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    Vendor Dallas PPF, Ceramic, Tint, Chrome Delete, and more at ALSET Auto!

    Alset Auto is DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, chrome delete, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, a pillar blackout, and more. If you can do something to a Tesla, we can help! Here's a few examples of what we've been up...
  2. R

    Model S Sunroof

    I have a 2022 Model S and I want to reduce the heat in my car coming from the sunroof but I also love the view from the sunroof and don’t want it to be too dark. I was looking at ceramic tints and was wondering what level tint do you think is a good compromise between preventing heat and...
  3. 5

    Did Tint Shop Damage My Windows?

    Got tint installed on my side windows yesterday. 3M Ceramic, 30 on front, 15 on rear. I went back today because there was a tough to reach area that had not been fully tacked down. They fixed that and when I was cleaning the outside of my windows, I noticed these circles on the exterior of the...
  4. Y

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Hello, Today I got my new MYP back after paying $3k for XPEL front clip PPF and XPEL tint by an XPEL certified installer. I’ve noticed a lot of dust related bubbles on both the PPF and tint and am wondering if this is normal, or if I should be contacting the installer. I also had the mirror...
  5. iyordanov

    Vendor Calipers vinyl wrap for Model 3

    Hey guys I am Iliya, a long time Tesla owner, Currently I have a M3 and the refresh MS. Back in September last year I've decided to start my own Tesla after-market accessories company , called TWRAPS, and I do all the vinyl/ppf/tints production myself, in-house in California. Since the start I...

    Vendor ALSET Auto FREE TINT Special!

    Beat the Texas heat this summer with our window tint special! Book any paint protection service at Alset Auto and get $299 off window tint. At Alset Auto, we offer PPF, ceramic coating, window tint, chrome delete, emblem blackout, caliper paint, wheel repair, and powder coating. Check out our...
  7. K

    PPF recommendations in Phoenix

    Hi everyone. I’m picking up my MYP next week. I’m planning on doing the following to the car immediately: - Full PPF - Window Tints (front, windshield, and sunroof) for the heat in Phoenix - potentially ceramic coating? Is it worth it? Does anyone have a recommended shop in the Phoenix area...
  8. Mike8403

    Getting Tesla to pay for a window retint.

    So my car is being serviced and they are replacing the top, rear glass and the headliner. I suppose it’s a leak. So I was wondering if anyone has had experience with getting Tesla to pay for re-tinting my rear glass. I called my tint place and they told me I would just have to pay for materials...
  9. I

    EZ Pass no longer works after Xpel XR Plus

    My EZ Pass used to work fine mounted horizontally at the top of my windshield to the left of the front camera housing. After getting Xpel XR Plus front windshield tint it no longer works in the same spot. Couldn’t find anything on any forums about it not working with ceramic non-metallic tints...
  10. stkgator

    22 MXLR Full Tint and partial PPF

    XPEL Prime Plus on all glass including windshield. XPEL Ultimate Plus on front bumper, hood, fenders, doors, mirrors, and headlights. I decided to add PPF to the doors to partially protect from damage due to the auto-open feature of the front doors - I know this from experience while walking by...
  11. J

    When to tint?

    Just received my first Tesla (2022 MYLR) yesterday and am very excited. I made an appointment to get my windows tinted/coated next week but I also made a service for delivery issues. The Tesla service will be a few weeks after the tint work. Is it better to get the tinting done after the Tesla...

    Removing factory tint on glass roof

    I was wondering if possible to have any/all the original factory tinting from the glass roof so I can buy the sun shades so on a nice day just open up the shades and basically have wa convertible without the wind in my (almost now non-existent) hair. Has anyone tried/succeeded this or if it’s...
  13. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

    Hey there! In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S. I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and...
  14. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas End Of Year Specials!

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for making this a great year so far! We are currently running an end of year sale with a $200 discount for every paint protection service you book before January. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Spots are filling...
  15. M

    MY Front Window Tint Only

    Been looking to get my front windows tinted to match the factory back window tint. I rarely if ever have passengers in the back, do not care about UV protection for them and I've never had it before for myself, so only looking to do it for cosmetic reasons. I'm in San Diego, CA and am set on...
  16. iyordanov

    Vendor Products for your new/upcoming Model S, by TWRAPS

    Hey guys A few months ago I got a delivery of my new Model S. I wanted to customize it but since it's so new there was nothing on the market, so I've decided to do it myself. As a result I also opened a Shopify store where I sell everything I make (more products coming every week). So I'd like...
  17. K

    Got a bad tint job. Not sure what I should do.

