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  1. M

    Quick Throttle Bursts

    We were listening to some music, when I decided to spam the throttle to the beat. It was a couple quick full presses of the throttle, so the car looked like it was bouncing on the road. Does this negatively effect the car in any way? Pretty fun rocking back & worth because of the huge amount...
  2. S

    What’s this sound every time I accelerate? Service has no idea so far and says it’s not normal.

    two recordings I made :). Been driving me nuts and ruining my performance model 3 experience! it‘s super loud and it’s NOT the speed limit warning :)
  3. V

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully gotten tesla to remove the supercharging speed limiter?
  4. buzescu

    Supercharging throttling?

    I have a June 18 75D with about 33k miles on it. I went to a large 150kw supercharger in Wa state and with nobody else there, at 75 miles range left charging went briefly to about 105kw then within 2 min started dropping. In 5 min itwit at under 70. I read before about throttling on this forum...
  5. rpavlicek

    Strange throttle failure -- possible traction control defect

    I received my S60 in January, 2013. I had a few problems throughout the years (drive unit replaced), but overall its been fine. The last couple months I had some strange issue when trying to accelerate from a stop (and sometimes accelerate when the car is decelerating during regeneration). It...
  6. Naonak

    Throttled vs. Non-Throttled Supercharging Comparison

    I have completed my trip. Here is the raw data: Pre / Post DCFC Throttle Data If anyone wants to collate and/or graph the data, that would be great. I'm not that great with spreadsheets to start with. Here are the take aways: Yes, throttling increases your trip time. Yes, it seems ~5...
  7. Naonak

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Hi everyone. I just got off the phone with Tesla with some disturbing news. My car has approximately 30,000 miles on it. I regularly use CHADeMo to charge my car, with the occasional Supercharger charge on road trips. On my last road trip, I noticed that my supercharging rate was significantly...