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  1. S

    2022 Model Y Rearended , Will it be totaled?

    I am new to the community and have been reading comments on Model Y accidents. My 2022 Model Y with around 13500 miles on it was rear ended and the damages seem bad. I have tesla insurance from Texas. After 48 hours of stressful conversations with Insurance & Roadside, I was able to get it to...
  2. M

    21 M3 LR - Is my car a total loss?

    Was at the wrong place at the right time yesterday afternoon. My car got hit when this 17 year old kid took this corner at a high rate of speed. I got sandwiched between the culprit and a second victim on my passenger side. Been having issues with my usb drive and sentry mode has been glitchy...
  3. P

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    hi friends, yesterday i was just waiting (stopped) on the highway to exit onto a ramp, and this van hits me at i don't know... 40-60mph? you can see in the attached pic the damage the van suffered during the crash my car suffered some damage, maybe 6inches of dent in the back? (pretty big area...
  4. T

    Suggestions on Tesla Model 3 after accident

    I got my LR RWD Tesla Model 3 4 weeks back and drove 600 miles. Had front collision to a car which ran over the red light. I am not at fault and the police report confirms the same. Front of the car is heavily damaged and lot of parts need to be replaced as per the body shop. Body shop's...
  5. dvhart

    2016 Model S 90D - Property Damage Claim Post Mortem

    After nearly two months, we finally settled our property damage claim after being rear ended in our 2016 Tesla Model S 90D. Insurance claims are something many of us dread about owning a Tesla, a risk we acknowledged going in. I thought I'd share the experience and the outcome in the hope it...
  6. BLKMDL3

    New Inventory Vehicle

    Since my X may be totaled (Accident and Repairs) I want to start thinking of inventory cars. I found a few nice ones. Why do some not say where they are located? How long will one take if it is in my city? This one is my favorite: Model X 75D 5YJXCBE22HF050004 | Tesla Thanks, Zack
  7. M

    Lease Cap Cost Reduction Question in event of Car being totalled

    I'm one of the lucky few who got one of those awesome P90DL Classic Fascia (2k miles) deals a few weeks ago. Car is due for delivery next Wednesday (It came from Texas). I'd like to understand my exposure in the unlikely event the car gets totaled in a accident. Scenario one saves about $600...
  8. Electric700

    Fixing a Totaled Model S

    I've seen some unfortunate posts where people have had their cars totaled for minor damage, and they've had to let go of their cars. There is another way. If your car is totaled, you might be able to have it fixed using the money you receive from the insurance company. More here: The truth about...