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  1. Tam

    Stolen by CAN Injection in 90 seconds

    The video recorded how thieves were able to steal Lexus RX in 90 seconds by accessing the headlight through the wheel arch. Headlights are controlled by ECU (electronic control unit). From there, a thief can reprogram the ECU to unlock the door and drive away. Thus, it's called CAN Injection...
  2. C

    MY RWD insurance all 2k+?

    Hi All, I’ve got a MY RWD coming this year. No VIN yet. I’ve gotten quotes from AAMI, GIO, Rollin’, NRMA. All of them are 2.4K+ per year. I’ve heard that people have been getting there’s for sub 2k/year. Are MY insurances all that expensive? How much do you pay for yours? Do you have any...
  3. O

    Your Tesla could be easily opened

    My Tesla car was broken into last night without breaking any windows. Seems like someone used a custom key or another electronic device because the driver's side door pillar panel(where the key transmitter is located) was severely scratched. The car was parked in front of my garage and the doors...
  4. trnunes

    New Tesla owner w/J1772 concerns

    Hi, everyone! I'm a brand spanking new Tesla owner (a used S70D). I wanted to say "Hi!", and also bounce a question off everyone (which, if it's a stupid question with an obvious answer, my apologies in advance, being a 'newbie')...... Has anyone had any issues with their J1772 adapter going...
  5. F

    EAP on window sticker but I didn’t pay for it, it worked initially and then didn’t

    Hi guys, first post here and it is a long one. I have not been able to find anything similar happen to anyone else. I ended up buying a Model 3 October 2018, delivered to Cleveland in November. That's not really all that exciting... Went through all the usual early Model 3 problems with paint...
  6. FilmTraveler

    Car broken into, no smashing, as if it had been unlocked. What happened? [from 2019]

    Hello all. I am heartbroken that my first post to this great community as a new Model 3 owner is to talk about a breakin. But last night, I came out to a parking lot after a movie and my passenger door was slightly ajar and my valuables (fortunately not much) stolen. She was in Sentry Mode and...
  7. .jg.

    Video of a Model S being stolen in the UK

    Video of a Model S being stolen in the UK, a few days ago. Passive Entry was enabled and Pin to Drive was not enabled.
  8. Reeler

    How much would you pay for new fobs so your car cannot be easily stolen?

    Your Model S can be stolen with a few hundred dollars of off-the-shelf equipment if you didn't buy in the last few months. Cars sold before June 2018 have this vulnerability, but not any Model X so Tesla has had the solution available for a few years without bothering to update things on the...

    The Best Way to Secure Your Tesla

    I'm sharing my methods for securing a Tesla using only the means that Tesla provides, no 3rd party anti-theft devices, etc. Add yours...
  10. K

    Theft via Rear Quarter Glass Driver/Left

    I never really considered too much theft in Tesla or other luxury vehicles as they have pretty good alarm systems. I've had mine for 4.5 years now and I've never had this issue. However, I wanted to highlight the problem to other owners; you may already be aware. Thief smashes the quarter glass...
  11. JoeRinke

    Theft Of Components Off My Model S @ Cleveland Service Center

    Dear Elon Musk, Or Whom it may concern in upper management of Tesla motors... "PLEASE READ TO THE END and do not discard" This is concerning theft of components from my brand new car... and 158 mile joyride destroying the wheels and tires on the passenger side of the vehicle... and tearing up...
  12. U

    extension cord anti-theft device?

    Any ideas on how to secure an extension cord whilst leaving the car charging over night? I just paid $150 for a good cord and would hate to see it walk off! I know I've seen a plate like device that holds the cable and then you drive onto the plate, but I can't find it now. I drove into the...