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    Accelerating and decelerating thud noise

    Hey forum, Anyone experiencing an accelerating and decelerating thud noise? It's really apparent when from a stopped position, you press the gas and the car lurches forward. It sounds like something is shifting back and then shifting forward. The sound is coming from the back of the car and I...
  2. E

    Clunk from right rear, have vid.. ideas?

    Hey all, Hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas and New years. My Sig has been giving an intermittent clunk/thud from the right rear for the past month or two. It is not regularly reproducible, but most often occurs after car has been parked, once car is moving thud may occur anywhere from...
  3. J

    Clunking form submission please help

    I know everyone is tired of the thud/clunk noise discussion. A service center in North Carolina believes they have a solution to the problem. So far I have hundreds of submissions on my Google form from only people that are experiencing the thud/clunking noise during supercharging and/or...