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  1. UnpluggedP

    Vendor (Video) Tesla Track Mode Consultant Randy Pobst Tests Unplugged Performance Upgrades on Track at Tes

    Unplugged Performance has partnered with Randy Pobst as a strategic advisor and test driver for our Tesla performance upgrades. Randy's experience in developing Track Mode for Tesla provides us with a great baseline and solid guidance for our performance products which are developed to surpass...
  2. EvolutionTeʂla

    Extreme Autopilot Testing with v2019.12 (video)

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share my "extreme autopilot testing" video with you. I put the lane keeping abilities of 2019.12 to the test on some really challenging winding country roads and it did incredibly well. Some nice improvements compared to my last test in the fall. I also tested...
  3. EvolutionTeʂla

    Wow, so much fun! My first NOA test with 2019.12 (video)!

    Hey gang. I just posted a couple new videos to my YouTube channel (Evolution Tesla) covering 2019.12. The latest one offers a good test of the new capabilities of NOA on the highway. I ran into a few issues but overall it was a really fun and exciting experience. We're getting really close...
  4. aikisteve

    Testing The Tesla - Update 2018.48.1 has some minor UI changes and a big surprise

    Am I actually responsible for making a change to the #Tesla software in update 2018.48.1? If that would be true, that would be awesome and that was also the initial setup of my Youtube channel: to help improve the product! I'm not really taking credit for this, but like to think that at least I...
  5. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: update 2018.14.2

    When testing this update I noticed a slight regression in handling tight turns at speed, but also found out you have to be really careful not to get curb rashes or dinged rims when using AP on certain lane shifts :-o. Came a little too close for comfort...
  6. Carspotter Daily

    Doing some AEB/Collision Avoidance testing - Suggestions?

    I plan on doing some tests with AutoPilot on and off, and at different speeds/angles. (My ultrasonics aren't doing great because of a minor collision.) So far, i'm just going to use a cardboard box with aluminium foil covering the front of it as a "Dummy car". I've already tried to use a...
  7. KevinThornberry

    400 mile range battery hint on Tesla's main page

    If you look at the dashboard picture on the Model S main page, it shows a battery indicator on the bottom left of the screen indicating 242 miles remaining on charge. This indicator is not more than 60% full which would equate to a total range of over 400 miles when charged to 100%. Link for...
  8. A

    Have 2 GoPros. Take delivery P85D tomorrow. Test suggestions?

    Take delivery at factory tomorrow morning. Bay Area is pretty wet, but I'm happy to take videos to test performance.Fully loaded, 21" wheels, air suspension, tech package. Thinking one outside, one focused on dash.
  9. brianman

    Audio: Testing audio formats

    I was considering bringing a USB key with me for the Amped event. Any of the audiophiles out there care to suggest which formats to test and recommend some quick and free tools that will produce most or all of the suggested formats?