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test drive

  1. E

    how to test for battery health during a test drive.

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while, as i am interested in buying a used Tesla model S, probably a 2013-2014 85kwh model as a replacement for my 1996 BMW 540I. The cost for newer models is unfortunatly too high to consider, and the model 3 is still relaltively new...
  2. @

    Test Drive Model Y or 3 near Oneonta NY

    Does anyone have or have access to a Model Y or 3 (preferably a Y) near Oneonta or Albany NY, that my mother could test drive? She wants to get one, but wants to test drive, and the closest showroom is over 200 miles from her home. Thank You.
  3. Tslgrl

    Model Y test-drive experience (not a current Tesla owner)

    Considering buying a Model Y and Tesla were kind enough to provide us with an overnight test drive. Some thoughts feelings but some disclosure first: - I am a 'young-ish middle aged' woman (been driving for over 25 years, will leave it at that) - I don't currently own a Tesla - I do own a...
  4. joeyjackson

    Model Y Tail Light/Brake Light Issue?

    I recently test drove a 2021 Model Y, no new headlights or center console however it did have newer features like the metal scroll wheel buttons and the drive in the glovebox. After I got home I was looking at some of the pictures I took from the day and noticed that something seemed off about...
  5. W

    Any MY in Northwest Arkansas Area?

    Curious - my wife’s lease is up soon and we are considering a MY. She’s curious on the interior size given we have 3 kids (5-9yrs old). Would love to meet up, buy you lunch in exchange...
  6. psquare

    Test Drive Model Y - Montreal

    I booked a test drive for wednesday July 29th at the Tesla Montreal location. I'm pretty stoked the only downside is they told me since the demand is high for test drive I only have 20 minutes and it's a "small circuit". I guess we can't go on highways and I need to stay in the small area around...
  7. F

    Helena Montana test sit/drive

    hello everyone, I am seriously considering buying a Tesla model Y. Unfortunately the nearest showroom is in Seattle. Call me old fashioned but I would really like to sit in one before buying. Is there anyone in Helena or the surrounding area who would be kind enough to let me sit in or perhaps...
  8. venezing

    Model Y Test Drive - New England

    Posted this in the regular Model Y forum, but I figured afterwards that posting it here may be more beneficial... I reached out to a Tesla Advisor and asked if there was any Model Y demo cars that were being used for test drives, and come to find out, the Tesla store in Rhode Island have 2...
  9. venezing

    Model Y Test Drive - New England

    I reached out to a Tesla Advisor and asked if there was any Model Y demo cars that were being used for test drives, and come to find out, the Tesla store in Rhode Island have 2 [Performance and AWD]! We're test driving the All Wheel Drive model. Its all contact-less, they clean/sanitize the...
  10. willow_hiller

    Model Y Test Drives in the Mid-Atlantic?

    So it looks like our friends to the West have a few Model Y available for test drives: Tesla Model Y is available for test drives in Carlsbad, CA : teslamotors Has anyone on the East coast heard of Service Centers offering Model Y test drives, yet?
  11. MrG_NY

    Impressed With Customer Support

    So today I went on Tesla's website and was figuring out what my lease payments would be. The chat box was on the right side and says chat now, so I decide to see if Tesla offers extended test drives. The guy I am chatting with tells me yes they do extended test drives if they have enough demo...
  12. M

    Test ride in Midland Michigan?

    Hi, my father is turning 95 next week and I’d love to give him a ride in my M3P but it’s in California. He seems super-fascinated with Teslas since I got one. Is there anyone in the Midland Mi or Tri-Cities area that would be willing to take him and me for a test ride? Any Tesla would work...
  13. B

    Fan Test Drive

    Hello to all the members. I currently live in London and I am very passioned about technologies. Is it even possible to ask someone for a ride on any Tesla around Toronto or London? I've got a license, or just to look close. Thank you in advance.
  14. J

    Tesla Test-drive Volunteers

    Most people want to test drive a vehicle before purchase. It’s a major investment. The lack of test-drive availability will turn away most non-tesla/EV enthusiast prospects. Tesla should do the following: On their website, allow Tesla owners to register to volunteer to be a “Test-drive...
  15. 2012MS85

    Free 3 Test Rides in the Quad Cities Area

    After waiting 988 days since placing my reservation (before Elon revealed what the 3 was even going to look like), I picked up my MR 3 with EAP on Dec 14 at Westmont. It was flawless in fit and finish, and absolutely amazing to drive in every way. The 3 exceeds my expectations in virtually...
  16. B

    Test drive

    I am interested in ordering a model x but haven’t spent any time in the car. There is not a DesignStudio within 3 hours of me so if I call my closest design studio will they let me drive a demo one for a few days? What’s the proper protocol? Thanks in advance.
  17. A

    Two-day test drive, or renting a Model S/X

    Hello TMC, I am a longtime Tesla fan who has been lurking on these forums for years, maybe even a decade now. I first found out about Tesla through AC Propulsion, long before Elon Musk was CEO and I got to sit in early Roadster and early Model S prototypes when they first showed them in public...
  18. Superskillz

    Organize Model 3 Volunteer Test Drives?

