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  1. A

    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    I got an unnecessary acceleration ticket in my model 3 AWD. After reading the statute this obviously is not true. This is basically a noise violation ticket (see below). I can easily argue that I did not create loud noise that would disturb the peace. I also know I cannot spin my tires but I am...
  2. Z

    How often do you get pulled over for Tint?

    Hi Folks, Never had tint installed on my car aside from a car with one installed already and had no problems with it. With that said, that car was not worth 60k and i feel like most cops just didnt even want to bother with me. While waiting for M3P to arrive almost everyone says that ceramic...
  3. L

    Did Tesla's Speed Cause You to Get Speeding Tickets?!

    An ICE vehicle will complain louder as you go faster. Most sports cars and motorcycles will require you to operate a clutch and stick shift. All of these factors cause stress when you speed. I learned how to ride a motorcycle because I wanted SPEED but instead I got stressed out by a loudly...
  4. fasteddie7

    Autopilot speeding ticket

    So here's an interesting one. My buddy was traveling on a stretch of road we both travel frequently. The road goes from 50 to 35. Autopilot slows down automatically here but only starts slowing down as soon as the sign passes the front bumper. The cop clocked him as he reached the sign going...
  5. J

    Does speeding save time? Speedr - Android app that measures time saved speeding.

    Hey TMC, I just created an account to share an Android app I made that Tesla enthusiasts may be interested in. It's called Speedr, it measures how much time, or how little time, you save by speeding. Not trying to sell anything, it's free and has no ads. Check it out and let me know your...
  6. T

    Ticket for Negligent Driving

    Hi All, Apologies if this has already been written about, I did a handful of quick searches, but didn't find anything. I just received a ticket for Negligent Driving in the 2nd degree in WA state on a long road trip for allegedly not holding onto the steering wheel. All the officer said was...
  7. R

    Ticket While Using AUTO-PILOT " Failure To Stay In Lane" "Reckless"

    Well today I got pulled over for 'failure to stay in lane' while in Auto Pilot during rush hour SLC I-215. When I told the officer I was in auto pilot and the car adjusts for whats in front and both sides ( which there was a car in front , one along side and up the road a car on the side median...