connector to World | TMC Podcast #26

    We cover Tesla opening up their charging connector to the world, Tesla scaling back on solar, FSD V11 going out to Tesla employees, and more. Topics- 0:00 Intro 2:47 Tesla opens up their connector standard 26:10 Tesla scales back on solar 49:50 California power companies and solar 55:32...
  5. M

    Wow, the grilling needed to get SolarEdge monitoring access...

    Finally, after months since install and over a year since I first reached out to get solar... got PTO yesterday... I asked for SolarEdge monitoring access, and it seems like the grilling is insane.. Would be easier to have a web request form than this: My response to those two questions...
  6. F

    19.04kW system has been ordered In Orlando Area

    I am hoping to cover my electric bill 100% with this system. I hope I don't get any extra surprise bills like some people have said they have gotten. I am paying cash for the system and don't want to finance any surprises. Hoping all goes smoothly. Wish me luck.
  7. S

    Adding Solar Panels to Upcoming House Purchase

    Multi part question here. I’m purchasing a home and will close in 45 days. Since we are dropping a lot of money on the down payment, is it possible to roll the cost to install solar into the mortgage? I am not sure how that would work because we would need the mortgage to start before we got...
  8. TheRedPill

    Going for it - new Solar Roof install scheduled

    Hello All, Just wanted to chime in here to say that I've pulled the trigger - going for a complete system: Solar Roof plus qty 2 Powerwall 2's. Installation is happening this week!
  9. AssortedBread

    Tesla's "solar roof" Event - Hosted at Universal Studios

    Tesla’s ‘solar roof’ event will be live-streamed from Universal Studios on Friday, more hints from the invite Thoughts about the upcoming event on Oct. 28th? Hoping for quick discharge abilities for the new Powerpack 2.0 so that you can get a days worth of miles in 10-15 minutes.