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  1. G

    Time zone not autoadjusting, manual adjustme t no longer possible

    I am on a roadtrip, and the time zone is not auto-adjusting. I tried the trick where you triple-tap the time, abd the one where you tap-and-hold for 5 seconds on the time, but in both cases my tap went "through" the clock and onto the map below. I tried turning on my phone' wifi hotspot and...
  2. n.one.one

    What time will PWs reach 100%- Spreadsheet (downloadable)

    There are days that you might want to adjust the use of your Powerwalls and it would be helpful to know when they will reach 100%. The spreadsheet linked below will quickly tell you what that time is based on how fully charged they are now and the current or estimated charge rate. I'll put an...
  3. B

    Mobile app updates

    Moderation comment - thread renamed to include general 4.4 discussion from "Mobile app 4.4.0 gone metric?" Since updating to 4.4.0 my mobile app (iOS) seems to have decided to show stuff in kilometres rather than miles (so range and last charging session for example). Anyone else seeing the same?
  4. O

    [Massachusetts, USA] Payment timing?

    So, delivery for my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD is scheduled for next Saturday. I haven't handed in the insurance info that shows the Tesla as already registered, nor the down payment(I am financing through Tesla's partners). I see that some people wait until actually seeing the car, but I wasn't sure...
  5. D

    Tesla Credit - How Long For Reply Back - Given End of Q2 is 4 weeks away

    Before all the economic turmoil and craziness I had entered into my account no trade, payment in full (cash) for my MY. That was a while ago and a lot of things have changed since, so when I finally got a VIN and MVPA earlier this week (Mon), I tried to contact my DA via e-mail but crickets...
  6. S

    Tesla delivery times

    Hello. I ordered a Tesla Model x performance on September 3, and haven't heard anything from Tesla ever since. Im wondering if anyone else from Europa ordered the new raven model x, and how long you delivery times was? I was promised delivery in November, but it still says that it hasn't even...
  7. Lasairfion

    Charging times reducing significantly

    Do ICE cars still have a fill-up time advantage? Yes, of course. But EVs are catching up fast. Previous year's trip: charge times were on average between 35-50 minutes This year's trip: charge times were on average between 15 and 30 minutes Total trip charge time this year : according to A...
  8. Y

    My Entire 2019 Model 3 Buying/Delivery Experience

    Hi Fellow Tesla Owners, I figure I'd share my buying experience from start to finish for my Model 3 since we ran into a few hiccups. We ordered a 2019 Model 3 with the white interior but there were some issues with Tesla having white interior available so they ended up giving us a 2018...
  9. Zcd1

    Top Gear Magazine: Model 3 Performance is faster around a track than the BMW M3!

    Not really a surprise to most of us, I suppose, but it's nice to see it verified by an independent resource: Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track | CleanTechnica Tesla Model 3 vs BMW M3: new issue of TG magazine out now! BMW M3's acceleration is "glacial" by...
  10. A

    Production Time

    I'm getting a 4-5 week estimate for production timeline from Tesla. What are people's experiences with this? Is it usually an under or an over estimation.
  11. ishareit

    Least stressful and fastest way to do road trips

    I am receiving my new Model S 75 soon and have been reading a lot about road trip strategies to reduce overall charge times and it seems a bit stressful to calculate it all. Maybe things will change once I do a few long distance road trips on it... My question is - what is the least stressful...
  12. V

    Problems with changing time in TESLA Model s P85D

    Hi guys! I bought 2015 tesla model s on copart auction. In Ukraine Tesla shows LA time. It thinks that It in USA! How I can change time manually? Is it real?
  13. L

    Model X - Supercharger Charging Speed

    I'm currently looking for information on Supercharger charging speeds for each battery pack level of the Model X (i.e. 70(discontinued), 75, 90, 100). I hear people say that the charging speed is faster on the larger battery packs which makes sense. The larger battery packs allow the motors to...
  14. D

    Charging time Scottsdale -> San Diego

    I was curious if anyone that has made this trip several times might be able to comment as to how long they stopped to charge along the way. I have visited every supercharger along this route, so I am familiar with their surroundings. Let's assume model 85D Seems like I could get to Yuma with...