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  1. A

    Is my model X totaled?

    Was rear ended on the freeway. Do you all think it’ll be a total loss or repairable?
  2. M

    2020 Model 3 rear ended. Is it totaled?

    My 2020 model 3 performance was rear-ended at about 30-40 mph while I was sitting at a stop light. I was wanting some opinions to see what folks think if it is totaled or not and how much I should be seeking if it is. My car was actually ceramic coated, had window tints, frontal ppf, and...
  3. V

    Is my 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance totaled?

    Hi I had Tesla Model Y Performance, which I received on June 5th,2023 and was in an accident August 16th, 2023. I was wondering if my Tesla will be considered a total loss. My driver side curtain airbags all deployed and the driver seat airbags also deployed during the accident. The car shut off...
  4. T

    Is my Model 3 totaled?

    I have a 2019 tesla model 3 Midrange with color roof glass (TK-Choppa) that was rear ended. How bad is the damage? Pyro fuse blew upon impact no airbags deployed. Interior looks un damaged. No other damage besides the rear. Collision center is looking like it’s totaled. I hope it’s not! I hired...
  5. T

    2022 M3 LR Accident Damage: Is she totaled?

    I was in an accident where a Subaru ran a red light. I was turning left and was t-boned. My airbags did not deploy. Luckily both myself and the other driver have been unscathed, mostly, from the accident. I’m working with insurance to get the car to a repair shop, which is Tesla repair...
  6. houstonian

    Possible Total Insurance Loss: Best Practices for Handling FSD (Full-Self-Driving) and FUSC (Free Supercharging) with Insurance Carrier?

    Greetings all. Sad to say my S75D was involved in an accident earlier this week. Glad to report no one was hurt (thanks Tesla!) but now facing a possible total loss of the vehicle and trying to understand the best paths forward here. Some details - can provide more if needed: Diver's steering...
  7. B

    Seeking advice and shared experiences regarding Gap Protection claims with Tesla

    Hi - Recently, I totaled my Tesla Model Y and filed a claim with my insurance company. The insurance company settled the claim and paid Tesla the total cost of Model Y a month ago. According to the Gap Protection clause (#29) in my lease agreement, Tesla owes me the difference between the amount...
  8. M

    Is my 2022 Model Y totaled?

    Hey guys, My 2022 Model Y go read-ended yesterday. It is about 1 year old with 15k miles. Immediately after the crash, it gave me many warning signs and I couldn’t even drive it off to the side of the road because the car wouldn’t let me. Then it shut off about 15 mins later even though I had...
  9. N

    Totalled Car - Comparable value

    My car is (most likely) totalled (thanks Son ). I loved my model 3 but repair cost is just so high, most likely its going to be totalled. My Tesla 3 was purchased on Dec 2019 (2020 model) with full FSD - Standard plus capacity. We live in central part of NJ. I want to get heads start with...
  10. H

    Another totaled model 3

    Hey guys, sorry to have another one of these, but I’ve only had this car for 1 month… I recently got involved in a crash with my 2023 SR M3 I got t-boned with the other driver at fault. My insurance is taking a while with the estimate so I wanted to see your thoughts if it’s totaled or not...
  11. J

    My 2020 model S with free unlimited charging was just declared totaled by my insurance, is there anything I can do?

    Hit a guard rail on both sides of the car and the insurance is saying it is totaled. The car was still drivable, but there is so much cosmetic damage on all panels of the car that they said I basically will have to replace every panel. The insurance says the value of the car is $83K, the...
  12. E

    I got rear ended. Is it totaled?

    Hello, I got rear ended at a stop light by a 2006 Dodge Ram. This is the resulting damage. I'm going through their insurance for all the repairs. I did a virtual claim with an adjuster. His initial quote is $6300. Looking at other MYs with similar damage I REALLY doubt this guy is anywhere near...
  13. J

    Totaled model 3

    Hello, I recently totaled my M3 LR which was being lease. So a little confusing (See pictures) 19. Says they are entitled to proceeds regarding damage/destruction 29. Says “We will credit you for any excess of the insurance settlement over the adjusted lease balance.” My cars value at time...
  14. R

    M3P - Slammed Into Curb Hard - Totaled?

