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tesla umc

  1. A

    Off Grid Solar Charging - MYP won't charge using UMC?

    Hello all. I am stumped on what to do next with my solar system and getting it to charge my MYP. I have a 12V 300Ah Li Battery being charged by 2kW of solar, and 12V to 240V single phase Pure sinewave inverter. I'm running the Inverter through a transformer to create a split rail 120V-N-120V...
  2. A

    Charging using 32amp CEE and mobile charger

    It looks like if I purchase the CEE blue adapter, my mobile charger which came with my MYLR, would go from the rather pitiful 1kW to 2kW charging rate up to 7.4kW, by using a 32amp https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/blue-adapter---16a_32a- The question I have been unable to get answered is...
  3. C

    FS: Tesla UMC +adapters, Roof Rack, Martian wheels, other stuff [PIC HEAVY]

    I had to trade in the Model Y for a bigger car due to a growing family. As such, I will be selling these accessories as listed below: I am selling/shipping out of North Jersey. Tesla UMC + Adapters (5-15, 5-20, 10-30, 14-50): $275 shipped Martian Wheels MW03 (Gunmetal) - 20"x8.5" with...
  4. MrBoylan

    Problem charging at 110V on Tesla UMC (Red T)

    Came up to my parents' cabin with my Model 3 (first road trip!). I was hoping to charge the car using a standard 110V outlet and the Tesla provided UMC (universal mobile charger). When I plug in the UMC, the TESLA letters light up green, but when i plug the UMC into the car, I hear some clicking...