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tire rotations

  1. J

    Tire rotation @ Tesla in Franklin, TN, how much? Is it better to go to dealership?

    Tire rotation @ Tesla in Franklin, TN, how much? Is it better to go to dealership?
  2. P

    Tire Rotation Question

    Question about tire rotation (non-directional) on my M3LR: My front tires are currently at 4/32 My rear tires are at 7/32** **I had to get two new rear tires because I incurred a flat on one of them, and because of AWD dynamics, I had to replace two instead of just one. I'm assuming I can't...
  3. N

    Tire rotation interval contradiction

    Model S manual says to rotate every 6250 miles. New Car Maintenance recommendations say every 10,000-12,000 miles. Which one should we do?
  4. mblakele

    Tire rotation recommendations? San Mateo / Santa Clara counties

    Looks like it's time for my first tire rotation, 90D with 19-in Michelin Primacy. I'm unlikely to DIY. I don't have any other reason to take it to a service center right now, and anyway I hear the local ones have fairly long wait times. So I'm here seeking tips on where to go for tire rotation...
  5. R

    Tire rotation

    Are there any established tire shops around Tampa that I can take my model S to rotate tires? Shops that have worked with Tesla's and know where the jack points are without damaging the battery.
  6. Pilot_51

    DIY Tire Rotation

    I'm due for my first tire rotation, currently at 6250 miles and exactly 6 months since delivery. Since I'm about 220 miles from the nearest service center and don't really trust anyone else with properly caring for my precious, I decided to rotate my tires myself. I bought the Powerzone 3 ton...
  7. R

    $70+ for Tire Rotation?

    Just drove 5000 miles since my last annual service and thought it's time for tire rotations again. Instead of running to America's Tires again, called Tesla instead. Fremont Service Center quoted me at least $70 for that even though I said I have prepaid maintenance service. I remember reading...