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  1. M

    2022.16.3: should I update?

    So I’ll make this quick (don’t want to come off as impatient, as I know A LOT of people have been waiting in line for FSD). I got my 2022 Model X plaid on June 17th. Didn’t want to enable FSD as I wanted to enjoy the car (with no limits) for a few days. During that time it received a 2022.16.2...
  2. kayrish

    Multiple issues with my 2018 Model 3

    I received my Model 3 in June 2018, as one of the early deliveries in Canada. The car has been bullet proof, only issues I had back with those early cars was a noisy brake clip and axle nut that needed lube. I had to leave my car parked for a prolonged time (~ 4 months but it was moved to be...
  3. M

    TeslaFi causing 540 vehicle server errors?

    Tesla has stated that this error is caused by too many requests to their API/vehicle over a period of time. When I turn off TeslaFi logging the error ceases to occur. Within 24 hours of re-enabling the logging from TeslaFi the error starts to occur in a regular cadence. This did not used to be...
  4. C

    Generate V3 Refresh Token for API Authentication using Python

    There is already a nice little method on here using PHP created by MrTemple. I saw a few comments from people struggling to get it configured so I figured I'd document a simple step-by-step method using Python as an alternative. *NOTE: This guide assumes Python is not already installed and...
  5. MrTemple

    Generate V3 Refresh Token for API Authentication

    Tesla has changed how they do authentication (referred to now as v3). Every app and site that uses the API has to be updated. And if you don't want to give apps/sites your Tesla.com credentials (which you shouldn't, no matter how much you trust them, because they can always be hacked with a...
  6. n.one.one

    TeslaFi Stats - Is this consolidation a clue?

    As shown in the screenshot below there seems to be a consolidation of the vast majority of Tesla's on version 2020.48.12.1. Once all of the pending installs are done it will represent 97% of the fleet that TeslaFi tracks. I've never seen that high a percentage for a particular firmware version...
  7. Sphinxhunter

    TeslaFi questions

    Moderator comment - for referral requests, please use TeslaFi Referral request thread Is TeslaFi worth $50 a year? Does tesla not have something similar and is it really needed?
  8. Palros

    Teslafi missing trips

    Anybody else recently had an issue where teslafi has stopped recording journeys? I did 2 trips yesterday both over an hour (around 70miles) neather have showed up on teslafi. It recorded my trips last week without issue and I have changed nothing. It sometimes misses short trips, but if it...
  9. Seth2020

    TeslaFi Sleep Setting

    The TeslaFi sleep settings did not initially make sense to me. When I finally puzzled them out, this is how I was able to explain it. Hopefully this explanation also helps others who may be confused: While in Idle... ...will poll vehicle 1/min (the Polling Time While Idle value) [polling...
  10. AndrewGR

    Teslafi Vampire Drain

    I had Teslafi set up with default settings but no polling between 2400 and 0500. I fully charged my M3 before driving to Birmingham airport leaving it with a respectable 210 miles range showing - I thought easily enough to get me home after some ‘vampire drain’ over my 8 days parking. As...
  11. DucaTinus

    M3: Strange sleeping behavior when parked at home

    Hi Some of us European model 3 owners see some strange sleeping behaviors that we con not explain.. When parking on route on or favorite and taged locations the cars goes to sleep after 12m-15m When parked at home it takes the car always 2:05h -2:07h to get to sleep. Meanwile it spoils energy...
  12. S

    How long is too long to leave heat running while charging?

    I live in Canada where average morning temps will be - 30 for about a month soon. Started using Teslafi, cool program, I can set my car to start heating up at 6:30, it uses a bit of battery and by 7:15 (in - 5, haven't tested - 30 yet) the car is warm and fully charged. Does anyone know how...
  13. C

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    Morning, Anyone able to share their referral? Had the car a few days which is a shame as I forgot all about Teslafi and would have liked to track from the start. Cheers in advance.
  14. T

    TeslaFi Alive and Supported?

    Are the TeslaFi people still alive and answering questions? I asked some questions a week or so ago without an answer. I have not signed up for a trial yet, but I hope that doesn't keep them from replying.
  15. LukeT

    Teslafi tips for new users

    It seems to me that there's a lot of value for a Tesla owner to automate things and set actions. But it requires a third party app or teslafi to do it. Examples immediately obvious to me (I'm new to this) are around charging, eg I have set mine to revert to an 80% charge limit every afternoon...
  16. Robipad

    Teslafi Model 3 - asleep vs offline

    Presently (9 august 2019) my tests with Model 3 (from 28 feb. 2019) show that when parking, the car can go "offline" or rather when letting Teslafi doïng an effort to get the car "asleep" it might several times not falł "asleep" but go "offline" instead. Once it is "asleep" or "offline" you can...
  17. K

    TeslaFi or Not? That is the Question

    My wife and I are getting a new AWD Model 3 next Tuesday in KC. Last the real question I have is “Should I get TelsaFi?” It’s my wife’s car and family car for driving. She’s not real tech savvy, but she can do some things. Is the service worth it? What does it do beyond the Tesla app? Thanks for...
  18. Dre78

    Model 3 Not Sleeping

    Model 3 parked at airport parking lot for the past 29 hours. Model 3 idled for 45 minutes before sleeping 24 hours. Model 3 woke. Model 3 has been trying to sleep for the last 3 hours, but has not done so. All numbers pulled from TeslaFi; have not opened Tesla app since parking the car. Is...
  19. R

    TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

    I haven't seen any threads or spreadsheets tracking this for Model 3 yet. So here's mine: Please post with "High Range vs. Low Range" checked and included in the screenshot, as above. Is there a spreadsheet that Model S or Model X owners are using that we can use as a template? If you...
  20. D

    Teslafi sleep

    Did anyone have a problem to detect the drive after sleep in teslafi? My short drives are never or rarely detected if the car was in sleep mode before the drive
  21. jombolo

    teslafi vs teslaspy

    I didn't know exactly where to post this, and did some searching but couldn't find a comparison between Teslafi and Teslaspy. if there is something out there, great, please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, i'd like to know which program people perfer and why. Thanks

    TeslaFi Privacy Policy

    Link: TeslaFi.com Privacy Policy As far as I can tell, TeslaFi's privacy policy doesn't mention anything about the data ingested from the vehicle and subsequently stored on TeslaFi servers. Obviously, this data is PII and highly sensitive - where you live, where you work, other places you...
  23. K

    Poor efficiency at high ambient temperatures

    I've collected a small amount of data using teslafi.com and noticed that efficiency tanks as the ambient temperature rises. TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S X Data Logger Temperature Efficiency Temperature Wh/Mile Efficiency % Miles Recorded 60 to 70 F 365.27 87.1 13.79 70 to 80 F...
  24. Jdeck


    A few months back I started playing around with a tracking website for my new Model S and it's turned into quite a hobby for me. I would like to open the site up to other users but I need a few cars to test before opening it everyone. Unfortunately I don't have any friends that own a Model S...