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tesla wall connector

  1. K

    Tesla App Misidentifying Car Charging as Home Usage

    Problem: Car charging frequently "drops out" of the app, resulting in a corresponding spike in home usage. This will happen fairly consistently during scheduled charging sessions, where the first hour or two of charging shows correctly, and then the latter part of the charge session showing as...
  2. J

    Wall Connector Gen 3: Weird light status

    I noticed my idle Tesla Wall Connector had an odd light status: 5 green lights solid instead of just the first one. Nothing in the manual light table addresses this. I switched the breaker on and off and it returned to normal and appears to charge normally. I logged and there were no alerts...
  3. lencap

    Will the J1772 Tesla Wall Charger charge both my 2023 Model Y and my wife's 2021 BMW 330e J1772 equipped car?

    Greetings! Over the last few days my 2014 manufactured Clipper Creek (CC) HCS-40 AMP wall mounted EVSE began malfunctioning. I've used that EVSE to charge a Nissan Leaf, 2 BMW i3s, a 2018 Tesla Model 3, and a 2023 BOLT EUV in the past without incident. I now own a 2023 Model Y AWD (4680...
  4. M

    Met Wall Connector (Gen II) ander merken opladen

    Dag iedereen, We gaan binnenkort verhuizen, en gaan in onze nieuwe woonst "slimme" laadstations installeren die de auto opladen wanneer de zon schijnt of wanneer het tarief lager is enzovoort. We overwegen daarom onze oude Tesla Wall Connector te laten hangen in het oude huis, maar: kan je daar...
  5. H

    Charging Sessions and Charging Voltage

    The number of charging sessions for an EV's battery pack, regardless of your SoC and routine charging limit, have affect on battery life. Can we discuss this issue in light of Tesla recommendations to Plug in to a TWC every night? Why to avoid high powered DC chargers for your routine charging...
  6. R

    Tesla wall charger-Ground issues

    Picking up my Tesla on Wednesday and noticed the below error when checking the wall charger website *High ground resistance detected, charging disabled* From 8/3/2022, 8:09:10 PM However I have all green lights on the charger itself Is this and old fault that just didn’t clear out ? Any way to...
  7. F

    Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3. Europe

    With the gen. 3 WC out in the USA for 14/15 months now...in Europe (the Netherlands for me) we still have to wait. I know my question is difficult to answer but maybe someone has a clue? When is it coming out in Europe? I have a model 3 and everything is ready for the wall connector in my new...
  8. L

    Where to Buy Supercharger Sign?

    Hello, I have completed my "home charging station" with a beautiful Tesla Wall Connector and a 32A CEE Blue plug. I would like to find a sign similar or original like the ones you find at Tesla Superchargers. Here are some pictures. I would like to buy one of these and put it over my Wall...
  9. L

    Want a USED Tesla Wall Connector With 8.5 ft Cable

    I truly don't need the Tesla Wall Connector itself. What I want is the 8.5 ft cable that comes with it. So if the wall connector apparatus is in bad shape, as long as the 8.5 ft cable is in good shape, I would be interested to buy it from you. Len Jacobson
  10. Tracylee1994


    i have two brand new silver tesla wall connectors 500 a piece google pay apple pay venmo have sold on here before =]
  11. S

    Limited Edition Black Elon Signature Wall Connector (HPWC)Charger

    This Generation 2 (latest generation) high capacity (80Amp maximum) wall charger with 24 foot cable just arrived today. It was a prize for referring new Model S/X buyers. We already have a Gen 1 version of this at our home so I'm selling this one. • Located in Palo Alto California (San...
  12. CoastalCruiser

    Tesla Model 3 Home Charging Guide now available

    Tesla Model 3 Home Charging Guide | TeslaTap With the questions about charging a Model 3 ramping nearly as fast as the car itself it seemed that a comprehensive resource that folks could link to might be helpful. This charging guide is Model 3 specific, providing an overview of charging the...
  13. N

    Tesla New Wall Connector

    Hey, I have a situation with the Tesla wall connector. I just had the electrician connect it. One thing that we didn't put on is the base that extends the new generation wall connector. He was able to put it flush against the wall without the extension. It charges the car, but the green light...
  14. Freedom101

    Tesla Wall Connector install and Panel Upgrade

    Hi all, I recently had my panel upgraded and the wall connector installed in BC. I did a video on the process/cost etc. for anyone interested: If you like the video you can subscribe here: Freedom101 I went a bit overkill with a 100amp circuit breaker even though my car can only charge at...
  15. Tracylee1994

    Tesla wall connector with 8.5 ft cable charging system

    Brand new tesla wall connector
  16. cstromme

    Tesla Wall Connector - Any way to attach this to a pole coming out of the ground?

    So we're debating wether or not if we should replace our current wall charger with a Tesla Wall Connector, but if we do I would love it if I could move it away from the house and closer to the parking space itself. But to do so I would need to put something in place that the Wall Connector could...