    Many of you may have seen this thread where in the UK Tesla drivers gave over 10,000 test drives to interested people: Tesla owners take over Silverstone to give ‘10,000 test rides’ to showcase electric vehicles. What about creating a simple web site or even two Google forms that allowed (1)...
  19. Bobsil

    Driving a P3D made me feel like Thanos

    I test-drove a red/white P3D at Tesla HQ. The car feels like the inside of a white retro-futuristic Woody Allen spaceship. Small roadster feel, short hood, small racer-sized steering wheel. Just point and go. Gobs of torque, never got close to its acceleration or handling limits Unlike BMW M3...
  20. W

    Tampa store now has a Model 3 available for test drives

    Tampa store now has a Model 3 available for test drives.
  21. K3Man

    Hello From Southern California

    Hello Everyone! Don't own yet but am in the process of buying. Looking seriously at a Model X 100D and have now test driven one and LOVE IT! The wife is taking a bit of convincing but she's softening up on her reluctance of the idea. Was directed here by my neighbor who is an S owner and am...
  22. A

    Any M3 owners in/around Columbus, Oh?

    Hello. This is my first post on this forum after lurking around for a while. I reserved my M3 a few months ago and while I have a large wait ahead of me, it gives me time to decide what options I want to go with. I have seen one in person at the Tesla showroom at Easton, but have not had the...
  23. fasteddie7

    Calling any Pittsburgh model 3 owners

    We are current model s owners and my wife's lease on her Jeep Grand Cherokee is up in 90 days. She isn't sure what to go to, and I so happen to have a model 3 reservation. She isn't like me and will purchase a vehicle sight unseen and she worries about the cargo capacity. Wondering if I could...
  24. YauKwan

    Model 3 Test Drive Opportunity 4/19 Montreal Canada

    I posted this in the Canada section but didnt get too many views. This might be a better placed for it. --- I am bringing my model 3 to be in the Electric Vehicle show in Montreal 4/20-4/22. I encourage people to sign up. Salon Véhicule Électrique Montréal - Canada's First Electric & Hybrid...
  25. S

    Andrew Collins (Jalopnik) drives and reviews Model 3 -- I see his Grin

    OK so the other day Andrew Collins posted a request to anyone with a Model 3 to loan it to him to drive and review their car for Jalopnik and offered the person a lunch for their troubles to anyone who stepped up. Well he got his chance already and posted his video/review thanks to Mason McLead...
  26. Tony_YYZ

    Had an overnight demo of a Model S

    Hi All, I had an overnight demo of a Model S 75D last night. It was my first time driving a Tesla. And I have to say....WOW! The driving dynamic of that car is completely different than anything I've ever driven before. That low center of gravity made it handle like a champ. Acceleration was so...
  27. D

    Escaping from a Jetta TDI to MS60

    Hi All, Long time lurker, and wanted to write up my story so far in case it is an inspiration or help to others. Executive summary, tl;dr: Giving back my diesel to VW and leasing a Tesla. Renting one for the weekend is highly recommended. Get the Autopilot. I bought a first year Jetta TDI...
  28. Tiger

    Test driven Model X 10/2016

    Hi! Here is a summary of my test drive of Model X in 10/2016: What was positive: + space (6 seats) + performance (P90D) + overall handling and comfort Miscellaneous observations: drove two days, 400 miles, measured (actual) range using Trip meter to find out actual range for my typical...
  29. soundanswer

    Thoughts after a weekend with Model X

    My family was treated to a 24 hour test drive on a P90DL Model X this past weekend. I originally wrote this down for myself, but then realized it might be helpful for the community so I’m publishing it here on TMC. It's a bit long, but really it was written as a bit of a journal for myself...
  30. C

    What are the best arguments you've heard NOT to get a Tesla S/X/(3) ?

