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  1. Colorado Y

    Can't log in at tesla.com

    Is anybody else having trouble logging into tesla.com? I enter my credentials and, after it thinks for a while, it says "That page isn't working right now, www.tesla.com redirected you too many times." I get this on Chrome and on Edge on my Windows laptop. Clearing cookies/etc doesn't help...
  2. J

    Trying to claim ownership on Tesla website, but keeps saying “unable to process, try again later”

    So I bought a used 2017 Tesla Model S 90D from Vroom, and am trying to claim ownership on Tesla.com. I attach the Bill of Sale, and photos of my driver’s license. And everytime it says “unable to process, please try again later.” It’s been like this for the past 2 days. I also need to schedule...
  3. X

    Tesla API Security

    Hey folks! Long time reader, first time poster. My company, Raxis, just put together a video that showcases an attack against the Tesla API and tells you what you can do to protect yourself. It's features my 2018 Model 3, Aurora. Thought some of you might be interested in checking this out!
  4. S

    Anyone see the moon screen while logging-in to Tesla.com?

    Saw this when I was logging-in today. Tapped my touch screen and it seems to have made it pop-up.
  5. FlyErik

    Tesla.com/shop promotion codes?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen any promotion codes for getting accessories directly from Tesla? I'm planning to grab the Aero Wheel Cap Kit and the Tire Repair Kit but wanted to ask the experts here if I can save a little. Thanks for any advice or help!
  6. Chewy3

    Tesla.com Offline

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! ...some people just want to watch the world burn...