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tire noise

  1. WhtLighting21

    Tire Noise

    Hi All... I am hoping y'all can help me out...I have a 2021 Y with a little under 10K miles. I was in the drive through at Starbucks and noticed a noise when I had my driver side window down, when I started moving...it sounded like tiny pebbles. As soon as I got home, I had a friend take a...
  2. TessieEddie

    Best replacement tire for Michelin MXM4 Primacy

    I was looking for a replacement tire for the OEM Michelin MXM4 Primacy tires. The tire noise has gotten noticeably worse at 23,000 miles, so much so that it was the dominant noise at 60+ mph. And at 23,000 miles ,the tread is down to the wear indicators. I was hoping for a quieter tire, an...
  3. TessieEddie

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    I have had my M3 for about 18 months now. I still absolutely love driving it but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with multiple issues. I was not able to find similar threads so I have started a new one. I took it in to a service center once, which is 2 hours away from home, only to be...
  4. U

    Tire Noise

    Scattered throughout other threads are comments and questions about tire noise and which tire are less noisy. Well, I did quite some research, mostly reading comments/reviews of tire customers of various tire vendors. There was one tire that stood out because many reviews stated that the tire...
  5. aikisteve

    Had to review my opinion on "silent" tires

    About 6 months ago I reviewed the Continental Contisilent tires and measured the noise they generated versus the regular Michelin tires, without the foam padding. It turned out to be only a 1 dB difference, which is barely audible. After putting on foam padded tires on the Arachnid rims, I...