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  1. M

    Model 3 Window tints acceptable?

    Hello can anyone with window tints on there Tesla show me photos of the finish look. Just had mine done and not happy with how big the gaps are, the tint business said it was normal to leave a gap which I get but surely not as big as mines Thanks in advance
  2. S

    California Window tint enforced?

    I am getting a pearl white MYLR, and it looks it's best with dark windows. I would like to get 70%VLT on front windshield and 35% VLT on the front 2 windows. However I am a bit concerned about the California Window tint rule. (I am in Bay Area) Is it really enforced?
  3. E

    Tinting help with battery life?

    Does tinting really help with saving battery life so my m3 sr+ doesn’t have to cool itself down as often? Anyone who didn’t do tinting, do you feel like you’re baking inside? If this is more a cosmetic fix than practical, I want to save my money.
  4. 2chands

    PPF & Carbon Fiber Finish

    If you are from the NJ/Greater NY area. Check out always clean detailing in Fair Lawn, NJ. They PPF & carbon detailed my car! Also got front window tints (20%). Always Clean Detailing Services
  5. KaptKamp

    Do New Model 3s have UV/IR Blocking?

    I have been scouring through threads but have not been able to find a recent one talking about updated 2019/2020 cars so I figured I would ask, do new models have IR (heat) blocking and/or UV protection? I called a shop about getting tints installed later this week and asked about UV protection...
  6. R

    Recent Model 3 tint job

    Hi, Anyone out there that has recently gotten a tint job in the SF bay area, south bay, east bay or dublin areas for the Model 3? Looking to see how pricing is. I"m getting quoted $1400 and up for all windows and back rear windshield as well. Need a shop that has done more than 10 Teslas...
  7. CMc1

    North East England Model 3 tints..

    Anyone recommend any companies? Most seem reluctant to touch the rear window due to size and access. obviously looking for full window, to prevent the dreaded “line”
  8. EVS Motors

    Vendor Model 3 Pictures + Videos of Tint/Clearbra/Vinyl Wraps/Wheels/Aero Kits/Ceramic Coatings

    Hi everyone, This thread is going to be an on-going compilation of pics and vids (mainly vids since I started video documenting our projects) of 3's we've completed, so members can get a better idea on how something might turn on for their 3 if they get the same service/products. Here's some...
  9. EVS Motors

    Vendor Huper Optik Tint Blowout Sale

    Hi everyone, We're doing a blowout sale on Huper Optik window films. We don't have much left, so please pm me with 1. Which Tesla you have 2. Which film and shade you're interested in so I can check availability while supplies last. *Pricing listed is only for sides and back windows for S/X...
  10. BLKMDL3

    Guess who just got pulled over??? This loser!

    Ok, It finally happened. We rolled a stop sign and they got us for no front plate. Nothing about tints but have to go show them that I put the plate on. So, heres the plan. Gonna go there with the plate on with adhesive, pull out of the police station and immediately pull it off while parked...