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teslacam dash cam usb drive

  1. S

    Recover Deleted Files from TESLACAM usb stick

    I parked my Y next to a grey/silver, dark window tinged Suburban at a park to walk my dog. Evidently, my iPhone fell out of my pocket into the car or I left it in the vehicle which kept it unlocked. After returning, I discovered my iPhone missing and my car was locked The Suburban was also...
  2. T

    Best way to send a dashcam video?

    While watching "Wham Bam Teslacam" on YouTube, I notice that they often speak about "giving the Teslacam footage to...." law enforcement, the other drivers, etc. But the way it is said, it sounds like they do so immediately. I realize one could show the video footage on the screen instantly...
  3. T

    Tesla Cam USB/SD Help

    I have a Model Y that I picked up in July and WOW do I love it! I have had a little bit of problem getting the SD Card sorted out. I purchased a 128GB SanDisk Extreme micro SDXC UHS-I Memory card on Amazon and formatted it to FAT using my macbook. It works when I plug it in with my USB-A...
  4. plasmo

    Sentry mode and Dashcam 1kb files in Model S

    On my 128gb USB drive, I am getting only 1kb files (non-playable of course) in the TeslaCam/RecentClips and SavedClips folders. The Timestamp filenames are correct, but all of the files are 1kb in size, and have no video footage on my Model S. This USB drive was tested on my Model 3, and the...
  5. V

    Teslacam does not turn off when parking overnight?

    Hey so while using teslacam, and parking my car in my garage overnight it does not seem to turn off? I now have to manually hold the cam button till the red light disappears every time while parking at home. Anyone else run into this issue? Otherwise the Teslacam records all night it seems...
  6. V

    Teslacam Right-repeater cam not recording and is extra pixelated -sentry mode

    Hi, Just started using sentry mode, and am finding while parked/sentry mode enabled the right repeater cam does not always record(0 bites on flash). When it does it usually has green on the bottom half or is very pixelated. Does anyone else run into that issue and able to fix it? When...
  7. mrfra62

    Kwaliteit TeslaCam

    Sinds enige tijd neemt de TeslaCam niet alleen frontcam op maar ook via de camera's onder de repeaters. En sinds de laatste update is sentry mode ook mogelijk. Deze vraag betreft de kwaliteit van de beelden van de TeslaCam. Tijdens rijden : Opnames van de frontcam tijdens rijden zijn goed. Maar...
  8. G

    TeslaCam problems

    I can't seem to get my TeslaCam to work. I can't seem to format my flash drive to FAT32 in my iMac. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  9. jrmnet

    Teslacam - dash cam with a usb drive that has wifi capabilities

    Has anyone with v9 tried a usb drive with built in wifi, something like this? https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Connect-Wireless-Stick-Flash/dp/B00ZCFYT5K This way, when you get home and connect to wifi, you could backup the drive over wifi without ever needing to pull the drive. On the home...