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  1. _tpt_

    Vendor Tesla Performance Tools - Track focused CANbus display for iOS

    Hello everyone, very happy to announce TPT is now available on the App Store. This has been a long couple of months getting this functional and then approved. But I know it's going to be well worth the effort. I'm just getting started and have so much more planned for the app in the next few...
  2. T

    Can I use Model X battery to power my tools?

    Hi All, I've been working on building a small cabin on a piece of land I own and have been thinking about purchasing a Model X. The land is about 10 miles away from my house. and I usually lug a generator back and forth to power my tools, but it occurred to me: Couldn't I just use the Tesla...
  3. R

    How Do you Power Roadside Tools?

    I'm looking to get one of these jack kits for the car. Hydraulic Jack Scissor Jack There are a few reviews about blown fuses.with blown fuses when using the 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. They recommend using the battery clamps. I see that there is a positive lead to the battery above...
  4. FalconFour

    A Wh/Mile to Miles/kWh (or Wh/Km to Km/kWh) converter

    tl;dr: miles/kwh converter Since I got the Model 3, I've been frustrated by the Wh/Mile display. Living with a Leaf since 2012, and living with MPG and the concept of "higher is better" my entire life, the whole idea of Wh/Mile and "lower is better" is completely nutty to me. Maybe the bulk of...
  5. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Hey, thought I'd throw this out there real quick: if you're using something like TeslaLog or the My Tesla Alexa-skill, and need an authentication token, I've thrown together a little self-installing tool to generate them quickly. (It doesn't store them anywhere, or contact any servers other than...
  6. Edi99

    Relevante links naar Apps, documentatie, 3rd party sales etc

    Heren en enkele dame Regelmatig kom ik via Google etc langs relevante links mbt de Model S. Jongens die een App ontwikkelen&aanbieden, Asseccories, API beschrijving, overzichten van non-documented informatie. Ben begonnen daar een lijstje van bij te houden, maar lijkt me handig dit via het...