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  1. 3Mfilms

    Available 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    Service 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    3M, where innovation meets passion. Preserve the flawless allure of your Tesla with 3M Paint Protection Film, ensuring it remains pristine against scratches and chips. Enjoy clarity on every drive with 3M Auto Window Film, blocking glare and UV rays while enhancing privacy. Personalize your...
  3. SET.P.Films

    Vendor Paint Protection Film , Window Tint Installer in Toronto

    Hello Tesla Motors Club Owners!⚡ We are thrilled to introduce our premium automotive protection services tailored exclusively for Tesla owners in the Greater Toronto Area! 🍁🇨🇦 💎 Why Choose Us? 🛡️ Paint Protection Film (PPF): Keep your Tesla's exterior looking flawless! 💫 Ceramic Coating...
  4. EliteFinish

    Paint Protection Film Install

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Paint Protection Film Install. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. Paint Protection Film Install

    Service Paint Protection Film Install

    Our process for applying Paint Protection Film is one of the most unique and most advanced in the industry. We not only have some of the highest skilled installers in the country, we also focus on the condition of the existing paint before applying our PPF. We make sure your paint is in pristine...
    $1,250.00 to $7,000.00 per service
  6. M

    '23 MX Window Tint Recommendations

    I took my brand new MX Ultra Red to a local tint shop for my window tinting. The shop only carries Llumar film. They gave me a quote for $400 for full tint except windshields and top of FWD. They use Llumar ATR, if I want to Llumar CTX (ceramic), it costs $300 more. Is it really cost that much...
  7. F

    2023 Model X Front Windshield Tint Installation Methods and Warranty Questions

    Hi, I am looking to get my 2023 Model X front windshield tinted (along with all windows and sunroof) and had a few questions. 1. Few shops are telling me that they can install 1-piece ceramic tint on the front windshield without removing any plastic covers or cameras. On the other hand, some...
  8. I

    Puget Sound Tinting

    What places could you recommend in the Puget Sound area that does exceptional tints for cheap? And what's the best percentage range for specific areas? (Trunk, Front & Rear Windows, & Upper Pano Windshield) (Mind you, this is for a 2016 X)
  9. G

    Window rolls up when door open

    I recently got my windows tinted and the windows were working fine for about a week. Now driver side window rolls all the way up after opening door. Normally they roll down a little bit after doors open. Passenger side door does not do this. I read somewhere else on this forum that if the puddle...
  10. 4

    Am I the only one who doesn’t plan to Tint their windows?

    So I’ve never really been a big fan of the way Tint made things look and I’ve read some issues with warranty and what not when it comes to Tinting. So I had decided I was happier without it. But I’ve had a few people ask me when I planned on getting my Windows Tinted, just happened again today...
  11. V

    Paint Protection Film How To Tutorials. Questions....? Ask Away!

    First and foremost I'm a Tesla owner. 😁 Hey everyone, I've made quite a few video's that I've posted on YouTube about installing PPF on Tesla's as well as how to remove the cameras and tail lights. If you are looking for a do it yourself tutorial or would like to see what to expect from a...
  12. AJLanger5

    2023 Model Y Tint Price and Which Windows - NW Ohio

    Hello, I’ve gotten several Tint quotes in NW Ohio, from well reviewed (4.5+ stars) shops, and all have been consistently high IMO… >$1000 for whole car. I’m looking for ceramic tint as I had on my prior Tesla, but these prices are ridiculous. Are these following brands good, are these prices...
  13. D

    Glare strip, Visor strip, Sun strip?

    Anybody installed a Glare strip, Visor strip, Sun strip? whatever you called... on a Tesla? What tint percentage is ideal? Photos appreciated.
  14. C

    Model Y factory tint levels?

    I’m looking to get my new MY ceramic tinted. I was wondering what level of tint factory MYs in Australia came with for each window?
  15. M

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor with FSD and $1000s in extras

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor with FSD and $1000s in extras Active battery and powertrain warranty that expires at 120,000 miles or on 9/21/2026, whichever comes first. Odometer: 66,500 miles VIN: 5YJ3E1EBXJF088136 Location: Sacramento, CA I will be posting photos soon. Asking...
  16. M

    Front/Rear Tint matching question

    1st post! taking delivery next month and I would like to get 5% ceramic on the front windows, prob 35-50 for windshield and the same for roof. my wife is allergic to the sun and is light sensitive. Anyway, what % would i need for the back windows/rear to match the front 5%?
  17. CADetailing

    Vendor Window Tint: Defense For Car Break-In's!

