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  1. M

    Where to get screen replacement

    Hi All So my pre-refresh 2016 MS is finally getting bubbles on MCU touchscreen. I’m up for replacing it myself (I’ve already pulled it once to replace eMMC) but wondering where to get the replacement screen. I see a bunch on eBay. $280 seems to be the going price. Do you think I should grab...
  2. L

    Screen reboot in loop, lemon?

    My car was delivered end of May 2018, touch screen rebooted the second day when I was driving. Ever since then, it reboot itself randomly on daily basis. Last August went to SC and the lead technician told me it's well known software issue, next firmware update would fix it. it did so for a...
  3. hacer

    Bumping around on the screen

    One drawback to the touchscreen is that your finger is not anchored when you press a virtual button. Even a small bump in the road can cause you to press the wrong location. It's happened to me several times where I end up pressing the temperature setting (turning on the HVAC in the process)...