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torture test

  1. Padelford

    2018.24.1 Torture Test

    I received 2018.24.1 last week, and I gave it a workout on my usual torture courses. It seems to be essentially the same as 2018.21.9 in road performance. The vehicle under AP still pulls into on-ramps, and wrong-side-of-the-road AP still works. The AP prompt delays averaged 49 seconds...
  2. Padelford

    2018.21.9 Torture Test

    Just received 2018.21.9 yesterday evening, took it out for a spin: I did see the extra vehicles in adjacent lanes on the dash display, and I did experience the slowdown on an exit from the same lane off-camera. Generally, this firmware build performed as well as prior builds. HOWEVER, the...
  3. Padelford

    2018.10.4 Passes Torture Test, but new quirks emerge

    I'm pleased to announce that 2018.10.4 passes my torture test! The video below contains three trials under different conditions, and in all three cases my MX sailed right past the exit. On the other hand, I've observed a new behavior while passing on-ramps. The vehicle steps to the right...
  4. Padelford

    2017.50.3 Torture Test: Same as 50.2

    Just for the halibut, I ran the torture test on 2017.50.3 to see if anything changed related to AP. Not much of a surprise, 50.3 seems to behave like 50.2, i.e., still fails at the second exit passing.