    Had my new M3 tinted last week. I picked it up when it was still drying so didn't think much of it. This is the first time I got a car tinted, so from the outside things looked good. The next day, I started noticing bubbles, this wrinkle in the back, the alignment issue, and even a scratch on...
  18. ZapCarM3

    A New Idea for Glass Roof Tint

    If you're here, maybe you've already gotten familiar with the other conversations about this topic. I'll spare you those and what they covered and assume you're mostly up to speed and hopefully you'll give me the same credit as well. My idea is to have tint installed OUTSIDE of the glass...
  19. A

    Satin PPF on black MY. Ceramic coating? TontongOC CA

    Hi, I am new to this forum so apologies if any of this is an ongoing question. I just got a black MY (after waiting 3 months of course). I was super excited about it for 2 weeks until some broad decided to shoot over 3 lanes on the freeway and smash the side of my car. It’s been in the shop for...
  20. B

    Tesla Model 3 Tinting Melbourne - Any recommendations?

    Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations of where to get a Model 3's windows tinted? What location and product works well? And did you get the rear window done? Thanks
  21. F

    Jacksonville, FL Tint

    Got quoted LLumar CTX $520 for 15% sides, full 30% rear, 80% front w/ the vanity mirror strip, all ceramic. It’s been ages since I’ve had tint done, this doesn’t seem unreasonable with that amount of glass. Anyone have any Jacksonville area experiences? I know prices vary wildly regionally.
  22. K

    San Joaquin Valley PPF, Tint, Ceramic Coating…

    Hi!!! So I’m getting ready to order the MY and wanted to know if anyone has any experience with PPF, Tint and ceramic coating in the San Joaquin Valley. Would appreciate any recommendations! Thanks! 😁
  23. S

    Rear glass cracked is tint a possible cause?

    I noticed my rear glass cracked months after I had my M3 tinted. I am certain it was not an accident from the tint shop since I inspected their job right after the tint was placed. Is this normal? I am getting my car serviced, should I remove the tint before going in so they won't blame it on that?
  24. IDOA

    Vendor XPEL PPF&Tint, Ceramic Pro coatings, Wraps and Chrome Delete

    Hello All, We are a small shop located in the heart of Dunwoody, GA. Opened back in 2017 and have been working and learning ever since. We are authorized XPEL and Ceramic Pro installers and 60% of our clients are Tesla owners! I myself impatiently waiting in line for my Cybertruck! We would...
  25. C

    SoCal (OC) PPF, Ceramic, Tint

    Hi, I searched the forums for some recent (late 2020/2021) posts about some recommendations but I couldn't find too many. I'm looking to get full frontal PPF (clear bra), Ceramic coating, and tints - was wondering if anybody had any recommendations in the orange county area. I've gotten some...
  26. ATD Detailing

    Vendor Raleigh PPF/Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating Facility for Tesla

    We are honored to be a part of the Tesla community and look forward to serving you in the future, for those of you who are just getting to know us. We've served the Raleigh, NC area for more than 10 years from our facility in Garner. Paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating and...
  27. loanchau2k

    Don't care about the look, but like not to have the heat. Tint windshield?

    Hi, I live in northern California, weather gets around high 90 for a few months in the Bay Area. I really don't care about the look of tinting, but if tinting the windshield does help to fight off the heat, maybe it's worth it to consider spending $300 to tint the front windshield? I only care...
  28. ehacke

    Deciding on rear window tint with/without forward roof tint. Any pics/opinions?

    Getting tinted tomorrow, so probably too late for this, but any pics looking up from the inside where the rear glass is tinted but the forward roof is not? My worry is that it'll look weird that the forward roof is lighter than the rear. So I was considering just skipping the rear entirely and...
  29. MotoShield Pro

    Vendor Tesla Tint Tuesday - Ceramic Tint Package Giveaway Every Tuesday!

    Summer might be over, but the ongoing heat and dangerous UV radiation from the Sun will never come to an end. We want to give a few TMC members an opportunity to win a precut ceramic tint package of their choice for their Tesla Model S. With that said, we will be picking 1 lucky winner every...
  30. MotoShield Pro

    Vendor Tesla Tint Tuesday - Ceramic Tint Package Giveaway Every Tuesday!

    Summer might be over, but the ongoing heat and dangerous UV radiation from the Sun will never come to an end. We want to give a few TMC members an opportunity to win a precut ceramic tint package of their choice for their Tesla Model X. With that said, we will be picking 1 lucky winner every...
  31. MotoShield Pro

    Vendor Tesla Tint Tuesday - Ceramic Tint Package Giveaway Every Tuesday!

    Summer might be over, but the ongoing heat and dangerous UV radiation from the Sun will never come to an end. We want to give a few TMC members an opportunity to win a precut ceramic tint package of their choice for their Tesla Model 3. With that said, we will be picking 1 lucky winner every...
  32. MotoShield Pro

    Vendor Tesla Tint Tuesday - Ceramic Tint Package Giveaway Every Tuesday!

