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  1. S

    WTB: Tesla Model S Roof Rack (for 2014 S 85)

    I am looking for a Whispbar / Yakima / Thule / etc. roof rack system that fits my 2014 Tesla Model S 85 with Panoramic Roof. Message me directly if you have one for sale. I live in Connecticut, and will meet in nearby states or pay for shipping.
  2. P

    Model S Thule Aero Blade Edge Roof Racks (Complete Kit) $600

    Excellent condition. Only used a couple of times to transport my road bike. These only fit roofs with fixed roof rack mounting ports. This is the full kit with front and rear bars and the mounting hardware. $600 OBO I think these would be prohibitively expensive to package and ship, so local...
  3. M

    2022 X class iii hitch receiver vertical wt limit

    It looks like the manual may have not been updated recently in regards to model X towing. Towing package has been standard since 2017. Did the model X 2022 refresh keep everything the same with hitch receiver? Is it any stronger? Can it carry more vertical weight than the manual says? Thule...
  4. limmerguy

    Road trip with the Thule Cargo Hitch Box (Transporter Combi)

    Hi All, I wanted to document a recent 2,200 mile road trip with my Thule hitch-mounted cargo box for anyone who is interested. Notes: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 18" Aero wheels. 5.8% battery degredation. Roughly 70 kWh usable at 100% SoC. Stealth Hitches hitch with trailer package...
  5. FrunkLover

    S Thule Roof Bars - Black

    Hi all - selling my Thule roof bars. They work great, for I believe all glass and moonroof models where the little glass door flips open on the roof. My car lived in its garage for its whole life, used bars about 1/2 the year. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Xl Black 7604B JY-CMT-NTN14796-7604B...
  6. No CO2

    Thule roof racks too short, remove small pano glass "door"?

    I have a 2013 MS I want my roof racks to be 1" taller, further away from the glass. Some ideas... - I can buy 1" thick rubber for $40, and cut to size - I can weld & build my own separate racks. I can use one bolt per corner, but I would want to remove the small "door" that covers the threaded...
  7. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    I went ahead and ordered the Tesla Roof Rack today, and my next order of business is to find a solid Cargo Container to mount to it. Has anyone had any luck mounting Thule, or Yakima storage containers to the roof of their Model 3 - using the Tesla Roof Rack System? - I realize that these...
  8. Ostrichsak

    WTB: Roof Rack System for Model S w/Pano Roof & Possibly Accessories

    Looking to buy a roof rack system (Whispbar, OEM branded, S37W etc.) for our Model S. I'd be interested in the Tesla Model S specific kit or possibly even one of the more "universal" kits like the Yakima that hangs out a little bit more (60"). I don't really plan to leave these on all the time...
  9. E

    Model 3 Roof Rack Options - Comparing Efficiencies

    As winter arrived I was excited to strap a roof rack on my Model 3 and take it to the mountains. I quickly discovered little information out there about how it would impact the range. Given the long cold uphill drive and variable weather conditions, I was determined to find the highest...
  10. M

    THule roof rack for Model S with Glass roof

    Thule AeroBlade Edge Low-profile, complete rack system with exceptional aerodynamic performance and integrated design. For sale. Used 2 summers to transport surfboards. In great shape. WIll add pictures when I get home from work. $620 new from Thule. Willing to sell for $450 including...
  11. 1

    Thule Aeroblade bars (not edge)- Anyone have these?

    I've been eyeing these Thule Aeroblade Roof Bars and have been unable to find any pics of a car with them installed. Everyone seems to have gone with the Whispbar style (Thule example here). I prefer the look of the Whispbar style but I'm worried about having enough room for 2+ bikes.. Has...