    Don't Be The Next Victim! There's an average of 74 car break-ins each day within San Francisco. Did you know that our IR Window Film could help prevent you from being another statistic? - Let's get you set up with an installation today :) Direct: (415) 622-8327 Check Out Our Website...
  18. OC Tint Shop

    Vendor Tesla Tint Specialists in Irvine & Mission Viejo

    Thanks for checking us out! (Also take a peek below for a FORUM MEMBER ONLY sale!) We have two locations to work on your vehicle. One in Irvine off Jamboree and one in Mission Viejo close to The District. We offer a few different services for Teslas that include Tint (available for all glass)...
  19. Sanderpman12

    Model S gold tint headlights

    Hi all . Anyone tint their headlights gold? Thinking about trying this and wanted to see how it looked before hand and if I should go to a shop or buy this and do it myself? 2013 model s p85 Shop quote is $150 This is $50...
  20. 3

    What are those lines above the defroster lines on the back window of the M3?

    I brought my car into the tint shop to get the back window done, surprise my car was previously tinted (bought a 2020 used M3P from Tesla). The shop told me that someone removed tint before and there was still glue on the sides. They said it would be an extra $50 charge to clean the glue off...
  21. CADetailing

    Vendor New Vendor - California Detailing / Ceramic Pro San Francisco

    Hi there everyone! We are a new vendor to the TMC forums! However, not new to many members within this forum :) I wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to the community and those that may not be familiar with what we offer! We are a high-end Paint Protection company within the heart of...
  22. M

    Model 3 recommendations for accessories and protection?

    I am picking up my Model 3 next week and want to be proactive in ordering items that will help me prolong the life of the car in general and have necessities that make living with the car even easier. So far my plans are to do the following when I get the car: Screen protector - Any brands to...
  23. I

    Anyone have pictures of 35% ceramic tint on the front windows and 70% in the rear with white interior?

    This is what I am leaning towards on my upcoming blue Model Y with white interior because I want as close as a match as possible while staying within the legal limit in the front in my state of AZ. However, I cannot find pictures of this specific tint percentage. Would really appreciate it if...
  24. iyordanov

    Vendor Pre-cut PPF, tints and wraps - 10% off

    Hey folks I am Iliya and I am the founder of TWRAPS. We're a small family ran business operating from the Bay Area (Northern California). I started TWRAPS last August when I got my Refresh Model S delivered (my wife drives the 3 and waiting for a Y), and since then we've expanded our products...
  25. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor DFW PPF, Ceramic, Tint, Chrome Delete, and more at ALSET Auto!

    DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, A-pillar blackout, and more. Give us a call or check out our website today and get a free quote. dallas.alsetauto.com In the spirit of Halloween...
  26. H

    Can’t decide on tint. Appreciate input and pics.

    Just got a 2023 model 3 in black. Going to get windows tinted but can’t decide which 3M product to use. The installer said they can only do a single piece on the back window if I use 3M but they also said that it has a brownish hue. The IR supposedly doesn’t have the brown hie but they can only...
  27. krashinit

    PPF/Ceramic/Tint Expectations and Results

    I recently took delivery of my Model X in August, but Tesla had to take it back to repair/replace a lot, including the windshield. About three weeks ago, I got it back and took it to the highest-rated luxury wrap place I could find in Cleveland, and they kept it for two and a half weeks. They...
  28. A

    Which tint option would you go with?

    Hi everyone, I am in the bay area and received the following quotes. Would love to hear people’s thoughts on which option they’d go with and why. Also, if you would do full rear or not. Thanks! Option 1: ZtoA nano-ceramic tint of the solar free brand for $230. Full rear for $390 Option 2...
  29. RandyChicago

    pristine 2022 Tesla Model S MSM/BLK 2500 miles, FSD, Xpel wrapped/tinted

    This is a pristine 2022 Tesla Model S, in Midnight Silver Metallic, with a black (vegan) leather interior. Just under 2500 miles on it as of this posting, with the updated 21" wheels and tires having less than 1000 miles on them (and no curb or even tire rash). I have a second set of (20"...
  30. W


    Anyone taken delivery yet ? I’m looking for an opinion on getting windows tinted. Delivery for me is tomorrow.
  31. H

    Tesla model 3 tint issues

    Last week I went to a local store in Mesa AZ to have my brand new Tesla model 3 tinted with ceramic tint. Got some pretty spotty areas with bubbles that seem never disappear (even after putting my car under hot AZ summer sunshine for a few days). Also got some wrinkles at the edge of the front...
  32. M

    Bay Area tint and rim/tire shop

    Hey Bay Area Tesla owners. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to get tints and possibly rim repair as well? I am looking to tint the front windows and windshield for my MYP but also just curbed the back right rim by hitting a curb in a curve… Thanks for any suggestions!
  33. A

    2022 X tint percent

    Anyone know the tint % of the side and rear glass?
  34. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor Dallas PPF, Ceramic, Tint, Chrome Delete, and more at ALSET Auto!

