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  1. C

    Generate V3 Refresh Token for API Authentication using Python

    There is already a nice little method on here using PHP created by MrTemple. I saw a few comments from people struggling to get it configured so I figured I'd document a simple step-by-step method using Python as an alternative. *NOTE: This guide assumes Python is not already installed and...
  2. JPInnovative

    Buying a Tesla from Third-Party Dealership In 2020

    Hello, I am new to the forums. I would like to say I hope everyone is having a good day. However, I am here to ask maybe a redundant question but since it’s 2020 and this is more of a updated question... Let’s say the dealership next to my area where I live has a really nice Tesla Model 3 for...
  3. F

    Wheel change question (noob):

    I have some aftermarket wheels (TSportline 20") that I plan to swap out my stock 20" X wheels for. I will be keeping the factory tires. As these are aftermarket wheels, I won't be able to have the SC do this when I pick up my 75X next month. My question is whether I need to know anything before...
  4. T

    climate turning on (I'm not in car) - we did not initiate

    GREETINGS! (first post - I did do a quick scan with search function.) I am using a beta version of Stats (iOS maadotaa / QuickTesla) and I have the push notifications to alert me if/when the Climate turns on and I'm not in the car. A few times over the past week (I've been beta testing since...
  5. Beta V

    Apps--Are there more?

    I worked at Microsoft for 14 years and we soon discovered third-party applications made the platform more popular. This is why we encouraged third-party applications and were hesitant to create our own for fear of stifling this growing and symbiotic industry which fed from Windows' success...