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  1. E

    Money for EAP/FSD worth it for robo taxi?

    I’m looking at buying a M3 and trying to figure out the best financial decision for autopilot (more features = more money). It’s not super important to me right now to have full autopilot as I don’t mind driving, especially in a car as fun as a Tesla! But I’m wondering with Elon’s vision of...
  2. J

    Decisions, Which Car to Pick

    I have an option between 2 cars. I am a new member to the forum and have been scouring furiously and reading up but asking for advice on my on personal situation. Please assist in choice and rational. BTW I live in Texas so, no snow, but heavy rain several times in year...and btw switching from...
  3. C

    Is anyone else gonna wait to buy a used M3?

    I'm just curious. I just don't feel the need to buy an M3 brand new when I know the value will drop the minute it leaves the parking lot. There's only a few options I want too. Although I can see the appeal of picking up a new car from the service center (or the factory if you can).
  4. Mknac

    5 Days with my new Model S 75

    Ok, I love the car. Awesome. Buyers remorse gone. Here are a couple things in no particular order. Tesla Premium Luxury Electric Vehicle – emphasis on premium. High on cost. Low on what most people would consider luxury items. Negative: Serious negative that Tesla needs to address: -...