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tin-foil hat

  1. I

    Would a news article help?

    I love the Model S, and someday anticipate jumping in (next year maybe), but really feel the pain I read about on here. I've been following the forum here and on TM and have put together a story. My focus is to get the attention of George and Elon and get them on your side. Comments welcome...
  2. FlasherZ

    NDAs/Conspiracy theories about Model S delivery

    When you take delivery, Tesla makes you sign an agreement saying you won't post anything for 2 months -- a "radio silence" agreement that makes sure that the anticipation is kept sky-high for those that are close to delivery. It's a part of the "torture + pleasure whole experience". On the...
  3. wassenberg

    Service if tesla goes bankrupt within six months

    What about the service on our model s when tesla not makes it in "next crutial six months" ? Does the computer in the car still gets update's ? What if there is an software problem ? what if.....what if.....
  4. STxTesla

    Ants and Electricity

    I am a worrier/thinker and have had problems with ants and electricity in the past. Those little PITAs would find their way into the points of our well pump pressure switches at the ranch and short out the entire system. We would have to periodically pour Sevin dust around the post that held...
  5. Norbert

    Cup holders (and cheese....)

    Is there such a thing as g-force neutral cup holders? Which don't start to swing around like crazy, so not just a 2-axis pendulum?
  6. R

    Charging car battery on the move with wind power

    My son came to me today with one of the strangest and creative concepts on how to help charge an electric car with wind power to make it more efficient. He suggested that one could cut out "scoops" in the cars body that would aerodynamically channel air down a tunnel. Using a method similar to...
  7. Ben W

    EMF Radiation

    I've seen in several blogs now where a commenter has stated that the Roadster is like "strapping a bag of cell phones to your head", in terms of the EMF radiation. So I picked up an EMF detector, sensitive in the 30-300Hz range (serendipitously equivalent to 1800 - 18000RPM), and took my...