    Alset Auto is DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, chrome delete, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, a pillar blackout, and more. If you can do something to a Tesla, we can help! Here's a few examples of what we've been up...
  35. R

    Model S Sunroof

    I have a 2022 Model S and I want to reduce the heat in my car coming from the sunroof but I also love the view from the sunroof and don’t want it to be too dark. I was looking at ceramic tints and was wondering what level tint do you think is a good compromise between preventing heat and...
  36. 5

    Did Tint Shop Damage My Windows?

    Got tint installed on my side windows yesterday. 3M Ceramic, 30 on front, 15 on rear. I went back today because there was a tough to reach area that had not been fully tacked down. They fixed that and when I was cleaning the outside of my windows, I noticed these circles on the exterior of the...
  37. Y

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Hello, Today I got my new MYP back after paying $3k for XPEL front clip PPF and XPEL tint by an XPEL certified installer. I’ve noticed a lot of dust related bubbles on both the PPF and tint and am wondering if this is normal, or if I should be contacting the installer. I also had the mirror...
  38. iyordanov

    Vendor Calipers vinyl wrap for Model 3

    Hey guys I am Iliya, a long time Tesla owner, Currently I have a M3 and the refresh MS. Back in September last year I've decided to start my own Tesla after-market accessories company , called TWRAPS, and I do all the vinyl/ppf/tints production myself, in-house in California. Since the start I...
  39. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto FREE TINT Special!

    Beat the Texas heat this summer with our window tint special! Book any paint protection service at Alset Auto and get $299 off window tint. At Alset Auto, we offer PPF, ceramic coating, window tint, chrome delete, emblem blackout, caliper paint, wheel repair, and powder coating. Check out our...
  40. K

    PPF recommendations in Phoenix

    Hi everyone. I’m picking up my MYP next week. I’m planning on doing the following to the car immediately: - Full PPF - Window Tints (front, windshield, and sunroof) for the heat in Phoenix - potentially ceramic coating? Is it worth it? Does anyone have a recommended shop in the Phoenix area...
  41. Mike8403

    Getting Tesla to pay for a window retint.

    So my car is being serviced and they are replacing the top, rear glass and the headliner. I suppose it’s a leak. So I was wondering if anyone has had experience with getting Tesla to pay for re-tinting my rear glass. I called my tint place and they told me I would just have to pay for materials...
  42. I

    EZ Pass no longer works after Xpel XR Plus

    My EZ Pass used to work fine mounted horizontally at the top of my windshield to the left of the front camera housing. After getting Xpel XR Plus front windshield tint it no longer works in the same spot. Couldn’t find anything on any forums about it not working with ceramic non-metallic tints...
  43. stkgator

    22 MXLR Full Tint and partial PPF

    XPEL Prime Plus on all glass including windshield. XPEL Ultimate Plus on front bumper, hood, fenders, doors, mirrors, and headlights. I decided to add PPF to the doors to partially protect from damage due to the auto-open feature of the front doors - I know this from experience while walking by...
  44. J

    When to tint?

    Just received my first Tesla (2022 MYLR) yesterday and am very excited. I made an appointment to get my windows tinted/coated next week but I also made a service for delivery issues. The Tesla service will be a few weeks after the tint work. Is it better to get the tinting done after the Tesla...

    Removing factory tint on glass roof

    I was wondering if possible to have any/all the original factory tinting from the glass roof so I can buy the sun shades so on a nice day just open up the shades and basically have wa convertible without the wind in my (almost now non-existent) hair. Has anyone tried/succeeded this or if it’s...
  46. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

    Hey there! In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S. I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and...
  47. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas End Of Year Specials!

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for making this a great year so far! We are currently running an end of year sale with a $200 discount for every paint protection service you book before January. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Spots are filling...
  48. M

    MY Front Window Tint Only

    Been looking to get my front windows tinted to match the factory back window tint. I rarely if ever have passengers in the back, do not care about UV protection for them and I've never had it before for myself, so only looking to do it for cosmetic reasons. I'm in San Diego, CA and am set on...
  49. iyordanov

    Vendor Products for your new/upcoming Model S, by TWRAPS

    Hey guys A few months ago I got a delivery of my new Model S. I wanted to customize it but since it's so new there was nothing on the market, so I've decided to do it myself. As a result I also opened a Shopify store where I sell everything I make (more products coming every week). So I'd like...