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  1. P

    Model Y acceleration boost: How does it actually affect peak power?

    Has anyone done a comparison of how the acceleration boost actually affects peak power out of the battery pack or how it affects the power/accelerator position curve? I.e. has someone done some tests while having the car plugged into Scan My Tesla, showing how it affects torque/power to the...
  2. A

    Locking wheel nuts and torque wrench in UK model Y

    After giving up looking for thr locking wheel nuts I cam online to do some digging. Can't be bothered to wait for tesla customer support to answer my call. So it seems locking wheel nuts are not provided with the car. Understood. So what I need to do is to upgrade the fog lights with some...
  3. E

    2016 Tesla Model X Wheel bearing torque

    Does anyone know what the torque specs for the front wheel bearing/hub assembly for a 2016 model X ? Thanks
  4. 1.21GW

    Technical deep dive: Plaid Torque curve

    I created a video that goes into depth about the Plaid torque curve and shows how it compares to the Dodge Demon and C8 Corvette
  5. D

    Wheel bearing torque

    Does anyone know the torque for the four screws on the backside of the wheel bearing at the front? Is it 90Nm, the same as on the S?
  6. I

    Tyre Valve Dust Caps

    A daft Q, perhaps but seriously asked! I had 4 new Bridgestone tyres fitted, for the MOT at Local Formula 1. They set the tyre pressure at 42, which produced a warning of low pressure. The chap said they had checked and it will go when I drove it! It did after a warm up. It was very dark and...
  7. MountainPass

    Vendor First Model Y Dyno Test!

    Hi Guys! We finally received our MYP last week and drove it straight to the shop for a dyno session. Here is the video we made with the results of the dyno test, which were not only "shocking", but also provide some insight into potential power increases via software for the M3P! Despite it...
  8. I

    Model 3 Front Seat Bolt Front

    Hmm made a mistake with the thread title. Should be "Model 3 Front Seat Bolt Torque" I unbolted and moved the fronts seats to install some deadening mat. Surprisingly it took 70-80 ft-lb to break and loosen the bolts holding the front seats. This is a scary amount of torque to be applied to...
  9. A

    Wheel bearing torque

    Hi:) Does anyone know the correct torque-spec for the 4 bolts at the back of the wheel bearing? front wheel bearing, 2wd, 2013 Model S
  10. R

    Noise from passenger front door - like a loose nut in door

    This noise sounds like a nut that is loose in the door. I doubt there is a nut that is loose in there, but it's just to explain what it sounds like. I hear a "knock" when I accelerate or decelerate. If I accelerate/brake very slowly, the noise doesn't happen. But if I drive normally, at every...
  11. Daskid

    Bolt Torque Specifications

    Hello, Is there documentation / manual where I can find torque specifications of nuts and bolts of the Model 3? Mainly interested in the suspension components. Thanks!
  12. GolanB

    Battery Marriage Residual Torque Measurements - Engineering Study

    I got my Tesla back from the service center today after having some work done, and noticed this: Note the Correction (Paint Repair/Refinish) - I wonder if this study required retouching paint - and if so, where? Does anyone have any idea what this may be about?
  13. AlexanderAF

    So...has anyone dyno'ed a P3D yet?

    I've searched the forums, YouTube, and r/TeslaMotors and I still have yet to see a dyno test for a Tesla Model 3 Performance. I'm very curious to see what actual whp versus rated horsepower is? Anyone? If nothing, I got the call that they have a P3D+ on the way for me. I was thinking maybe I...
  14. I

    Maximum Battery Kwatts Output By Owner

    If this takes off I think it would be great information for concerned owners to compare their vehicles with others since Tesla has confirmed to reduce power from our expensive performance vehicles without owners knowledge due to "spirited" driving. Which was always encouraged by Tesla in the...
  15. H

    Driving tips for P90DL Wanted

    I'm taking delivery of my P90DL this week and I have to say I'm excited and even a little nervous about driving it also. I have never had a high performance car of this caliper before (or even close). I remember seeing a thread with some good driving tips on handling the torque and speed but...
  16. Whitmarsh

    Wheel-nut torque

    As a matter of curiosity, can anyone tell me why the wheel-nut torque on the MS is so high - 129 lb ft (175Nm)? Cars I have dealt with over the years have all required about 70 - 80 lb ft. My wrench does go high enough but I don't know whether I could push it that far (or, more to the point...

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