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three phase charging

  1. D

    Wall connector charges at 22kWh but Tesla only gets 7 kWh??

    Guys, I need your help in understanding if something is wrong with my Wall Connector at home. I recently upgraded to three-phase and so I asked my electrician to also rewire the Wall Connector to make use of the increased power. Before rewiring I was getting 7 kW. In the MCU Tesla showed 7kW and...
  2. emir-t

    Why only 72A, 16kW AC charging?

    I know that Tesla thinks for city charging 72A is way more than enough and for roadtrips it offers Superchargers but, in Europe 3-phase plugs are quite common to find. They support 22kW (32A each phase, 96A) easily and you can find more than that too. Even Renault ZOE has 64kW AC charger (96A...