    Summer might be over, but the ongoing heat and dangerous UV radiation from the Sun will never come to an end. We want to give a few TMC members an opportunity to win a precut ceramic tint package of their choice for their Tesla Model Y. With that said, we will be picking 1 lucky winner every...
  33. E

    Tint/PPF for Model 3 - Phoenix, AZ

    TLDR at bottom I recently purchased a 2020 Model 3 Performance and, just like a lot of owners in the Phoenix area, I wanted to get my new car protected with some paint protection film and window tint. I want to share my experience with other Tesla owners in hopes that I can help them pick the...
  34. ejkcy25

    Orlando tint recommendations

    Looking to tint my car but with those who have had experience with Tesla’s. If you know anyone in Orlando, drop a comment please :D
  35. S

    Consensus on brand and percent window tint for matching rear windows

    I know there are a lot of different brands and percentages one can have for the Tesla Model Y windows but I want to match the rear windows as much as possible so there is a uniform look to the glass. I looked into 3M crystalline but the color was a bit more brown than the factory. Of note, I...
  36. DennyL

    XPEL Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and Tint

    After delivery in May, it was a roller coaster ride to get paint repairs resolved by Tesla which took nearly 2 months and finally dropped off my White/White MY at Auto Armour in San Diego for paint correction, XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF, XPEL Fusion PPF ceramic coating & Cquartz interior ceramic...
  37. T

    Toronto/GTA - 3M Crystalline installers

    Good Afternoon, I'm looking to find a good quality installer in the GTA who deals with 3M Crystalline. Does anyone have experience with this product, particularly in lighter tints? Does the installer also do the windshield? Any issues with clarity throughout the day or sunset/sunrise? What is...
  38. M

    Roof Tint - Cermamic

    So I’m looking to possibly ceramic tint my roof tomorrow. Also having the front two windows and even the windshield done. I know the roof is already tinted, but can anyone give me statistics on how much sun is actually coming through the roof currently with the factory tint? I’m curious how...
  39. tvpauto

    Vendor Looking for the go to PPF / Wrap shop for Teslas??

    Greetings everyone. Some of you may know of us (in the NC area), but we want to introduce ourselves to the community. We are TVP Auto in Raleigh, NC, and have been wrapping Tesla's since 2012. We specialize in paint protection film to protect your Model S, 3, X, Y (haha ;) from road debris, rock...
  40. CMc1

    FML: Defroster ribbon sheared during tint

    Ughhhh. It is what it is. Defroster ribbon sheared during tint. Tinter thought the FM radio ribbons (up top) were for the defroster / defogger, so assumed down low was safe. Also 3rd brake light foam has been pushed/snapped causing light to bleed when brake light is on. Any UK solutions? Think...
  41. X

    MY window tinting

    Took my MY in to get tinted. They pointed out that the passenger and rear doors have almost no gap whatsoever between the glass and interior material of the doors. They said it will most likely damage the tint because of this. Makes me wonder if that’s the reason why Tesla pre-tints the MY...
  42. timmy818

    Is this 20% Tint or 35%?

    I asked the tint guy to give me 35% for the full back windshield (so we can still see through the sunroof) and 20% on passenger front and back. This doesn't look like 20% and it seems so light. I took my car to another tint shop to get a quotation and said "this looks like 35%, the brand they...
  43. D

    Window tinting - LA area

    Hey everyone, doing some research on the best place to tint my model 3 in Los Angeles, and would appreciate if you could share your experiences (good and bad) with local vendors. If you could also say how much you've paid and what exact tint you've used, that would be a great help! Thank you!
  44. TM3Newbie

    Group Offer: The Windows Tinting - Orange County, CA

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to reach out and provide you with an offer from the guys at The Windows Tinting in Santa Ana, CA 2100 E McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Look them up on Google or Yelp and you will see the flawless work they do on Model 3's ALL SERVICES ARE 15% OFF WITH MY...
  45. dwahl

    NASA Special Edition Model X

    Does anyone know what brand of window glass tint was installed on the Space X/NASA custom Model X?
  46. Z

    How often do you get pulled over for Tint?

    Hi Folks, Never had tint installed on my car aside from a car with one installed already and had no problems with it. With that said, that car was not worth 60k and i feel like most cops just didnt even want to bother with me. While waiting for M3P to arrive almost everyone says that ceramic...
  47. 8

    Matte PPF/Window Tint/Chrome Delete in Utah

    Hey guys! I'm thankful for the Tesla Motor Club and everyone who participates and shares thier experiences. I bought my Model 3 a few weeks ago here in Salt Lake City, a beautiful white performance. I'm incredibly picky and this being my first Tesla, of course that went to a new higher level...
  48. Ninetailz PPF

    Vendor [Ninetailz PPF] Covid-19 Special on PPF XPEL, Tint and Chrome Delete Packages

    Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to say hi and re-introduce my company to TMC! Ninetailz PPF is a company that specializes in vehicle protection and restyling, located in Santa Fe Springs California. Founded in 2018 by two brothers with passion for cars, we always aim to go the extra...
  49. Y

    Recommended mobile ting shop in the Boston area?

    I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendation for mobile tint shops in the Boston area, where they would come out and tint the windows. It feels a little unsafe to me to have to bring the car into a shop and sit there and wait for an hour or two for the job. Thanks in advance!
  50. MoeMistry

    Vendor GP PPP Loan Promotion

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