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time of use

  1. J

    Powerwall Time Of Use Charging

    Just had my powerwalls installed two weeks ago. I am still trying to find the sweet spot to maximize savings by time of use and still minimize my NBCs. Right now I am running on self powered mode. This seems like a good option for me because the powerwall charges from any excess solar...
  2. NHK X

    El Paso time of use electric rates

    Hello, Might be moving to El Paso this summer. Noticed there is a TOU option with the El Paso electric company. Looks like 26 cents per KWH during peak M-F and 0.5 cents per KWH during off peak times. Is that really true? Sounds too good to be true. Considering using this option since we have...
  3. oscarfish

    Would you manage SoC (state of charge) based on time of day?

    Not really an "energy" question but one that pertains to all S, X, and 3. So with my Model 3 I can schedule a start of a charge based on time of day, but terminate a charged based only on charge percentage achieved, not time of day. The reason I want to managed based on time is that I'm on a...
  4. David29

    One year of experience on Eversource TOU rates

    I converted my home charging service to Eversource Time of Use (TOU) rates just about a year ago, so I thought I would report my experience over this first year. I have a separate electric service for charging my car so all the power on the meter is for car charging, except for a small amount...
  5. YauKwan

    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Im posting my adventures with getting PSEG to change my standard residential billing(RS) to Time of Use billing(RLM) and hoping some of my experience and some of my contacts will be useful for someone looking to do the same thing in North Jersey PSEG area. So i've reach out more than a month...
  6. David29

    Anyone else have Time of Use (TOU) rates with Eversource?

    Looking for instructions for how to read the Eversource Time of Use electric meter. Meter I have has markings for two manufacturers: Elster (shows "Type A3TL") and Itron (shows "Model A3 3G B"). Doing some web searches suggests that Elster makes the meter itself and Itron supplies the wireless...
  7. David29

    Switched to Eversource TOU Rates for my EV charging

    After learning a few months ago from this group that Eversource had Time of Use (TOU) rates available in Eastern MA, I applied to Eversource to switch to TOU for my EV charging service. I have a separate service for charging, so by charging at night I will have little or no usage during the...
  8. Beavis

    Net Metering and TOU?

    Last year I put a 4.86 kW solar array on my roof and arranged a net meter from my rural co-op. Now that my S is in my garage and the iPhone app is available, I would like to go to a Time of Use plan combined with my solar array to take advantage of the lower off peak rates. My co-op's off peak...