    Hi guys, I have a 2019 Model 3 Performance and was in an accident last week and wanted to get the community’s opinion. Long story short, took a left turn too hard and lost traction, popped over the curb and scraped against the side wall. Happened late at night with only myself in the car, no...
  15. C

    Totaled or repair? 3 months & 2900 miles

    My model 3 was hit by a big truck on the driver side at low speed (I'm not at fault). The whole side was damaged including side mirror, both doors, front, back and back wheel scratches . Currently waiting for damage repair estimates. I got my car early June this year and it only has 2900 miles...
  16. J


    I was rear-ended on the freeway the other day. I was at a stand still as the exit ramp was backed up. The car behind me was also stopped and a car came in going around 70mph and hit him into me. My Model 3 completely shut down and I couldn't get it to even go to the shoulder. I called tesla...
  17. K

    18 Model S 100D Totaled

    Recently involved in a car accident that led to my 18 S to be deemed total, happened just a few days ago so i dont have the settlement value yet, according to kbb 2018 Model S go for around 60-70k. It had less than 25,000 miles. I need help as the value is completely screwed up, I paid roughly...
  18. K

    Model 3: Total vs Repair

    Hi all, I am an owner of a 2018 Tesla Model 3 with roughly 20k miles, which recently got in an accident. I am a first time car owner, and have some questions for you about repair vs totaling. In the state of California, the totaling evaluation is based on the Total Loss Formula, where if (Cost...
  19. CFrolander

    Model X Graveyard

    So I poked around a bit but I couldn't find any threads for sharing when our Model X's come to an untimely end. I'm starting this thread as a place to post as a place to share, whether your fault or by fault of another, your beloved model X goes to the parking lot in the sky. Just a reminder as...
  20. J

    P3D+ rear ended - total loss? current repair times?

    Spouse was rear ended today (he is okay) in our fairly new P3D+. He was at a complete stop pulled over for emergency vehicles (as were the vehicles in the other lane) when a van rear ended him at 40-45 mph. Their airbags deployed. Any thoughts on whether this looks like a total loss or not? In...
  21. E

    Model 3 totaled in accident

    Last night my girlfriend was coming home from work in my model 3 long range. She was going 75 mph on the interstate in the left lane passing a car in the right lane when a deer jumped in front of her. She said autopilot was engaged and said it swerved to the left to miss the deer after engaging...
  22. M

    Looking to buy a Wrecked/Totaled Tesla S

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a project Tesla s. Any year. Any spec Shoot me a message or text if your looking to sell one. Mike 916-582-1990
  23. dvhart

    2016 Model S 90D - Property Damage Claim Post Mortem

    After nearly two months, we finally settled our property damage claim after being rear ended in our 2016 Tesla Model S 90D. Insurance claims are something many of us dread about owning a Tesla, a risk we acknowledged going in. I thought I'd share the experience and the outcome in the hope it...
  24. C

    Totaled Cars

    I understand this is not a subject people like talking about but I am doing a research project for school and I am wondering where is the best place to find the price of a totalled tesla and what do you think is a reasonable price for one. As well as a good place to reach people with these cars...
  25. H

    Need Help to Decide on Optiom's New Vehicle Replacement Insurance

    Has any one got the Vehicle Replacement insurance from Optiom as opposed to the New Vehicle Replacement Plus from ICBC in British Columbia? I just got my car two weeks ago and I have two more weeks to decide on whether to get the Vehicle Replacement insurance from Optiom (VEHICLE REPLACEMENT...
  26. Electric700

    Fixing a Totaled Model S

    I've seen some unfortunate posts where people have had their cars totaled for minor damage, and they've had to let go of their cars. There is another way. If your car is totaled, you might be able to have it fixed using the money you receive from the insurance company. More here: The truth about...
  27. N

    Now THAT's a frunk dent

    Welp, THAT happened. I was stupidly going too quickly around a curve and the car fishtailed. The traction control came on and I thought I had the car in line again, but just when I thought, "Whew, close call," the car swerved sharply so I had to try to counter that and I ended up hitting a...
  28. N

    Model S Total Loss Valuation

    My Model S85 was in an accident. I don't want to get into the details of the accident here -- I'll save that for another post, but my insurance (only my car was involved in the collision), State Farm, has declared it a total loss. It was pretty obvious after the accident, even without the claim...