    I'm not sure if this is the right branch here, but I keep wondering why people are still keep buying premium ICE cars. Do people seriously argue about not being able to drive ~400 miles in one tank on $80k~ cars? Do they really need to take their 650i on rock-chippy road trips? I have a slight...
  31. N

    Proefritten in België

    Dag Iedereen, Ik heb net zoals in deze post vernomen dat proefritten vrijblijvend zijn en toegankelijk voor iedereen. Echter is er recent in een nieuwe post vermeld dat dit recentelijk veranderd is... Ik zou graag duidelijkheid hierover hebben. Ik besloot om zelf proberen contact op te nemen...
  32. S

    Might we briefly test drive your Model S in Madison?

    Hello awesome fellow Tesla owners! In California we own the Roaster and Model S. My niece in Madison, WI is looking for her next vehicle, but the nearest Tesla store is in Chicago. If you live in Madison or plan to stop at the supercharger, might she be able to take yours for a brief test...
  33. W

    Looking for some TMC help to Test Drive MX

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a little help. My wife and I are interested in a Model X and on a recent trip to Boston we setup a test drive. Unfortunately the vehicle we drove was having some issues with the suspension and was pulled from service right after our ride. As a result the ride...
  34. mzairboy

    Model X Test Drive - King of Prussia, PA

    I was looking on the Tesla website a few weeks ago and clicked on the button to Test Drive a Model S. When the options opened up, it actually allowed me to schedule a drive with the Model X. I have driven a friend's roadster, and have rode in a Model S before, but was very unfamiliar with the...
  35. Waverider

    Model X Test Drive Report

    I test drove a Model X 90D today at the Freemont Factory store. I'm a Tesla enthusiast and have been following the ups and downs since before the S was on the road, but have never driven in one. I'll try and include some anecdotes that I learned that I don't think have been answered in the forum...
  36. Railhawk52

    Discrepancy between test drive age online and in Tesla store

    I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this. I signed up for a test drive online where the form stated you have to be 21 years old to test drive. However, when I got to the store, they informed me that I couldn't test drive because I'm not 25 or older. Luckily, I brought my dad along, so I...
  37. N

    Poll: Upset by 'test drive' through Burger King drive through?

    I recently had my car serviced and I periodically checked the status in the app. I noticed that the car was driving into a business not too far from the Service Center; curious to what it could be, I loaded up Maps and found out that it was the drive though at the local Burger King, Would...
  38. J

    Hello Everyone! Testdrive First Impressions...

    Just wanted to write a quick hello, had my P90S testdrive yesterday and all I can say is :eek:! As an avid car enthusiast, I have got to say, I think Tesla really has something here! My fiance and I had a wonderful time with the people at Syosset Tesla. They were very helpful, knowledgeable...
  39. P

    Test Drive/Ride in Utah

    Hi All! First time using the forum, so bear with me if I misstep. I am in Utah (Salt Lake City area) and am interested in seeing a Model S in person. Since I am not able to at the new store is there anyone who would be willing to meet with me to let me see their Model S?
  40. N

    Windsor, ON Test Drive Event Jan 16-18 (b/c Michigan is the King of Luddites)

    Windsor, ON Test Drive Event Jan 16-18 (b/c Michigan is the King of Luddites) I live near Detroit and despite the not-so-progressive approach to selling cars here in Michigan, I was able to attend the afore mentioned test drive even this past weekend and I had an opportunity, correction the...
  41. eciti.com

    Electric Car Guest Drive in San Francisco this Sat Nov 8 11am-5pm

    EV Quorum will be holding an Electric Car Guest Drive event this Saturday in San Francisco from 11am-5pm. The guest roster is full, but if you drive a Tesla or other EV and want to come by to show it off and chat with people interested in driving electric, contact me for location details (use...
  42. 3

    Test Drive Model S

    Hi this is my first post here. Very excited that a test drive has been scheduled for me this Friday but it's restricted to 15 minutes and predetermined route. Is it the same for everyone?
  43. eciti.com

    You can drive my Model S in May in Calif

    Most people think I'm crazy when I tell them I bought my Model S so that other people could drive it. It's true. Tomorrow (Saturday May 3) kicks off the second Electric Car Guest Drive series starting in San Diego and ending in the SF Bay Area at the end of the month. If you're not yet a...
  44. jpwe10

    Great Video of the Model S

    Here is a video of an event I organized back in August promoting electric vehicles in my area. I had one of my friends there take video and put it together into a great film for the Model S. It was an awesome event with almost 40 people there, many of whom are really interested in EVs and...
  45. T

    Tiff Needell gets his first ride in a Model S

    Tiff Needell of BBC's Top Gear and Fifth Gear fame, was in Las Vegas doing a TV show for my producer wife Paige (who by the way was a major volunteer in producing TESLIVE). Tiff is a gracious and lovely person, and definitely loves to joke around. He had a great time teasing Paige about me...