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text messages

  1. E

    Texting ios13 new message

    I took delivery of my Y in May. No problems texting with IOS 11 phone until yesterday. Phone wouldn’t connect at all (not just a texting issue). Was hung up so not able to even delete and re-add. Several hrs later, issue resolved with deleting and re-installing. Today, I get a message about...
  2. RNHurt

    Is there a way to send text messages to my car instead of my Apple Watch?

    I'm testing out an old Apple Watch Series 3 to see if I like it and the problem I'm having is that it keeps eating my text messages when I'm in my car. Before I got the watch all of my text messages would get sent to my car for me to see and respond to. After I started using the watch all...
  3. T

    Since Holiday update old text messages come in all at once

    Since the update, messages that have already been read on phone prior to entering the car, display on the Tesla screen all at once. Some of them hours old.
  4. RNHurt

    Phantom SMS Messages

    I was reading about this over in the Model 3 forum but I have a Model Y and thought this problem might be more widespread. I've had my MY for almost a year and in the beginning the SMS / Text messaging feature worked wonderfully. I would get a message from someone and the car would read it to...
  5. RNHurt

    Is it possible to re-text the most recent contact?

    I love texting in my MY but creating repeated messages to the same person is a bit tedious. Answering incoming texts is fine, but sending multiple texts to the same person is a multi-step process. As an example, I'll text my wife about supper on the way home from work. When she doesn't...
  6. R

    Reply text not going through only one person.

    Ok so I have this weird problem with reply to messages my wife sends me. I receive them in the car fine but when I reply it dosent actually go through and send to her. So far she is the only contact I have that does. Everyone else I reply to go through no problem. Also can start a new message to...
  7. macd1995

    Text messaging with spanish (?) accent

    Any one have this issue? Tesla reads my voice messages, but the accent is not english, and rough sounding. I have not found a quick way to fix this and have not been able to find a post about it. Thx
  8. TjckTock

    Should I see text messages in the "Messages" window?

    I am probably imagining it but I could have sworn when I first tested the new text messaging commands, VoiceComand:"Messages" would pop up a window with recent text messages that I could then select and respond to using voice comands. Now it only shows recent phone calls. Is this how it works...
  9. S

    Phone text message UI removes active phone call screen

    I have SW version 2019.40.50.7 that allows my Android phone to send and receive text messages through the TM3 screen. The problem is that when I was on the phone leaving a voice mail to someone, a text message came in and the text message screen popped up in front of the active phone call...
  10. Marmac

    Favorite contacts not showing in car phone app

    With the newest update I see that if you have favorite contacts set up in your phone they should now appear in the car’s phone app. I only have: Messages, Recents, Contacts and Dialer. No Favorites. I have iPhone 6s. Could this be a problem? I am also unable to reply to texts but I can...
  11. Marmac

    Text message and favorite contacts issue

    I have noticed 2 issues in my Model 3 with the new update regarding phone improvements. One is that I do not have my favorite contacts showing up in the car’s phone app. The other is that I can receive text messages and they are read to me, but I cannot reply. The car says “listening” and I can...
  12. jkennebeck

    convenience items not in Tesla's

    Recently got rear-ended in my 2015 MS. So i'm in a Jag F-Pace rental for a few while its getting fixed. I'm surprised at Tesla's "lag" in getting some really basic convenience things into their UI. The Jag automatically discovered my commute after 2 days of back and forth to work. Thought that...
  13. Ash23T

    Delivery checkout reminder text

    "Delivery checkout reminder from Tesla - please complete all outstanding tasks in your delivery profile at www.tesla.com/teslaaccount: provide financing details, populate any lienholder information and accept trade-in offer, upload proof of auto insurance, and upload driver's license." Does...
  14. Yanquetino

    Model 3, Tesla app, and T-Mobile?

    I am curious to know if Model 3 owners who use T-Mobile are receiving text notifications from the Tesla app (start/stop climate control, charging, battery status, etc.)…? I ask because I recently switched to T-Mobile and now my NissanConnectEV app for my LEAF will only send me e-mail...