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tire pressure

  1. Jowua

    Vendor Tesla Road Trips in the Cold? Master Tire Pressure with Portable Solutions

    As winter approaches, thoughts often turn to the challenges of cold-weather driving, particularly for Tesla owners. One common issue is the loss of tire pressure, a problem exacerbated by colder temperatures. While not as dramatic as a flat tire, driving with reduced tire pressure can lead to...
  2. D

    psi in wheel not updating/low

    so I've been dealing with one of my tires (right tire) psi not updating I was on a trip with my girlfriend my tire lost air which I just went to a random gas station to have some added but it was not going in. I cannot find a hole or something damaged to my tire but I added air and the psi has...
  3. T

    Model 3 rough ride

    After reading a Kona electric for a 2023 Model 3 RWD because the Kona ride is so rough, I was really disappointed to find the M3’s ride was even worse. Then I read some threads on here, lowered my tire psi to 36 and it’s like a different car entirely. So much smoother! (The dealership had it at...
  4. A

    Two incidents of new tire deflating by 50% in hours

    Model X was in-service (for about a month) waiting for new HV pack. Had new rubber placed on the car. Upon pick-up, “Low tire pressure” indicator and warning appeared. Promptly walked out of car and notified Service Manager. “Just drive it,” he says. “The warning will reset”. I’m not an expert...
  5. V

    Bandenspanning Model S: meting TPMS of Pomp?

    Een website als watismijnbandenspanning.nl suggereert dat een hogere bandenspanning achter beter is. Vanwege gewicht vermoed ik. Klopt dat? Tesla heeft mij aangeven dat een bandenspanning/tire pressure van 3.1bar bij elke band het beste is. Welke geeft de meest accurate meting: de TPMS of de...
  6. R

    Aftermarket Tire Pressure [what tire pressure for my aftermarket tires?]

    So I just got a 2019 Model 3 Performance and this is the most fun car I’ve owned, hands down. The previous owner took the wheels down to 18 and settled for Toyo Proxes Sport 245/45 Z R18. So I said, well lets see if we can find out what tire pressure this car needs with these tires. Well that...
  7. P

    Tire air for my new 20' wheels

    So I just installed some new wheels on my new SR+ 2021. Rims: KHAN Khan Split Flow Form 8,5"X20-5/114,3 ET35 Matt Black OE Tesla 3 fitment Tires: Landsail Landsail Sentury Qirin990 XL 245/35R20 95Y Not sure about how much air to fill in these. How many PSI would you suggest?
  8. Riguy

    21” ride fix

    For those that have the 21” wheels and find the ride a bit harsh. I checked my tire pressure last night. Mine were at 44 cold. Spec is 42. I lowered all four to 38 psi and was really pleased with the results. A lot less thwacking over imperfections. I understand I might have a slight...
  9. SeanM

    TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds all 4 tires are low?

    Hello, My 2018 Model-3 had done a software upgrade over the last Friday evening & I drove it over the weekend. But, today morning when I switched on my car I saw the (see attached snap) TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds that all four tires are having...
  10. Gulfbear

    Screen protector too thick?

    I recently installed a made for Model 3 screen protector, looks great, still have screen functionality except to swipe the lower left for the tire pressure. Everything else still works. Other than manually checking the tire pressure with a gage, is there any way to get this info to show without...
  11. dusdev

    Cold tire pressure recommendation

    Looks like now that the temperature is dropping my 'morning' tire pressure (after sitting in a cold garage) is around 39 psi. I'm wondering what people are using as their cold target. I was thinking of waiting for a cold overnight and pumping them up to 42 psi cold without driving first thing in...
  12. M

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    I picked up my Model 3 last week. Handles great - but noticed that the tire pressure monitors are showing 45/46 in the front and 47 in the rear (and were at 49 today in the heat after highway driving). I'm going to release some air tomorrow - but am wondering what sort of handling difference I...
  13. Mickie

    4 older style (Baolong) TPMS

    Verified functional by SC. $100 for all 4.
  14. G

    Two sets of Gen1 TMPS sensors for sale (Belgium)

    After upgrading my classic Signature TMS to TPMS Gen2, I am selling 2 sets of 4 Gen1 TPMS sensors (also called Bao Long TPMS sensors) used for earlier TMS (before VIN 56XXX). If interested, please send me a message on PM.
  15. Lex

    Tire pressure display in Canada (and all Metric?) in BAR

    First of all, is it the same for all cars around the world that switch to displaying speed in km ? Who measures tire pressure using bar ? But that said I've actually come to enjoy it. For some reason it's more accurate than the PSI display, eg. In USA setting it could show 45 45 45 45...
  16. Deans

    Why 45 psi?

    Why does Tesla recommend a tire pressure of 45 psi for my 60D MS? The curb weight is roughly 4600 lbs. With full load, that brings the total weight to 5600 lbs, or 1400 lbs/tire. The stock Goodyear tires having a load inflation chart as follows: 30 psi - 1411 lbs 31 psi - 1458 lbs 32 psi -...
  17. B

    SC did not find slow leak in tire

    Picked up my S in August. In October, tire pressure was low and asked SC to check 10/19/16. They found no leak and set pressure at 45. Today tire pressure was low again and I had a tire place check. There was a leak between the tire and wheel. They cleaned the wheel and said the problem...
  18. T

    Normal Tire Air Loss

    Is it normal for my Tesla S tires (Goodyear Eagle Touring 19") to lose 2-3 PSI per month? I find myself having to top off the air in my tires every few weeks. The air loss is consistent across all my tires so I thought it is not due to a puncture or nail. Do any of you have a similar experience...
  19. R

    How do I get this display of tire pressure?

    Unrelated to the topic of this article, the screen shot at the top displays the pressure of each tire. Tesla issues thorough response following harsh critique of Autopilot by German authorities Any idea how to get this to display? I did not find it in the User's Guide.
  20. D

    Tire Pressure Warning - 8.0

    Is anyone having a tire pressure warning with the new upgrade? It says that by PSI is 37 then it jumps to 40 and when I check it - it's at 45.
  21. dvhart

    New Model S 90D: Factory Tire Pressure / Sensor Oddity

    I took delivery on 2016-07-22 of my 2016 Model S 90D refresh. Yesterday the system warned me of low tire pressure for the rear right tire. It read as 37psi. I read the manual, then read the driver door label, which says 45psi for all tires. When cold, I inflated to 45psi and checked the dash...
  22. RedP85+

    Is there any way other than VIN to determine which Tire pressure sensors you have?

    I have a Model s built in Sept 2014 with VIN 512XX which is after VIN 50900 which is when they apparently switched to the new pressure sensors but I don't have the Pressure Sensor Widget. The reason I ask is that I am buying a second set of rims for winter tires and don't want to wait until...
  23. W

    Tire Gas

    I decided to just start a new post on this subject. Nitrogen for tires? Px? Tire Px gauge..dial, stick, digital? Well, I didn't search for Nitrogen..which is what I should have done and there is a thread. But also discussions about 50 psi for tires as opposed to 45. And I still want to...
  24. V

    Connectivity Issue

    Sig #127 S000127 V5.8 21" (Clifford) I've lost all 3G and wifi. This occurred, or was noticed right after a tire reset, for now I don't know if the two events are connected in any way. I will have the car serviced in December to look at the issue and it is completely drivable without 3G...
  25. mnx

    track day prep

    So I thought I'd start a discussion on prepping the Model S for a track day. I've been dropping my tire pressure a little for when I go to the track. I found I had temperatures to be best across the tread when I have 40psi front and 41 psi rear... Anything that could be removed...